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56 users made a valid claim. As there was EUR 1,000 to divide, each user will get EUR 16.07. This sum includes any transfer costs that have to be made. Please *ONLY* mention your address or bank details in an e-mail to Siebrand, and check the URL. It should be


To user

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Stichting Open Progress

  1. User:AnakngAraw
  2. User:Changwoo
  3. User:DCLXVI
  4. User:IAlex
  5. User:Kghbln
  6. User:Naudefj
  7. User:Nike
  8. User:Rancher
  9. User:Robby
  10. User:Siebrand
  11. User:គីមស៊្រុន

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details ready

For these users all information is available to make a payment. We are still waiting for the money to be transferred to us by Wikia, so we will not make payments before we get that. We hope to be able to make the first payments before 20 May 2011.

  1. User:Chaduvari
  2. User:Dani
  3. User:Erikoo
  4. User:J Subhi
  5. User:Nghtwlkr
  6. User:OsamaK
  7. User:Stelistcristi

details requested