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{{PLURAL:$1|ripīnts_ripīntei $1}}
!!FUZZY!!{{PLURAL:$1|ripīnts|ripīntei $1}}

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Information about message (contribute)

This is part of the navigation message on the top and bottom of Special pages (lists of things in alphabetical order, i.e. the 'Special:Categories' page), where it is used as the second argument of Viewprevnext ("Wīdais ($1 | $2) ($3)").

It is also used by Category pages (which do not use Viewprevnext ("Wīdais ($1 | $2) ($3)")).


  • $1 - the number of items shown per page. It is not used when $1 is zero; not sure what happens when $1 is one.

Whatlinkshere pages use Whatlinkshere-next ("!!FUZZY!!ripīntei $1") instead (still as an argument to Viewprevnext ("Wīdais ($1 | $2) ($3)")).

Message definition (MediaWiki core)
next {{PLURAL:$1|$1}}
Translation!!FUZZY!!{{PLURAL:$1|ripīnts|ripīntei $1}}