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(Apparently every item must be followed by an "a" before the comma: phabricator:T154030#2899175)
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Information about message (contribute)
NoteThis is an optional message. Do not translate it, if it would remain unchanged in your language.

Warning: languages have different usages of punctuation, and sometimes they are swapped (e.g. openining and closing quotation marks, or full stop and colon in Armenian), or change their form (the full stop in Chinese and Japanese, the prefered "colon" in Armenian used in fact as the regular full stop, the comma in Arabic, Armenian, and Chinese...)

Their spacing (before or after) may also vary across languages (for example French requires a non-breaking space, preferably narrow if the browser supports NNBSP, on the inner side of some punctuations like quotation/question/exclamation marks, colon, and semicolons).

Message definition (MediaWiki core)