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La til [$2] {{plural:$1|kallenavn|kallenavn}}
La til [$2] {{PLURAL:$1|alias}}

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Information about message (contribute)

Automatic edit summary when adding one or more aliases.

This is a Wikibase summary message. As part of the summary there is an autocomment that can be localized. Such messages should be kept consistent so they are easy to scan for information about the specific action, module and additional information. The messages can be made entity-specific, but so far it has not been necessary to use this, as each entry where the summary is used clearly identifies the type of entity.

Please use naming according to Wikidata glossary.


  • $1 is a count of values following later, and it is used for the plural forms. This value will be zero if there are no values reported as set or changed, but there is an edit nevertheless. Expect the message to be able to handle plurals in the future, even if the present implementation only takes a single value.

Message definition (Wikibase - Lib)
Added [$2] {{PLURAL:$1|alias|aliases}}
TranslationLa til [$2] {{PLURAL:$1|alias}}

La til [$2] alias