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Cambiament del nom local de la lengua de "Lumbaart" a "lombard"

In di conligament interlinguistegh el nom local de la lengua lombarda l'è anmò indicad come "lumbaart". Desgià che el nom local l'è "lombard" in tute i ortografie panlombarde serom 'dree a pensà de ciamàgh a Wikimedia Fondation de cambiàgh el nom. Se 'n pensii? (lmo)/ In the interlingual links the local name of the Lombard language is still reported as "lumbaart". Since "Lombard" is the local name of the language in all the pan-Lombard ortographies, we was thinking of asking Wikimedia Fondation to change the name. What do you think? (en)--Salvemm el lombard (talk) 20:14, 18 May 2021 (UTC)

A favor (change the local name from Lombard to Lumbaart)

  1. --Salvemm el lombard (talk) 20:14, 18 May 2021 (UTC)
  2. ...

Contra (leave it as it is)

  1. ...

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