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!!FUZZY!!Fusionar a conta de terceiras persoas
Fusionar a conta propia

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Information about message (contribute)

This is a user right. See Special:ListGroupRights for an overview of the rights used on translatewiki.net. See Manual:User rights at MediaWiki.org for general information.

For the corresponding action to this user right, Right-centralauth-merge ("Fusionar a conta propia"), see:

This message uses the singular "they", "their", "them" or "themself" as a gender-neutral pronoun. This should be translated preserving the singular meaning as fit for your language in a gender-neutral way.

This user right allows the user to use Special:MergeAccount to merge his/her own account with accounts on other projects.

Message definition (Central Auth - User interface)
Merge their account

Fusionar a conta propia