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تشرين الأول

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Information about message (contribute)

Shortened name of the month number 10 of the Gregorian calendar. You can decide how to translate the short forms: usually a short size (usually 2–4 characters) which all month names can be abbreviated to. If there is absolutely no grammatical abbreviation for names in your language, you can keep the long name.

One of the set: Jan ("يناير"), Feb ("فبراير"), Mar ("مارس"), Apr ("أبريل"), May ("مايو"), Jun ("يونيو"), Jul ("يوليو"), Aug ("أغسطس"), Sep ("سبتمبر"), Oct ("أكتوبر"), Nov ("نوفمبر"), Dec ("ديسمبر").

The short names are or can be used almost everywhere, in most timestamps: for instance Special:Log, Special:Preferences, action=history, signatures.

Message definition (MediaWiki core)