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知识共享署名-相同方式共享 3.0 奥地利”([$2 法律文件])
知识共享署名-相同方式共享 3.0 奥地利[$2 法律文件])

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Information about message (contribute)


  • $1 - (Unused) empty string
  • $2 - the URL "//creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/at/deed.en" or one of its localized versions

For more information, see https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/UploadWizard

Message definition (Upload Wizard - User interface)
Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Austria ([$2 legal code])

知识共享署名-相同方式共享 3.0 奥地利([$2 法律文件])