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Explicitly refer to Wikimedia Commons, what is Wikimedia projects centric. Will be issue for independent shared repository installations.

EugeneZelenko14:11, 19 May 2010

This is an exception that will prove the rule.

Siebrand19:42, 20 May 2010

RTL alignement is missing

This feature was available at the old edit boxes, at the new pop-up ones it doesn't...

Whenever I try to edit translation the edit box is LTR aligned by default and I can't change it (using Chrome, Firefox and IE does support that)

Also the suggestions appear as LTR even if they are RTL I use suggestions from Arabic and Google translation, they both appear to the opposite direction, if there's English somewhere in the string the text gets all mixed up and that's a shame...

I can send screenshots or stylesheet for Stylish to demonstrate my complaint

Kind regards,

Yaron Shahrabani11:59, 20 May 2010

If you have any suggestions of how to build this into our JavaScript, we would be happy to accommodate. If you are not able yourself, please help us by finding a developer able to implement this; they would be most welcome.

Siebrand18:40, 20 May 2010

Add Media Wizard - Add media - unclear variables

What messages the variables stand in the following messages for?

  • mwe-error-not-loggedin-file $1?
  • mwe-upload-once-done $1? $2?
  • mwe-ie-inline-upload $1? $2?
  • mwe-no-import-by-url
  • mwe-not-logged-uploads $1? $2?
  • mwe-warning-upload-to-commons $2?

And which message follows message mwe-i-would-like-to?

Michawiki16:51, 20 May 2010

Please add these questions to Thread:User talk:Mdale/Add Media Wizard i18n, so we track them all in one place.

Hamilton Abreu17:22, 20 May 2010

aricle => article

A thread, Thread:Support/aricle = article, was moved from here to Translating talk:Wikia. This move was made by The Evil IP address (talk | contribs) on 20 May 2010 at 14:53.

file too big to be imported

-rakkaus/#mediawiki-i18n- [19-May-2010 14:22:48] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 125829120 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3959313 bytes) in /www/w/includes/OutputPage.php on line 894

Source file :

Mdupont14:39, 19 May 2010

That's not a file that should be imported. Please use smaller message groups.

Siebrand23:37, 19 May 2010

bug report two separate concurrent imports are interfering

hi, running two separate instances of Special:ImportTranslations interfere with each other, the output of one process appears in the other. I would assume that some type of session key will need to be introduced to solve this issue.

Mdupont22:31, 18 May 2010

Patches are welcome; developer time is really, really precious at the moment.

Siebrand05:42, 19 May 2010

Hi Siebrand, I would love to help. My idea would be to setup a GIT import, not a webpage one. The git import would just pull versions from a repo and import them. I would be willing to work on that. mike

Mdupont17:19, 19 May 2010

Please discuss with Niklas/Nikerabbit on IRC. This has kind of a spaghetti aspect, I think. I especially do not like the access distribution.

Siebrand23:36, 19 May 2010

Internal error

I have just had the following internal error when trying to save one translation. Maybe you should check it.

This message is logged, but you might want to report it on #mediawiki-i18n @ freenode or to user nike in this wiki.The command 'perl -MYAML::Syck=LoadFile -MPHP::Serialization=serialize -wle 'my $tf = q[/tmp/yaml-load-ksTiXB];my $yaml = LoadFile($tf);open my $fh, ">", "$tf.serialized" or die qq[Can not open "$tf.serialized"];print $fh serialize($yaml);close($fh);' 2>&1' died in execution with exit code '2': Can't locate YAML/ in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .). BEGIN failed--compilation aborted.


#0 /www/w/extensions/Translate/utils/TranslateYaml.php(52): wfDebugDieBacktrace('The command 'pe...')
#1 /www/w/extensions/Translate/utils/TranslateYaml.php(11): TranslateYaml::syckLoad('---?BASIC:? id...')
#2 /www/w/extensions/Translate/utils/TranslateYaml.php(19): TranslateYaml::loadString('---?BASIC:? id...')
#3 /www/w/extensions/Translate/MessageGroups.php(763): TranslateYaml::load('/www/w/extensio...')
#4 /www/w/extensions/Translate/MessageGroups.php(779): MessageGroups::init()
#5 /www/w/extensions/Translate/TranslateEditAddons.php(184): MessageGroups::getGroup('')
#6 /www/w/extensions/Translate/TranslateEditAddons.php(170): TranslateEditAddons::getMessageGroup(1222, 'User_block.revo...')
#7 /www/w/extensions/Translate/TranslateEditAddons.php(25): TranslateEditAddons::getKeyCodeGroup(Object(Title))
#8 [internal function]: TranslateEditAddons::addNavigation(Object(OutputPage), '<p>Este bloqueo...')
#9 /www/w/includes/Hooks.php(133): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#10 /www/w/includes/OutputPage.php(1124): wfRunHooks('OutputPageBefor...', Array)
#11 /www/w/includes/Article.php(855): OutputPage->addParserOutput(Object(ParserOutput))
#12 /www/w/includes/Wiki.php(499): Article->view()
#13 /www/w/includes/Wiki.php(73): MediaWiki->performAction(Object(OutputPage), Object(Article), Object(Title), Object(User), Object(WebRequest))
#14 /www/w/index.php(116): MediaWiki->performRequestForTitle(Object(Title), Object(Article), Object(OutputPage), Object(User), Object(WebRequest))
#15 {main}
  • Note: I was trying to translate this message: User block.revoke.past.
Toliño Fala aquí comigo 18:40, 19 May 2010

Niklas made a little judgement error and experimented with a different YAML parser... OUCH.

Siebrand23:34, 19 May 2010

Where is message group "Upload Wizard"

I've seen today that the message group "Upload Wizard" doesn't exist more. Is this an error or intended?

Michawiki20:55, 19 May 2010

Taken offline while rework is being done.

Siebrand23:34, 19 May 2010


What is file mover a user who moves files or a tool for moving files?

Michawiki18:55, 19 May 2010

It is a new user group on Wikimedia Commons. Users with this right may move files.

Raymond19:35, 19 May 2010


Michawiki19:37, 19 May 2010

New features/Beta questionnaire

The questionnaire for Beta and New features uses the same 3 possible answers to the question 'why are you leaving the Beta?'/'Why are you turning off the new features?', in Prefswitch-survey-answer-whyoff-hard ("The features were too hard to use."), Prefswitch-survey-answer-whyoff-didntwork ("The features did not function properly.") and Prefswitch-survey-answer-whyoff-notpredictable ("The features did not perform predictably."). But the answers should be in the singular for Beta and plural for new features. Even in English they look a bit off.

Lloffiwr16:13, 16 May 2010

Done Done mwr:66541.

Siebrand17:18, 16 May 2010

Incidentally, shouldn't these have been fuzzied?

Hamilton Abreu16:34, 19 May 2010

I don't think it was enough reason to fuzzy.

Siebrand17:49, 19 May 2010

how to mark translations as reviewed

Hi, I have done a bunch of translations and would like someone to review them. it there a way to mark all my edits as to be reviewed and track the review process? thanks, mike

Mdupont10:46, 19 May 2010

You can write !!FUZZY!! at the beginning of a translation, with something like 'for review' in the edit summary. On review, the reviewer removes the !!FUZZY!! mark. You can track the reviews through the 'Language translations' link to recent changes in your language, in the sidebar or by viewing 'review changes to' in the translation tool. Have you already arranged with another translator in your language to review your translations?

Lloffiwr12:38, 19 May 2010


Should use Watchlistedit-normal-submit ("Remove titles") for the button label to always be up to date.

The Evil IP address21:13, 18 May 2010

Done Done with mwr:66640

Raymond08:49, 19 May 2010

We should have a real privacy policy

Privacy policy is already required by law in some countries, and not having one gives a bad impression. I think quite basic one will do it. Anybody willing to help with it?

Nike16:21, 18 May 2010

I found a privacy policy at a befriended foundation, and copied and adapted it into a draft at Project:Privacy_policy. Input welcome. I have started out with the original version, so feel free to observe the differences and scrutinise which loopholes we will create compared to the - as far as I know - mostly undisputed privacy policy of the befriended foundation.

Siebrand20:34, 18 May 2010

Should we drop the CheckUser references since we don't use it, or do we want to keep it as an option?

Nike06:52, 19 May 2010

I deliberately left it in to keep the way open for future usage. Open for discussion, as far as I'm concerned, but I think putting it in later might cause more trouble than having it in now, and staying consistent with the befriended foundation's policy .

Siebrand08:19, 19 May 2010

Char insert is not working

Char inserting from area at bottom of editor window is not working. I'm using Vector skin on Firefox 3.6.4.

EugeneZelenko14:35, 17 May 2010

The new toolbar has also its own character map that should work.

Nike14:42, 17 May 2010

Please report software bugs in bugzilla:. Thanks.

Siebrand15:40, 17 May 2010

Works for me with Chrome and Firefox anyway.

Nike12:42, 18 May 2010

List of tracking wiki pages

In Searchranktracker-entry-list ("List of tracking wiki pages"), what does "List of tracking wiki pages" mean? Is it the list of wiki pages returned by the search engines, for the search terms specified?

Hamilton Abreu11:40, 18 May 2010

Changing Japanese namespace names of MediaWiki

According to discussion at Thread:Portal talk:Ja/名前空間の翻訳、そろそろ再開しましょう, we decided to change Japanese namespace names of MediaWiki.

  • translate Category, Template, Help into Japanese (Katakana)
  • change delimiter of talk namespace, from "‐"(U+0x2010) to "・"(U+0x30FB).
    In Japanese keyborad (JIS Keyborad), it's a little hard to input "‐". And it's confused "-"(U+0x002D).
  • change translation of talk, from "ノート" and "会話" (used at only User talk) to "トーク".
    "ノート" means (is Katakana-ized word of) "note". "トーク" means (is Katakana-ized word of) "talk"
Old New
$namespaceNames = array(
	NS_MEDIA            => 'メディア',
	NS_SPECIAL          => '特別',
	NS_TALK             => 'ノート',
	NS_USER             => '利用者',
	NS_USER_TALK        => '利用者‐会話',
	NS_PROJECT_TALK     => '$1‐ノート',
	NS_FILE             => 'ファイル',
	NS_FILE_TALK        => 'ファイル‐ノート',
	NS_MEDIAWIKI        => 'MediaWiki',
	NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK   => 'MediaWiki‐ノート',
	NS_TEMPLATE         => 'Template',
	NS_TEMPLATE_TALK    => 'Template‐ノート',
	NS_HELP             => 'Help',
	NS_HELP_TALK        => 'Help‐ノート',
	NS_CATEGORY         => 'Category',
	NS_CATEGORY_TALK    => 'Category‐ノート',
$namespaceNames = array(
	NS_MEDIA            => 'メディア',
	NS_SPECIAL          => '特別',
	NS_TALK             => 'トーク',
	NS_USER             => '利用者',
	NS_USER_TALK        => '利用者・トーク',
	NS_PROJECT_TALK     => '$1・トーク',
	NS_FILE             => 'ファイル',
	NS_FILE_TALK        => 'ファイル・トーク',
	NS_MEDIAWIKI        => 'MediaWiki',
	NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK   => 'MediaWiki・トーク',
	NS_TEMPLATE         => 'テンプレート',
	NS_TEMPLATE_TALK    => 'テンプレート・トーク',
	NS_HELP             => 'ヘルプ',
	NS_HELP_TALK        => 'ヘルプ・トーク',
	NS_CATEGORY         => 'カテゴリ',
	NS_CATEGORY_TALK    => 'カテゴリ・トーク',

We need your support:

aokomoriuta14:54, 15 May 2010

Aliases will be taken care of by the committer (me), so just change it. On Wikimedia it may take months, but committing namespace is something I can do this weekend.

Siebrand15:29, 15 May 2010

Thanks for you reply. How about noticing? How/where need we notice?

aokomoriuta15:49, 15 May 2010

Probably the projects that use the Japanese language setting. Also you should check where the namespace names are used hardcoded in your wiki, for example changing {{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|ノート|...}} to {{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|{{ns:Talk}}|...}} or {{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|{{ns:1}}|...}}, which will make the function work with both namespace names.

The Evil IP address16:01, 15 May 2010

Changes have been committed in mwr:66490. Strangely enough the Japanese updates are not in there. Niklas, could this be a caching issue?

Siebrand19:37, 15 May 2010

I see they had not been yet. I've committed them in mwr:66497. catrope will update namespaces, special page aliases and magic words in a few hours on Wikimedia wikis.

Siebrand20:17, 15 May 2010

Thank you!

aokomoriuta04:42, 16 May 2010

catrope didn't manage to get around to it today. He said he'd do it Monday.

Siebrand08:19, 16 May 2010

What is this, and does it need to exist in 'de-formal', even though there's no difference between usual German?

The Evil IP address12:54, 17 May 2010

Wikiblame only has fallback to English, so to have a complete interface in formal German, there must be duplication.

Siebrand15:41, 17 May 2010

$1 in {{msg-mw|Mwe-missing desc see source|notext=yes}}

What's the $1 parameter in Mwe-missing desc see source. Currently difficult to translate when it's not known what it is.

The Evil IP address01:51, 15 May 2010

Message was changed to be more clear.

Siebrand22:23, 16 May 2010

WikiBlame: copy de-formal from de

Hi there,

de-formal differs from de only by 1 string: $messages['help_translating'] = 'Hilf beim Übersetzen auf'; turns to $messages['help_translating'] = 'Bitte helfen Sie beim Übersetzen auf';

Can you maybe copy the text within the database or something?


Flo, 16 May 2010

Sure, consider it done.

Siebrand22:29, 16 May 2010

Context for 'yes' and 'no'

What is the question to which 'yes'/'no' are the answers for Prefswitch-survey-true ("Yes") and Prefswitch-survey-false ("No")? I have looked and can't see these latest yes/no messages.

Lloffiwr16:38, 16 May 2010

These two messages are used in a form where they are radio button labels from the PrefSwitch questionnaire module to answer Yes or No to a question (example).

They are not in used at the referred page.

Siebrand17:12, 16 May 2010

Done Done Thanks for info - documented.

Lloffiwr18:09, 16 May 2010
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