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Name of the month number 1 of the Gregorian calendar. The translation must be in nominative (used in dates without day number in the month) and may vary if it also has a genitive form (for use in more precise dates, notably in Slavic languages).

Nr. Short month name Long month name Genitive month name
01 Jan ("Сту") January ("студзень") January-gen ("студзеня")
02 Feb ("Лют") February ("люты") February-gen ("лютага")
03 Mar ("Сак") March ("сакавік") March-gen ("сакавіка")
04 Apr ("Кра") April ("красавік") April-gen ("красавіка")
05 May ("Мая") May long ("май") May-gen ("мая")
06 Jun ("Чэр") June ("чэрвень") June-gen ("чэрвеня")
07 Jul ("Ліп") July ("ліпень") July-gen ("ліпеня")
08 Aug ("Жні") August ("жнівень") August-gen ("жніўня")
09 Sep ("Вер") September ("верасень") September-gen ("верасня")
10 Oct ("Кас") October ("кастрычнік") October-gen ("кастрычніка")
11 Nov ("Ліс") November ("лістапад") November-gen ("лістапада")
12 Dec ("Сне") December ("снежань") December-gen ("снежня")
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