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( translated by as:user:অজয় দাস)
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[[{{ns:user}}:$1|$2]] ([[{{ns:user_talk}}:$1|talk]])
[[{{ns:user}}:$1|$2]] ([[{{ns:user_talk}}:$1|বাৰ্তা]])

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Information about message (contribute)

This will be substituted in the signature (~~~ or ~~~~ excluding timestamp).

Translate the word "talk" towards the end.


  • $1 - the username that is currently login
  • $2 - the customized signature which is specified in user's preferences as non-raw

Use your language default parentheses (parentheses ("($1)")), but not use the message direct.

See also:

Message definition (MediaWiki core)
[[{{ns:user}}:$1|$2]] ([[{{ns:user_talk}}:$1|talk]])