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!!FUZZY!!!!FUZZY!!!!FUZZY!!{{GRAMMAR:inessive|{{SITENAME}}}} lea čuovvovaš luohkát:
!!FUZZY!!{{GRAMMAR:inessive|{{SITENAME}}}} lea čuovvovaš luohkát.
[[Special:UnusedCategories|Unused categories]] are not shown here.
Also see [[Special:WantedCategories|wanted categories]].

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Information about message (contribute)

Note Do not translate or change links.

Text displayed in Special:Categories.

In order to translate "wanted categories" see Wantedcategories ("Luohkkásávaldagat").


  • $1 - number of categories
Message definition (MediaWiki core)
The following {{PLURAL:$1|category exists|categories exist}} on the wiki, and may or may not be unused.
Also see [[Special:WantedCategories|wanted categories]].

!!FUZZY!!translatewiki.net lea čuovvovaš luohkát. Unused categories are not shown here. Also see wanted categories.