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Block the /16 range from which the user originates


Somewhat of a 'nuclear option', the entire /16 range from which the rule was triggered will be blocked for 24 hours.

This is a verb in the imperative form.
Which properties to get:
;id:Adds the ID of the block.
;user:Adds the username of the blocked user.
;userid:Adds the user ID of the blocked user.
;by:Adds the username of the blocking user.
;byid:Adds the user ID of the blocking user.
;timestamp:Adds the timestamp of when the block was given.
;expiry:Adds the timestamp of when the block expires.
;reason:Adds the reason given for the block.
;range:Adds the range of IP addresses affected by the block.
;flags:Tags the ban with (autoblock, anononly, etc.).
The range you specified ($1) is too big to block.
You may block, at most, 65,536 addresses (/16 ranges).
Prevent the user from performing the action in question
Automatically block the last IP address used by this user, and any subsequent IP addresses they try to edit from
Title for a dialog box in which the user is asked for an edit summary.
{{Identical|Confirm action}}
Block the user and/or IP address from editing
Heading beneath which the user picks which tags to remove from the revision or log entry.
Action link. The text of the link which points to the edit page wherever the sidebarmenu is declared.
Which pieces of information to include:
;blockinfo:Adds the information about a current block on the user.
;groups:Lists groups that the user is in. This uses more server resources and may return fewer results than the limit.
;implicitgroups:Lists all the groups the user is automatically in.
;rights:Lists rights that the user has.
;editcount:Adds the edit count of the user.
;registration:Adds the timestamp of when the user registered if available (may be blank).
Account creation from IP addresses in the range '''$1''', which includes your IP address ('''$4'''), has been blocked by [[User:$3|$3]].

The reason given by $3 is ''$2''
This is an entry in the checkuser log when a checkuser checks from which IP addresses a user has edited.

* $1 - the user who did the check
* $2 - the user that was checked, with links to talk page, contributions, and block (like this: [[User:Username|Username]] ( [[User talk|Talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/Username|contribs]] | [[Special:Blockip|block]]) )

See screenshot "[[mw:Extension:CheckUser#Basic_interface|Example log]]".
Used as text for the link which is used to edit the post.
A warning message shown when a user tries to save an edit which matches some abuse filter rule. Parameters:
* $1 is a short description of the abuse filter rule which triggered this action
* $2 is the filter id
Which properties to get:
;revid:Adds the revision ID of the deleted revision.
;parentid:Adds the revision ID of the previous revision to the page.
;user:Adds the user who made the revision.
;userid:Adds the user ID whom made the revision.
;comment:Adds the comment of the revision.
;parsedcomment:Adds the parsed comment of the revision.
;minor:Tags if the revision is minor.
;len:Adds the length (bytes) of the revision.
;sha1:Adds the SHA-1 (base 16) of the revision.
;content:Adds the content of the revision.
;token:<span class="apihelp-deprecated">Deprecated.</span> Gives the edit token.
;tags:Tags for the revision.
This message is displayed when trying to edit a page you can't edit because it has been protected.

The title for this message is {{msg-mw|Protectedpage}}.

* $1 - (Unused) the raw name of the right which is needed to edit the page
* $2 - (Unused) the action the user attempted to perform
Edit the user interface
Toast message for logged in users that appears (before the user see the editor) when a user tries to edit a page, but is blocked from editing with reason and blocked by information.

* $1 - blocked by information (Username of the user who crated this block)
* $2 - Reason for this block, if any
Label of the button which confirms the URL, entered by the user, of a photo or photo set from Flickr.
Block the old username from future use
Bundled message for edit-user-talk email digest notification.  Parameters:
* $1 - the username who performs the action, which can be used for gender support
* $2 - the count of other action performers, could be number or {{msg-mw|echo-notification-count}}
* $3 - a number used for plural support

See also:
* {{msg-mw|Notification-edit-talk-page2}}
* {{msg-mw|Notification-edit-talk-page-flyout2}}
* {{msg-mw|Notification-edit-talk-page-email-batch-body2}}
* {{msg-mw|Notification-edit-talk-page-email-subject2}}
Used as error message.

The user specify the IP range by the start and end IP addresses.

But if the specified IP range crosses a /16 boundary, this error occurs.

* $1 - the IP range (contains the start and end IP addresses)

'''Revoking auto-promoted groups'''

To '''block autopromote''' means that actions matching the filter will cause the user in question to be barred from receiving any extra groups from $wgAutoPromote for a period ranging from 3 to 7 days (random). 
Additional information available: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:AbuseFilter/Actions
Action asking the user to choose from a set of options.
MediaWiki:Donate interface-select/qqq