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(Uso del parámetro «bot»)
(See https://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Filtro_de_ediciones/Portal/Archivo/Reporte_de_falsos_positivos/Actual&oldid=78436410#25)
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{{destruir|1=La página a la que redirige no existe|bot=~~~~}}
{{destruir|1=La página a la que redirige no existe}}

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Information about message (contribute)

Note Only use your deletion template like {{delete}} which exist on your local project.

NOTE TO TRANSLATOR: This should only be translated by someone on the Wikipedia of your language code. Thank you.

Template for speedy deletion of broken redirect or redirect loops which the bot tags onto the redirect page. This message may contain additional informations like template parameters or reasons for the deletion request.

NOTE: If this system message is not given for a language code, speedy deletion request by a bot is not supported on your site except there is a bot with sysop flag.

Message definition (Pywikibot Redirect)
Translation{{destruir|1=La página a la que redirige no existe}}