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{{PLURAL:$3|1=Sei l'unico traduttore|{{GENDER:$1|Classificato $2º|Classificata $2ª|In posizione $2}} su $3<br />traduttori}} in $4
!!FUZZY!!{{PLURAL:$3|1=Non ci sono altri traduttori|{{GENDER:$1|Classificato $2º|Classificata $2ª|In posizione $2}} su $3<br />traduttori}} in $4

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Information about message (contribute)

Shown in the "Translate" and "Review" boxes in the center of Special:MainPage.

Refers to the ranking of the user among other translators or reviewers to that language.

Can be broken to two lines. <br /> is a line break. Break it in any way that is natural in your language.


  • $1 - the username, which can be used for GENDER
  • $2 - the ranking of this user
  • $3 - the total number of translators into that language, can be used for PLURAL
  • $4 - the language name

See also:

Message definition (Twn Main Page)
{{PLURAL:$3|1=You are the only one<br />for $4|{{GENDER:$1|Ranked}} $2 of $3<br />for $4}}

!!FUZZY!!In posizione $2 su $3
traduttori in $4