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{{msg-mw|ajax-add-category-summary|notext=yes}} and {{msg-mw|ajax-remove-category-summary|notext=yes}}

I'm just wondering, but are these messages used as an edit summary?

The Evil IP address14:32, 19 June 2010

I tried to find where these messages were used, and at first glance they appear to be unused. I tink they may have been part of a reverted feature. Raymond will look into it tomorrow.

Siebrand22:11, 19 June 2010

Done Done Removed in mwr:68291.

Siebrand22:23, 19 June 2010


Translate-fs-email-text refers Prefs-misc ("Misc") tab of Preferences, but should refer Prefs-personal ("User profile") tab instead.

fryed-peach15:38, 19 June 2010


Refers hardcoded to Savearticle ("Save page"). Also, the word "Save" should be within quotation marks as with similar messages.

The Evil IP address16:03, 19 June 2010

Now they've changed Stablepages-text so that it says one thing in the first sentence and its exact opposite in the second. Does anyone understand what is going on here?

Hamilton Abreu00:36, 12 June 2010

For what it's worth, this is my uneducated attempt to reword the second sentence:

Edits made by other users are not displayed to most readers until an authorized user reviews them.

Lloffiwr13:58, 12 June 2010

Done Done mwr:67900.

Siebrand14:37, 12 June 2010

The messages chosen at en.wikipedia and flaggedrevs.labs contains the following text, which is much clearer. Please change for :

"Below is a list of pages that are restricted so that revisions from new and unregistered users require review. Unreviewed revisions are not shown by default until an authorized user accepts them."


Dodoïste19:26, 17 June 2010

The above sentence assumes a specific rights configuration, which is unwanted in the generic message.

Siebrand21:14, 17 June 2010

Okay, I didn't know this good practice. I believe it should be written somewhere in a translation manual or such. Yours,

Dodoïste23:17, 17 June 2010

Unclear message

A thread, Thread:Support/Unclear message, was moved from here to Translating talk:StatusNet. This move was made by McDutchie (talk | contribs) on 17 June 2010 at 16:18.

{{msg-mw|pt-log-mark|notext=yes}} and {{msg-mw|pt-log-unmark|notext=yes}}

Should both have quotation marks around $1 as the other ones a few threads below. Furthermore, dots at the end are quite uncommon in log entries.

The Evil IP address15:14, 16 June 2010

Done Done

Siebrand19:50, 16 June 2010


Should have quotation marks around $1 for consistency with other log entries, e.g. Protectedarticle ("protected "$1""), Modifiedarticleprotection ("changed protection settings for "$1"") or Unprotectedarticle ("removed protection from "$1"").

The Evil IP address06:44, 16 June 2010

the same for Stable-logentry-config ("set stable version settings for "$1"").

The Evil IP address06:45, 16 June 2010

and Stable-logentry-modify ("changed stable version settings for "$1"").

The Evil IP address06:46, 16 June 2010

Done Done with mwr:68116

Raymond07:28, 16 June 2010

Usergroup "nocreate"

On a new usergroup "nocreate" was introduced wikipedia:ta:Special:ListGroupRights. I want to add it to WikimediaMessages.i18n but I miss a concise name of the "negative" usergroup. And suggestions?

Raymond17:13, 15 June 2010

Just don't add it?

Siebrand23:13, 15 June 2010

Datatransclusion argument count

The order of the arguments seems to have been re-organized, but now both

state that their respective argument ("source" and "key") is the second. This is probably incorrect.

Hamilton Abreu23:51, 14 June 2010

datatransclusion-missing-argument-key no longer exists. source is the seconds positional argument.

Duesentrieb09:43, 15 June 2010

Ok, but datatransclusion-missing-argument-key is still active here.

Hamilton Abreu22:16, 15 June 2010

I prefer "Close". Because after I did a replace, I doubt whether clicking "Cancel" will destroy my work.

Liangent06:35, 13 June 2010

I asked Trevor to take a look at this.

Siebrand22:54, 14 June 2010

Could you please remove the automatic check of the image link in this message, which deems the message as incorrectly translated? The image contains english text and may be translated to other languages.

Hamilton Abreu02:06, 14 June 2010

Nicely done! Will do that somewhere today.

Siebrand06:03, 14 June 2010

I believe it's kind of useless, you know? To get to that screen on this wiki I think that a user has to choose one of the fixed languages shown in the log in screen, and then specify its language by changing it in the URL itself.

If this is right, MediaWiki should get rid of that fixed choice of languages in the log in screen and replace them with a list box of all available languages. It's silly that I can choose "esperanto" but not my language.

If you can confirm that there is no way of choosing any language, I'll bugzill it...

Hamilton Abreu22:45, 14 June 2010

Contrary to MediaWiki proper, we are using a language selector on the main page that will keep that language for the session, and that will use the browser language. So it is not useless :).

Siebrand22:48, 14 June 2010

Done Done

Siebrand22:48, 14 June 2010


A thread, Thread:Support/MediaWiki:Common.css/qu, was moved from here to Portal talk:Qu. This move was made by Siebrand (talk | contribs) on 14 June 2010 at 19:12.

Categorising the newsletter

Is there any reason why the newsletter should not have a Category tag added to them? Wanted to check this before creating a news/newsletters category for them.

Lloffiwr20:32, 13 June 2010

Make it so, #1.

Siebrand20:53, 13 June 2010

Done Done

Lloffiwr12:17, 15 June 2010


Link to Special:LanguageStats uses one bracket too much.

The Evil IP address11:37, 13 June 2010

Done Done in mwr:67949

Raymond14:17, 13 June 2010

This is a very confusing option in preferences->"appeareance": "Enable collapsible left navigation menu". First, it should say something like "Enable collapsing in the left navigation menu". Second, it only applies to Vector skin, so it should mention it, unless devs are about to make this option disappear in other skins.

- AlexSm18:11, 9 June 2010

I think this setting is only visible when using Vector skin, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll check with a developer.

Siebrand13:23, 12 June 2010

Alex is right, this preference is always visible regardless of skin and could do with some clarification.

Catrope13:53, 12 June 2010

Is it possible to make it visible in vector skin only?

Liangent06:01, 13 June 2010

Don't known/don't care from an i18n perspective. If you want to discuss that, please do that elsewhere, like in bugzilla.

Siebrand06:47, 13 June 2010

{{msg|Shapado:Answers-answers.create.flash error|notext=1}}

There's a typo in the word senconds.

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 18:26, 11 June 2010

Done Done Will be synchronised in a bit. Has to end up in the master repo first.

Siebrand12:52, 12 June 2010

mw:Extension:SyntaxHighlight GeSHi says "...but <syntaxhighlight> is recommended to avoid possible conflicts." So should the text in extension description be changed?

Liangent04:38, 12 June 2010

Typos in messages

Hi! There is a spelling mistake here: MediaWiki:Translate-fs-settings-text (langauge -> language). And maybe also here: MediaWiki:Translate-fs-permissions-text (filed -> filled). Can someone correct them, please? Thanks.

Peter1703:21, 12 June 2010

I have spotted 3 mistakes in all in MediaWiki:Translate-fs-settings-text.

In the second paragraph third word should be "language", as noted above, and the last but one word should be "highly".

In the last paragraph the word "back" is not needed.

In Translate-fs-permissions-text I assume that "filed" is correct, in the sense of "submitted". I think that you would hear "file" more often used in the US and "submit" in the UK. Have added this as a translation hint to the qqq page.

Lloffiwr09:32, 12 June 2010

Done Done "filed" is not a typo, but I have changed it to submitted.

Siebrand12:34, 12 June 2010


What does "local" mean in this message?

Lloffiwr22:08, 9 June 2010

"local" means databases/wikis of the same farm/cluster. I.e. meta, enwiki, dewiki, commons etc are all local databases of WMF. See for a usage of local databases: username@barwiki

Raymond16:42, 10 June 2010

Done Done - documented. Thanks

Lloffiwr18:56, 11 June 2010


How is this message used?

Lloffiwr22:01, 9 June 2010

As title of the special page. Like Protect-title ("Change protection settings for "$1"").

Raymond16:46, 10 June 2010

Done Done - documented. Thanks.

Lloffiwr18:50, 11 June 2010
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