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IP-цIай тIара сухала доазув дар Iехадар
ӀP-цӀай тӀара сухала доазув дар Ӏехадар

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Information about message (contribute)

This is a user right. See Special:ListGroupRights for an overview of the rights used on
See Manual:User rights on for general information.

For the corresponding action to this user right, Right-autoconfirmed ("ӀP-цӀай тӀара сухала доазув дар Ӏехадар"),
see: Action-autoconfirmed ("обход ограничений скорости на IP-адрес")

If your account is older than wgAutoConfirmAge and if you have at least $wgAutoConfirmCount edits, you are in the group "autoconfirmed" (note that you can't see this group at Special:ListUsers). If you are in that group, you have (by default) the right "autoconfirmed", which exempts you from certain rate limits (those based on your IP address or otherwise intended solely for new users). Other rate limits may still apply; see right-noratelimit ("сухала доазув дар Iехадар").

Message definition (MediaWiki core)
Not be affected by IP-based rate limits

ӀP-цӀай тӀара сухала доазув дар Ӏехадар