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{{Babel category|ku|0}}
{{Babel category|ku|0}}
{{Doc-important|Please use [[:Category:User ckb-0|ckb-0]], [[:Category:User kmr-0|kmr-0]], or [[:Category:User sdh-0|sdh-0]].}}
{{Doc-important|Please use [[:Category:User ckb-0|ckb]]-0, [[:Category:User kmr-0|kmr]]-([[:Category:User kmr-Arab-0|Arab]]/[[:Category:User kmr-Cyrl-0|Cyrl]]/[[:Category:User kmr-Latn-0|Latn]])-0, or [[:Category:User sdh-0|sdh]]-0.}}

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Level of linguistic knowledge: ku-0 · ku-1 · ku-2 · ku-3 · ku-4 · ku-5 · ku-N

This user has no knowledge of Kurdish (kurdî) (or understands it with considerable difficulty).

NotePlease use ckb-0, kmr-(Arab/Cyrl/Latn)-0, or sdh-0.


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