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$1 {{PLURAL:$1|parubahan|parubahan}}
$1 {{PLURAL:$1|paubahan|paubahan}}

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Information about message (contribute)

Appears on enhanced watchlist and recent changes when page has more than one change on given date, linking to a diff of the changes.


  • $1 - the number of changes on that day (2 or more)

Three messages are shown side-by-side: (Nchanges ("$1 paubahan") | Enhancedrc-since-last-visit ("$1 sejak kunjungan terakhir") | Enhancedrc-history ("sajarah")).

Message definition (MediaWiki core)
$1 {{PLURAL:$1|change|changes}}
Translation$1 {{PLURAL:$1|paubahan|paubahan}}

$1 paubahan