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(Updating translation from external source)
(Updating translation from external source)
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<p>You may:<br />
'''Create the page "[[:$1]]" on this wiki!'''
* '''Create the expression "[[Expression:$1]]"''' (and add a definition)<br />
* '''Create the page "[[:$1]]"''' (a standard wiki page)</p>

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Information about message (contribute)

An option shown in a menu beside search form offering a red link to the not yet existing page having the specified title (when using the default MediaWiki search engine). Parameters:

  • $1 - page title
  • $2 - the number of search results found

Parameterless gender ({{GENDER:|male|female|unspecified}}) can be used in translations.

Message definition (MediaWiki core)
<strong>Create the page "[[:$1]]" on this wiki!</strong> {{PLURAL:$2|0=|See also the page found with your search.|See also the search results found.}}

You may:

  • Create the expression "Expression:$1" (and add a definition)
  • Create the page "$1" (a standard wiki page)