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Information about message (contribute)

Name of the month number 11 of the Gregorian calendar. The translation must be in genitive if this has genitive form and uses it in dates. You can check yourself in the code: this form will be used by this language if a date format is configured for it (by using xg, see example for Russian).

Nr. Short month name Long month name Genitive month name
01 Jan ("janvāris") January ("janvāris") January-gen ("janvāra")
02 Feb ("februāris") February ("februāris") February-gen ("februāra")
03 Mar ("marts") March ("marts") March-gen ("marta")
04 Apr ("aprīlis") April ("aprīlis") April-gen ("aprīļa")
05 May ("maijs") May long ("maijs") May-gen ("maija")
06 Jun ("jūnijs") June ("jūnijs") June-gen ("jūnija")
07 Jul ("jūlijs") July ("jūlijs") July-gen ("jūlija")
08 Aug ("augusts") August ("augusts") August-gen ("augusta")
09 Sep ("septembris") September ("septembris") September-gen ("septembra")
10 Oct ("oktobris") October ("oktobris") October-gen ("oktobra")
11 Nov ("novembris") November ("novembris") November-gen ("novembra")
12 Dec ("decembris") December ("decembris") December-gen ("decembra")
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