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{{GENDER:$2|uzantiĉo|uzantino|uzanto}}{{PLURAL:$2||j}} $1 de {{SITENAME}}
{{PLURAL:$2|{{GENDER:$1|uzanto}}|uzantoj}} $1 de {{SITENAME}}

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Information about message (contribute)

This message is shown when viewing the credits of a page (example: https://translatewiki.net/w/i.php?title=Main_Page&action=credits). Note that this action is disabled by default (currently enabled on translatewiki.net).

It should be in a form that fits with Othercontribs ("Bazita sur la laboro de $1.").


  • $1 - a list of user names (example: "Jim, Janet, Jane, Joe") where the user has not put his 'real name' in his preferences.
  • $2 - the number of user names in $1

If there is more than one user in the list then the message And (" kaj") appears before the last name. If $2 is NULL then this message does not appear at all.

See also:

  • Siteuser ("translatewiki.net uzanto $1")
Message definition (MediaWiki core)
{{SITENAME}} {{PLURAL:$2|{{GENDER:$1|user}}|users}} $1

uzantoj $1 de translatewiki.net