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This page is outdated (since 18 May 2018) and needs updating.

Here is a list of issues and feature requests. This is (yet) not a road map nor does it contain any big visions, but concrete bugs and feature requests as demonstration of what may be a priority for us.

Primarily for


  • P2 FEATURE: Add support for community instructions for a message group. Implement with editable page in the same namespace as the translations for the message group. Key name something like "translate-group-community-desc-group-id". Add this information below a "hr", just as the URL for groups. Display a message with a link to the forementioned page at all times.
  • P2 FEATURE: Badges (or some kind of honours) for experienced and active translators
  • P3 FEATURE: install some kind of nag feature that will randomly encourage users to validate their e-mail address
  • P3 FEATURE: allow url config word in mediawiki-defines.txt. First try to match a current group name and then use that URL, if not, use the value as a URL
  • P3 FEATURE: investigate for repo scripts
  • PX FEATURE: Make Special:TranslationStats able to walk across years e.g. [1].


Things potentially relevant for all users of Translate extension


Feature requests

  • P2 FEATURE: allow translation of messages in mediawiki namespace that belong to message groups
  • P2 FEATURE: tool to track changes in English messages with web processing to enable 'incompatible with lower branch' tagging
  • P2 FEATURE: allow easier access to translate to multiple languages (usually pairs like nl/nl-informal, de/de-formal, zh-hans/zh-hant, sr-ec/sr-el, etc.).
  • P2 FEATURE: notifications for updated message groups (also on meta level)

  • P3 FEATURE: install some kind of 'remind me' functionality that allows users to activate a 'nag me' feature that will send them e-mail
  • P3 FEATURE: use text alignment to enhance translation memory.
  • PX: allow direct links/filtering to the translation interface for one or more specific messages (like anchor links on tux=0, or prefix filtering on Special:AllMessages).

Gettext Support

See Roadmap/Gettext.
  1. WBN: interactive plural help
    • detect if message uses plural
    • alert the user about it
    • provide previews of the translation with different numbers

Related extensions and other code