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!!FUZZY!!$1 borró la página «$
$1 página {{GENDER:$2|eliminada}} $3

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Information about message (contribute)

This is a log entry used on Special:Log/delete. Each log entry has three standard parameters:

  • $1 - user who performed the action (usually linked to the user page)
  • $2 - unused, or user who performed the action (to be used with GENDER)
  • $3 - the affected page (usually linked)

Parameters $1 and $3 are invisible to parser functions; you cannot use any magic functions to read their value. Wiki markup is not supported in these messages.

Message definition (MediaWiki core)
$1 {{GENDER:$2|deleted}} page $3
Translation$1 página {{GENDER:$2|eliminada}} $3

$1 página eliminada $3