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Information about message (contribute)
Link to project page of group "sysop"

This message contains the page name of the page with more information about this group. Please leave {{ns:project}} untranslated. The page title is generally equal to the group name (Group-sysop ("Aministradori")). Template:Doc-group/wrong parameter

Other messages related to this group:

  • Grouppage-sysop ("Project:Aministradori")
  • Group-sysop-member ("aministrador")
  • Group-sysop ("Aministradori")
  • Group-sysop.js ("/* Il codice JavaScript inserito qui viene caricato solo per gli amministratori */") (optional)
  • Group-sysop.css ("/* Gli stili CSS inseriti qui si applicheranno solo agli amministratori */") (optional)

Message definition (MediaWiki core)