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(Undo revision 5017739 by Kghbln (talk) – this is not about querying the users' genders, but about correct use of pronouns, see Portal talk:De)
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Wie willst du dich beschreiben?
Welches Geschlecht hast du?

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Information about message (contribute)

Used in Special:Preferences, first tab, in the Internationalisation section. This may be customized for other languages. This should sound like a question, the answer to which can be selected in one of these:

The idea is that this preference is used for speaking to the user and about the user, and the label and the preference are supposed to demonstrate it.

See also Prefs-help-gender ("Dies ist eine freiwillige Angabe. Die Software nutzt sie, um dich mit dem zutreffenden grammatikalischen Geschlecht anzureden oder gegenüber anderen zu erwähnen. Diese Information ist öffentlich zugänglich.").

Message definition (MediaWiki core)
How do you prefer to be described?

Wie willst du dich beschreiben?