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{{PLURAL:$1|한개의 다른 언어|$1개의 다른 언어}}
{{PLURAL:$1|다른 언어 $1개}}

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Information about message (contribute)

Message next to the list of languages which indicates that there are more languages than the ones shown. Parameter $1 is the number of languages.

If your language has a singular form for number 1, then the number should be explicitly mentioned. If it's possible in your language, please write "1 more" or "one more". Another option is to write "more" in a way that doesn't depend on a particular number.

Message definition (Universal Language Selector - User interface)
{{PLURAL:$1|One more|$1 more}}
Translation{{PLURAL:$1|다른 언어 $1개}}

다른 언어 $1개