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  • "main" - extensions used on (nearly) all WMF projects
    • translation required for second wiki
  • "Wiki[project]" - only for Wiki[project] wikis
    • translation required for a Wiki[project] (but not when it's the first wiki)
  • "extra" - other extensions used on only a few WMF wikis
    • translation not required
Drop down box
  • "Extensions used on Wikimedia" containing all extensions
  • "Extensions used on Wikimedia (all projects)" containing group "main"
  • "Extensions used on Wikimedia (wiki[project])" containing group "main" and "wiki[project]"
  • "Extensions used on Wikimedia (some wikis)" containing group "extra"
"wiki[project]" refers to any "wikisource", "wikipedia", "wiki...
Extension Group Usage
ext-abusefilter "extra" meta:Abuse_filter
ext-antibot "main" all
ext-antispoof "main" all
ext-assertedit "main" all
ext-categorytree "main" all
ext-centralauth "main" all
ext-centralnotice "main" all
ext-charinsert "main" all
ext-checkuser "main" all
ext-cite "main" all
ext-citespecial "main" all
ext-clientside "extra"
ext-codereview "extra"
ext-collection-core "wikisource", "wikibooks" Wikisource, Wikibooks, several Wikipedias, several Wikiversities
ext-collection-other "wikisource", "wikibooks" Wikisource, Wikibooks, several Wikipedias, several Wikiversities
ext-communityvoice "extra"
ext-confirmedit "main" all
ext-confirmeditfancycaptcha "main" all
ext-contactpage "extra" on nl.wp and
ext-contributionreporting "extra"
ext-contributiontracking "extra"
ext-crossnamespacelinks "main" all
ext-di-pfpg "extra"
ext-dismissablesitenotice "main" all
ext-doublewiki "wikisource" wikisources, frwiktionary
ext-drafts "extra"
ext-expandtemplates "main" all
ext-extensiondistributor "extra"
ext-externalpages "extra" 2009-11-30:
ext-flaggedrevs-flaggedrevs "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-configuredpages "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-pendingchanges "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-problemchanges "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-qualityoversight "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-reviewedpages "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-reviewedversions "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-stabilization "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-stablepages "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-unreviewedpages "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-flaggedrevs-validationstatistics "extra" meta:Flagged Revisions
ext-fundraiserportal "extra" 2009-10-08:
ext-gadgets "main" all
ext-geolite "extra" 2009-11-13:
ext-globalblocking "main" all
ext-globalusage "extra" 2009-11-11:
ext-honeypotintegration "extra" 2009-08-13:
ext-imagemap "main" all
ext-inputbox "main" all
ext-intersection "main" Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikiversity, some other wikis (meta, incubator, enwikt, dewikt, srwiki, ...)
ext-labeledsectiontransclusion "wikisource" wikisources
ext-liquidthreads "extra" 2009-11-11: and some *
ext-mwsearch "main" ?
ext-newusermessage "extra"

'wmgUseNewUserMessage' => array( 'default' => false, 'arwiki' => true, 'arwikisource' => true, 'commonswiki' => true, 'enwikinews' => true, 'kowiki' => true, 'lvwiki' => true, 'ndswiki' => true, 'rowiki' => true, 'rowikinews' => true, 'strategywiki' => true, ),

ext-nuke "main" 'wmgUseSpecialNuke' => array(

'default' => true, 'enwiki' => true, 'chrwiki' => true, 'commonswiki' => true, 'mediawikiwiki' => true, 'metawiki' => true, 'pdcwiki' => true, 'plwiki' => true, ),

ext-oai "main" all
ext-ogghandler "main" all
ext-opensearchxml "main" ?
ext-parserfunctions "main" all
ext-pdfhandler "main" 'wmgUsePdfHandler' => array (

'default' => true, 'usabilitywiki' => true, ),

ext-poem "main" all
ext-proofreadpage "wikisource" 'wmgUseProofreadPage' => array(

'default' => false, 'wikisource' => true, 'sourceswiki' => true, ),

ext-quiz "wikinews", "wikiversity" 'wmgUseQuiz' => array(

'default' => false, 'wikinews' => true, 'wikiversity' => true, 'enwikinews' => true, 'frwiktionary' => true, 'iswikibooks' => true, 'itwikibooks' => true, 'nlwikibooks' => true, 'plwikibooks' => true, 'ptwikibooks' => true, 'svwiki' => true, 'zhwiki' => true, ),

ext-readerfeedback-ratedpages "extra" 'wmgUseReaderFeedback' => array(

'default' => false, 'en_labswikimedia' => true, 'enwikibooks' => true, 'enwikinews' => true, 'huwiki' => true, 'readerfeedback_labswikimedia' => true, 'strategyappswiki' => true, 'strategywiki' => true, 'testwiki' => true, 'trwikinews' => true, ),

ext-readerfeedback-ratinghistory "extra" see ext-readerfeedback-ratedpages
ext-readerfeedback-readerfeedback "extra" see ext-readerfeedback-ratedpages
ext-renameuser "main" all
ext-scanset "extra" 'enwikisource'
ext-securepoll "main" all
ext-simpleantispam "main" all
ext-sitematrix "main" all
ext-skinperpage "extra"
ext-spamblacklist "main" 'wmgUseSpamBlacklist' => array(

'default' => true, 'private' => false, 'fishbowl' => false, ),

ext-strategywiki-activestrategy "extra" 2010-05-08:
ext-syntaxhighlightgeshi "main" all
ext-timeline "main" all
ext-titleblacklist "main" all
ext-titlekey "main" all
ext-torblock "main" all
ext-trustedxff "main" all
ext-ui-clicktracking "main"
ext-ui-dontswitchmeover "main"
ext-ui-optin "main"
ext-ui-optinlink "main"
ext-ui-prefstats "main"
ext-ui-prefswitch "main"
ext-ui-prefswitchlink "main" 'wmgUsabilityPrefSwitch' => array(

'default' => true, 'private' => false, ),

ext-ui-usabilityinitiative "main"
ext-ui-userdailycontribs "main" 'wmgUserDailyContribs' => array(

'default' => true, 'testwiki' => true, ), // For clicktracking usability stuff

ext-ui-vector "main"
ext-ui-vector-collapsiblenav "main"
ext-ui-vector-editwarning "main"
ext-ui-vector-simplesearch "main"
ext-ui-wikieditor "main"
ext-ui-wikieditor-addmediawizard "main"
ext-ui-wikieditor-highlight "main"
ext-ui-wikieditor-preview "main"
ext-ui-wikieditor-publish "main"
ext-ui-wikieditor-templateeditor "main"
ext-ui-wikieditor-templates "main"
ext-ui-wikieditor-toc "main"
ext-ui-wikieditor-toolbar "main"
ext-uploadblacklist "main" all
ext-wikihiero "main" all
ext-wikimediamessages "main" al
ext-wikimedialicensetexts "extra"