Languages by language family

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This is a schematic list of supported languages with translators in by the language family they belong to. The information is drawn from Ethnologue or Linguist List, or where those do not apply, the English Wikipedia.

Natural language families

Afro-Asiatic languages

  • Cushitic

Algic languages

Altaic languages

Araucanian languages

Arawakan languages

  • Maipuran
    • Northern Maipuran

Austro-Asiatic languages

Austronesian languages

Aymaran languages

Carib languages

  • Northern
    • East-West Guiana
      • Macushi-Kapon
        • Kapon

Dravidian languages

Eskimo-Aleut languages

Indo-European languages

Iroquoian languages

Japanese languages

Kartvelian languages


Muskogean languages

Niger-Congo languages

  • Atlantic-Congo
  • Mande
    • Western
      • Central-Southwestern
        • Central
          • Manding-Jogo
            • Manding-Vai
              • Manding-Mokole
                • Manding
                  • Manding-East
                    • Northeastern Manding

Nilo-Saharan languages

North Caucasian languages



Sino-Tibetan languages

  • Tibeto-Burman

Siouan-Catawban Languages

  • Siouan
    • Mississippi Valley-Ohio Valley Siouan
      • Mississippi Valley Siouan

Tacanan languages

Tai-Kadai languages

  • Kam-Tai
    • Be-Tai
      • Tai-Sek
        • Tai
          • Northern
          • Southwestern
            • East Central
            • Lao-Phutai
            • Northwest

Tupian languages

Uralic languages


  • Southern Uto-Aztecan

Creole languages

Isolated languages

Deaf sign languages

Artificial languages