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解封用户<kbd>Bob</kbd>,原因<kbd>Sorry Bob</kbd>。

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Note 此消息用于技术环境。除非您确定任何可能的技术名词都会正确处理,否则请不要翻译它。

Note Do not translate Special:ApiHelp in this message.

Note Do not translate text that is quoted or inside <var></var>, <kbd></kbd>, <samp></samp>, or <code></code> in this message.

This is a MediaWiki Action API example description for the "unblock" module. See API:Main page at MediaWiki.org for general information.


  • $1 - Module parameter prefix, e.g. "bl"
  • $2 - Module name, e.g. "backlinks"
  • $3 - Module path, e.g. "query+backlinks"

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Message definition (MediaWiki Action API)
Unblock user <kbd>Bob</kbd> with reason <kbd>Sorry Bob</kbd>.
Translation解封用户<kbd>Bob</kbd>,原因<kbd>Sorry Bob</kbd>。

解封用户Bob,原因Sorry Bob