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Hic usuarius '''[[$1|aut parum aut nihil]] [[$2|Latine]]''' scit.
Hic usor [[$1|aut parum aut nihil]] [[$2|Latine]] scit.

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Information about message (contribute)

The name “English” must be changed to your language name! Sentence used to explain a user has no knowledge of a language. The extension is GENDER compatible. Use $4 as the username. Parameters:

  • $1: Link to a category for the level of ability in the given language.
  • $2: Link to the category for all users of a given language.
  • $4: Username.
Message definition (Babel - User interface)
This user has [[$1|no]] knowledge of [[$2|English]] (or understands it with considerable difficulty).

Hic usor aut parum aut nihil Latine scit.