Setup of a new project

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Verify the project

Requirements and process: Translating:New project for details. Best practices we usually enforce (main pain point): Translating:Localisation for developers.

  • License
  • Quality of strings
  • Message documentation
  • Activity and interest (releases, contact person)
  • File format
  • Push access: ensure push-access is given either to L10n-bot (wikimedia gerrit) or Niklas and Siebrand (GitHub or BitBucket).

Repository configuration

Edit repoconfig.json and repoconfig.commit.json, bin/EXTERNAL-PROJECTS bin/REPONG-PROJECTS in the translatewiki repository. See an example of the needed patch.


Personal notes:

  • Also for Nike, not currently in version control.

Message group configuration

Lots of examples under groups/ in translatewiki repo. Old but mostly still valid documentation:

Need some info such as logo and message group description done in the next section.

Choosing a group id:

  • Practice is to use lowercase letters with dashes as level separators in case of multiple groups.
  • Prefix "out-" is deprecated and should not be used for new projects.
  • In case of multiple groups, the aggregate group should get the top level name, i.e. "blockly", and contain all groups named "blockly-*". Suffixes like "-0-all" are deprecated.
  • Do not use comma or asterisk or question mark! These have special meaning in places which accept group patterns.
  • Also avoid characters which are invalid in MediaWiki titles, as that breaks shortcuts such as Special:MessageGroupStats/foo (which may be used by the people, but not generated by Translate itself).

All message keys should be prefixed with mangler if it is likely that multiple message groups (remember that one file + its translations is one group).

Wiki configuration

Update TranslateSettings.php to register the yaml file, possibly add a new namespace (if none of the existing ones fit).

Translating:projectname needs to be created (copy template from Translating:FreeCol or other). Logo needs to be in Commons or uploaded to

Add descriptions to Group descriptions and mark the page for translation.

Other misc things:

  • Add babel templates (this is forgotten very often - the whole thing should be automatized)
  • Add support to Template:Support and relevant categories

See also