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{{Language variants notice|lang=de|variants=<tt>de-at</tt>, <tt>de-ch</tt>, <tt>de-formal</tt>}}
[[category:Unified patches|De]]
|article name=German language
[[category:Latin scripts|De]]
{{top|flag=[[image:D-A-CH Flag.svg|right|100px|German]]}}
'''[irc://irc.freenode.net/wikipedia-de #wikipedia-de]''' &rarr; '''[[wikipedia:de:project:Chat|de:project:Chat]]'''<br />
[[special:prefixindex/project:Language]]<br />
{{Language.php and Messages.php|iso=de|iso-language=German|iso-language-search=German|iso-native=Deutsch|LanguageInfo={{LanguageInfo|type=L|iso-639-3=deu|ref=DE}}‎}}
&rarr; [[bugzilla:05857]] &ndash; "''Update for German localisation (de)''"
=== {{contact persons|project code=De}} ===
=== unified patches ===
are made by {{user:Collinj/info}}
=== {{advanced language knowledge|project code=De}} ===
{{user:Dr. Shaggeman/info}}
{{user:Red Baron/info}}
{{languages of|ref=DE|country=Germany}}
== notes ==
* from http://svn.wikimedia.org/svnroot/mediawiki/trunk/phase3/languages/MessagesDe.php?view=markup
== new code ==
=== (insert date <nowiki>~~~~~</nowiki>) ===
(inser text)
== requests ==
* ...
== comments ==
* ...

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Important notice: The translations to some different variants (de-at, de-ch, de-formal) of this language are, by their nature, incomplete translations. These translations will only be made in those messages that are different from the base language (de : German) to avoid unnecessary duplicates (and therefore, avoid having to update in two places instead of only one). Thank you. (This applies to messages from MediaWiki including related extensions like Wikia, as well as Toolserver Intuition, WikipediaMobile, WiktionaryMobile and OpenStreetMap. For other projects, this may differ.)