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This category is hidden by default at the bottom its member pages in their list of categories, except if users have opted in their preferences to display such hidden categories.

The following pages are attempting to change their {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} in an unsupported way:

  • you cannot alter the plain-text of the title (or translate it, or change accents and diacritics, or replace some letter variants, or fix any typos) in such a way that this would bring a non-equivalent wikilink (in such a case, the parameter given to {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} is ignored, and this builtin MediaWiki parser function is ignored/discarded, and the page attempting to use it are listed in this category.), and
  • you must preserve the namespace name used in the prefix (or use one of the supported equivalent aliases on this wiki).


  • you can still change the capitalization of the namespace prefix, or the capitalization of the initial letter of the base page name (not subpage names), and
  • and you can also add styles using the Mediawiki syntax (bold, italic) or inline HTML tags (for CSS style attributes).

To fix this error, restore the plain text and just change the capitalization where it has no effect on the canonical full pagename. If you need other changes, the page will have to be moved/renamed.

This tracking category should ideally be empty, but it is used for tracking some errors or other conditions that may occur. It may be populated by templates, or by internal MediaWiki features.
NotePlease do not delete this category even if it's empty, thank you.

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