Setup of a new project

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Verify the project

Requirements and process: Translating:New project for details. Best practices we usually enforce (main pain point): Translating:Localisation for developers.

  • License
  • Quality of strings
  • Message documentation
  • Activity and interest (releases, contact person)
  • File format
  • Push access: ensure push-access is given either to L10n-bot (wikimedia gerrit) or Niklas and Siebrand (GitHub or BitBucket).

Repository configuration

Edit repoconfig.json and repoconfig.commit.json, bin/EXTERNAL-PROJECTS bin/REPONG-PROJECTS in the translatewiki repository. See an example of the needed patch.


Personal notes:

  • Also for Nike, not currently in version control.

Message group configuration

Lots of examples under groups/ in translatewiki repo. Old but mostly still valid documentation:

Need some info such as logo and message group description done in the next section.

Choosing a group id:

  • Practice is to use lowercase letters with dashes as level separators in case of multiple groups.
  • Prefix "out-" is deprecated and should not be used for new projects.
  • In case of multiple groups, the aggregate group should get the top level name, i.e. "blockly", and contain all groups named "blockly-*". Suffixes like "-0-all" are deprecated.
  • Do not use comma or asterisk or question mark! These have special meaning in places which accept group patterns.
  • Also avoid characters which are invalid in MediaWiki titles, as that breaks shortcuts such as Special:MessageGroupStats/foo (which may be used by the people, but not generated by Translate itself).

Wiki configuration

Update TranslateSettings.php to register the yaml file, possibly add a new namespace (if none of the existing ones fit).

Translating:projectname needs to be created (copy template from Translating:FreeCol or other). Logo needs to be in Commons or uploaded to

Add descriptions to Group descriptions and mark the page for translation.

Other misc things:

  • Add babel templates (this is forgotten very often - the whole thing should be automatized)
  • Add support to Template:Support and relevant categories

See also