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çiriya paşîn

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Information about message (contribute)

Name of the month number 11 of the Gregorian calendar. The translation must be in nominative (used in dates without day number in the month) and may vary if it also has a genitive form (for use in more precise dates, notably in Slavic languages).

Nr. Short month name Long month name Genitive month name
01 Jan ("kpa") January ("kanûna paşîn") January-gen ("kanûna paşîn")
02 Feb ("sib") February ("sibat") February-gen ("sibat")
03 Mar ("adr") March ("adar") March-gen ("adar")
04 Apr ("nîs") April ("nîsan") April-gen ("nîsan")
05 May ("gln") May long ("gulan") May-gen ("gulan")
06 Jun ("hez") June ("hezîran") June-gen ("hezîran")
07 Jul ("tîr") July ("tîrmeh") July-gen ("tîrmeh")
08 Aug ("teb") August ("tebax") August-gen ("tebax")
09 Sep ("îln") September ("îlon") September-gen ("îlon")
10 Oct ("çpê") October ("çiriya pêşîn") October-gen ("çiriya pêşîn")
11 Nov ("çpa") November ("çiriya paşîn") November-gen ("çiriya paşîn")
12 Dec ("kpê") December ("kanûna pêşîn") December-gen ("kanûna pêşîn")
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çiriya paşîn