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Information about message (contribute)
Name of member of group "user"

This message contains the name of a group member. This is used when showing a list of user groups that a user can become or is a member of (for example on Special:UserRights and Special:ListUsers).

Form should be singular. You can use {{GENDER:$1|...|...}}. Template:Doc-group/wrong parameter

Other messages related to this group:

  • Grouppage-user ("Project:Benutzer")
  • Group-user-member ("Benutzer")
  • Group-user ("Benutzer")
  • Group-user.js ("/* Das folgende JavaScript wird nur für angemeldete Benutzer geladen. */") (optional)
  • Group-user.css ("/* CSS an dieser Stelle wirkt sich nur auf angemeldete Benutzer aus */") (optional)

Message definition (MediaWiki core)