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{{GENDER:$1|$1}} fant ikke det {{GENDER:$1|han|hun|de}} lette etter:
$2 fant ikke det {{GENDER:$1|han|hun|han eller hun}} var ute etter.

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Information about message (contribute)

This message uses the singular "they", "their", "them" or "themself" as a gender-neutral pronoun. This should be translated preserving the singular meaning as fit for your language in a gender-neutral way.


  • $1 is a username.
  • $2 is a link to the user profile (or to a contributions page for anonymous users), with the username (or IP for anons) as the link text
Message definition (Article Feedback v5)
{{GENDER:$1|$2 did not find what they were looking for.}}

$2 fant ikke det han eller hun var ute etter.