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Old FUDforum translations moved from roa-tara to scn721:14, 11 August 2021
This code is not available for this software.1417:01, 18 June 2021

Old FUDforum translations moved from roa-tara to scn

The bot AnankeBot has replaced a lot of pages with /roa-tara to /scn, but the two things are different (exemple ). What shall I do? Revert the bot?

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)16:40, 18 June 2021
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Last edit: 17:03, 18 June 2021

Have you read the discussion? Thread:Support/This_code_is_not_available_for_this_software. The language code roa-tara is not supported.

If you want to change translations, change translations. Discuss at portal talk:scn first to make sure there's consensus on what language conventions to follow.

Nemo (talk)17:01, 18 June 2021

OK va bene nemo_bis, c'è una lista delle pagine spostate, così mi semplifico il lavoro di un botto?

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)17:02, 18 June 2021

Che cosa te ne fai di una lista? I messaggi sono cambiati negli anni. Usa Special:Translate per tradurre FUDforum in siciliano. Se preferisci concentrarti sulle vecchie traduzioni, puoi partire dalla sezione "da aggiornare".

Nemo (talk)17:05, 18 June 2021

ma sono sbagliati i messaggi, sono in tarantino non in siciliano.

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)17:07, 18 June 2021

Il risultato non cambia, le traduzioni si fanno da Special:Translate. Se segui altri metodi rischi di fare danni.

Nemo (talk)17:08, 18 June 2021

This code is not available for this software.

You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:

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Because this is not a valid language code, and a legacy code in MediaWiki, it can not be translated for any product but MediaWiki and extensions.

Siebrand19:35, 24 September 2013

User:Joetaras managed to translate FUDforum into Tarandíne, but we cannot download his translation. What do we do now?

Frank (talk)19:44, 24 September 2013

We can only ensure that all languages in the same situation get blacklisted and tell him that we are very sorry.

Nemo (talk)20:11, 24 September 2013

Does the language tarandine have a valid three character language code? If so, isn't it possible to enable the valid three character language code, and use it for translations into tarandine of all projects except Mediawiki?

Lloffiwr (talk)21:08, 24 September 2013

No, it doesn't have a code.

Nemo (talk)21:28, 24 September 2013

At least report a bug, because apparently somewhere the blacklist doesn't work as it's supposed to work.

Siebrand19:43, 25 September 2013

There is a warning about this on the talk page of the portal roa-tara. Wouldn't it be more visible if it were on the portal itself?

Lloffiwr (talk)23:23, 25 September 2013
  1. Frank, as Siebrand said please report a bug at [1].
  2. Yes, after a bug is reported I'll move all messages to scn where untranslated.
  3. Lloffiwr, sure, please move it to the portal page!
Nemo (talk)09:28, 26 September 2013