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Message groups
Used as tooltip for tab of Project namespace.

See also:
* {{msg-mw|Nstab-project}}
* {{msg-mw|Accesskey-ca-nstab-project}}
* {{msg-mw|Tooltip-ca-nstab-project}}
* {{#language:ast}}|ast
* {{#language:ca}}|ca
* {{#language:de}}|de
* {{#language:en}}|en
* {{#language:eu}}|eu
* {{#language:es}}|es
* {{#language:fr}}|fr
* {{#language:gl}}|gl
* {{#language:it}}|it
* {{#language:nl}}|nl
* {{#language:pt}}|pt
The name for the tab of the project namespace. Example: [[Project:Example]]

See also:
* {{msg-mw|Nstab-project}}
* {{msg-mw|Accesskey-ca-nstab-project}}
* {{msg-mw|Tooltip-ca-nstab-project}}
Used as error message. Parameters:
* $1 - max number of <code><nowiki>{{#replaceset:}}</nowiki></code> calls in a page (default: 25)
[[File:Screenshot WikidataRepo 2012-05-25 L.png|right|350px]]
[[File:Screenshot WikidataRepo 2012-05-25 M.png|right|350px]]
This is a generic placeholder message used while a remove is in progress, and replaces the edit and remove.
[[File:Screenshot WikidataRepo 2012-05-25 L.png|right|350px]]
[[File:Screenshot WikidataRepo 2012-05-25 J.png|right|350px]]
[[File:Screenshot WikidataRepo 2012-05-25 K.png|right|350px]]
This is a generic placeholder message used while a save is in progress, and replaces the save and cancel links.
Project: Portal diJama³a
Luku a project papira
Luku a project papira
Project: A pruposit
A "content page" is a page that forms part of the purpose of the wiki. It includes the main page and pages in the main namespace and any other namespaces that are included when the wiki is customised. For example on Wikimedia Commons "content pages" include pages in the file and category namespaces. On Wikinews "content pages" include pages in the Portal namespace. For technical definition of "content namespaces" see [[mw:Manual:Using_custom_namespaces#Content_namespaces|MediaWiki]].

Possible alternatives to the word 'content' are 'subject matter' or 'wiki subject' or 'wiki purpose'.

See also:
* {{msg-mw|Nstab-main}}
* {{msg-mw|Accesskey-ca-nstab-main}}
* {{msg-mw|Tooltip-ca-nstab-main}}
{{Identical|Content page}}
Button label, 25 characters maximum
MediaWiki:Donate interface-monthly-donation/qqq
 #<!-- lassa sta linea sana sana a nu piezzo comm'è mò --> <pre>
# Sta mmasciata ve premmettesse 'e mpustà 'a funziona "cchiù comm'a chesto".
# 'E cagnamiente a chesta s'affetuarranno mo' mo'.
# 'A sintasse è comme è scritta ccà abbascio:
#  * Tutto 'a 'o "#" nfin' 'a fine d' 'a linea è nu commento.
#  * Tuttuquante linee nun-abbacante songo 'o nome mpustazione secutat' 'e nu carattere ":" secutat' 'e nu valore mpustaziona
# 'E mpustaziune songo:
#  * min_doc_freq (nummero sano): Nummero minimo 'e documente (pe' shard) 'a 'e quale serve nu térmene pe' s' 'e cunziderà.
#  * max_doc_freq (nummero sano): Nummero massimo 'e documente (pe' shard) ca teneno nu term p' 'o quale se putessero cunzidera'.
#                  Térmene d'auta frequenza songo generalmente "parole 'e tuppa".
#  * max_query_terms (nummero sano): Nummero massimo 'e térmene ca s'avesser'a cunziderà. Stu valore è lemmetato a nu $wgCirrusSearchMoreLikeThisMaxQueryTermsLimit (100).
#  * min_term_freq (nummero sano): Nummero minimo 'e vote ca nu térmene cumparesse dint'a trasuta a nu doc a cunziderà. Pe' campe piccerille (title) stu valore avess'a essere 1.
#  * percent_terms_to_match (float 0 a 1): 'O percento 'e termene ca s'azzeccano. Predefinito 'o 0.3 (30 percento).
#  * min_word_len (nummero sano): Luongo minimo 'e nu térmene pe' se cunziderà. Predefinito 0.
#  * max_word_len (nummero sano): Massimo 'e luongo e na parola pe' copp' 'a quale se ngurarranno 'e parole. Predefinito a unbounded (0).
#  * fields (elenco 'e valure spartute pe' virgule csv): Chiste songh' 'e campe 'ausà. Campe premmesse songo p'esempio: title, text, auxiliary_text, opening_text, headings e all.
#  * use_fields (true|false) : Addimanna 'a funziona "cchiù comm'a chesto" 'e s'ausà surtanto 'a data d' 'o campo. 'A predefinito è favezo: 'o sistema se pigliarrà 'e cuntenute 'a 'o campo testo pe' putè fravecà 'a query.
# Esempie 'e linee buone:
# min_doc_freq:2
# max_doc_freq:20000
# max_query_terms:25
# min_term_freq:2
# percent_terms_to_match:0.3
# min_word_len:2
# max_word_len:40
# fields:text,opening_text
# use_fields:true
# </pre> <!-- lassa sta linea sana sana comm'è mo' -->
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