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December 2009 Translation Rally

Among all users contributing 500 or more new translations for MediaWiki, and eligible for a cut, we will divide 1,000 Euro (approximately 1,430 US Dollar). The money comes from a 2,000 Euro grant by Wikimedia Nederland, the Dutch Wikimedia Chapter as a part of their spendings on International Projects, to Stichting Open Progress based on a grant proposal to boost MediaWiki localisation through for which we are very grateful.

Please sign your name here if you think you have made 500 or more new translations for MediaWiki or its extensions (check the rules!) between 23 December 2009 00:00 UTC and 31 December 2009 24:00 UTC.


There are a few simple rules:

  1. Only new translations for MediaWiki (core and extensions) during the rally count.
  2. First complete translations for MediaWiki core
  3. Then complete translations for MediaWiki extensions used by Wikimedia
  4. To clarify: 500 translated messages in MediaWiki core without reaching completion is excellent!
  5. staff has full discretion to disqualify anyone who in its opinion acts outside the intentions of this rally.

Distribution of funds

  • 900 Euro will be divided evenly over all qualifying users.
  • 100 Euro will be divided evenly over the two qualifying users with the most qualifying translations during the rally.

After your name, please indicate what you would like to happen with your cut:

  • "Please transfer me my cut" to have us get you your cut in your PayPal account or bank account
  • "Please donate my cut to Dutch Wikimedia Chapter (Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland)" to have us donate your cut to the Dutch Wikimedia Chapter in your name
  • "Please donate my cut to Stichting Open Progress" to have Stichting Open Progress repurpose your cut.

If after verification you are indeed eligible, we will contact you by e-mail if you have indicated that you want to have your cut deposited into your account. Please be aware that your cut includes bank or PayPal transfer costs, and may be lower because of that.

I claim my cut of 1,000 Euro

  1. ...