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Support Saraiki language

Edited by author.
Last edit: 12:54, 15 August 2017

Language Saraiki is mainly written in Arabic script. So Skr and Skr-arab be merged. In wikimedia and other sites Skr-arab be deleted. Because Saraiki is just one language. In interface language and internationalization only one langauge be shown. Interface of Urdu words be adjusted as they are adjusted in SKR_Arab. All translations be converted to Skr i.e., Skr-arab be renamed as skr. so that one language Skr-arab be deleted from Special:SupportedLanguages.

15:33, 27 July 2017

Merging messages between two variants can be easy for sysops by using Special:mergehistory, but I'd love to know what's your actual wanted code (aka merge which to which)? Merge skr to skr-arab? Or vice versa?

00:57, 1 August 2017

In interface language merge Skr-Arab in Skr، In interface language the all work as stood as in Skr-Arab be adjusted as Skr, and the word Skr-Arab be deleted in the the internationalization of the the language. Saraiki. (talk) 10:45, 1 August 2017 (UTC).

10:45, 1 August 2017

typpo 'Coockie'

Coockie expiry time for the survey.

Please replace "coockie" by "cookie" in the original text (.... I cannot).

13:34, 13 August 2017

Bug report

On Special:RecentChanges, Special:RecentChangesLinked and Special:Watchlist there are two date sections for one day.

15:36, 10 August 2017

Can someone tell me what happened in 7 August? Creation of this message should be hold up by "This language code should remain unused. Localise in zh-hans or zh-hant please." but @A2093064: actually created this message.

06:07, 10 August 2017


Edited by author.
Last edit: 09:42, 8 August 2017

Please change this nonsense message to something more clear and descriptive. I don't understand, what am I supposed to do in order to hide this error message and the translations of this message are even more confusing in many languages.

22:15, 7 August 2017

In what cases have you seen this error and was not able to understand its meaning? I ask because the error may appear for very different reasons and there is at least one bug with page translation.

06:08, 8 August 2017

You can see some examples here. Basically this message is shown to translations, where must the namespace part of a message be the same as original (english) one and not translated. Messages marked with this error are listed in untranslated and outdated lists, until the namespace part of the translation is not the same as original (english). But the message is not saying that, at least not for less experienced english speakers (like me). As you can see in that linked discussion, I tried first to find out, what am I supposed to do with the translation in order to hide that error message and just spanish translation helped to understand, what is purpose of this message.

09:36, 8 August 2017

What it means is that the namespace of the message (in this case "Help") should stay the same in translations. It was translated as "Nápověda:Odkazy" when it should be "Help:Odkazy". (Ideally, I guess it should be {{ns:Help}}:Okazy, though.) I do agree that the message needs better wording to make this clear though, but I don't have any good suggestions on how to improve it at the moment.

17:57, 9 August 2017

Genitive in Norwegian

In Norwegian, the genitive is normally formed by word + s, except in cases where word ends in s, x or z, where the genitive is word + ' (apostrophe). (Regardless of pronunciation – even French names with silent s get the apostrophe.) In some messages, like Mobile-frontend-talk-back-to-userpage ("Return to the user page of "$1"."), you need to use the genitive of $1, where $1 is e.g. a username. Is there a way to use some function, maybe {{GRAMMAR:}}, to achieve this? We have ways of rewriting such messages, but they will often sound more awkward.

17:54, 9 August 2017

Colville-Okanagan Salish

I'm brand new to this and just started a test wiki over at Wikimedia Incubator and need to start translating the interface. My ISO 639-3 code is oka. The language name is 'Colville-Okanagan Salish – n̓səlxcin̓ (oka)̓ . The language is written LTR and uses it' own variation of the American Phonetic Alphabet.

04:56, 8 August 2017

Preferred way to translate a large text that's part of the software

On I have a couple of large pages, like and soon an FAQ. What's the preferred way of translating these via

  • Dumping the whole text in a single message
  • Splitting it into many small messages (which honestly I would prefer not to do because it'd be very cumbersome to maintain)
  • Creating a page and using the page translation feature
  • Something else / not appropriate for

If the answer is "page translation", is there a recommended way to normalize the HTML to remove MediaWiki-specific classes and such?

19:40, 29 October 2016

Large translation units won't appeal some translators (lack of time/interest) and are harder to translate/review/mantain. On the other hand, some texts are meaningfull in its entireness and should be translated carefully and consistently (like terms and conditions, legal stuff). FAQs is a group of loose questions. So I wouldn't doubt about them: split the FAQ into translation units. Don't know for sure about terms.

00:26, 31 October 2016

Eloquence, did you choose what to do here? It's ok to load your terms page from some l10n file on your repository, preferably with at most one paragraph per message. This is what does.

On hte other hand, you could of course embed your website text from a MediaWiki wiki powered by Translate, and that would take care of the translations with whatever formatting you want (this is rather easy e.g. in Wordpress with the wiki-embed extension, but there are probably fancier ways too).

15:37, 20 May 2017

I don't have a good solution yet, no; thanks for the poke & sorry for late response. Splitting the content into messages seems problematic from a long term maintenance perspective (I'd like to keep it simple to modify the original). Unless I come up with something better, I'll probably set up Translate on which seems at least more user-friendly & powerful than asking people to submit a pull-request.

01:09, 2 August 2017

Thanks for the update. IMHO if it's a single page we can just translate it here and see how it goes. Is it generated from files in the same repository and same format?

10:03, 2 August 2017

There are two pages right now, FAQ and Terms, and they're stored as Handlebars templates which are rendered server-side. In practice this means HTML without the header and footer; see the terms of use for example. If we use page translation, it would be fairly straightforward to sync the rendered HTML of the whole page from TWN (minus MediaWiki cruft) on a regular basis.

21:58, 2 August 2017

Ah ok. Yes, it would be straightforward to use page translation, with the content of each p tag as translation unit. If we don't add anything else to the translatable page, then the translation pages will only have the expected HTML as content.

I would just go for it and put them up as subpages of We don't have a good way to import the existing translations but we could also just freeze the translation of the unneeded languages until we figure it out.

06:26, 3 August 2017

Quality of Dutch translations

A thread, Thread:Support/Quality of Dutch translations, was moved from here to Portal talk:Nl. This move was made by Nemo bis (talk | contribs) on 4 August 2017 at 12:03.

Request 10 languages of Indigenous Taiwanese

Hello, I'm Vicky, assistant of Center for Aboriginal Studies(ALCD). Now we are incubating some Wikipedia for languages of Indigenous Taiwanese. The page on incubator says that we need to localize into our language.

Indigenous Taiwanese have 16 ethnic groups, 15 languages. Now we are going to localize 10 languages. They areː

Bunun - isoːbnn Hla'alua - isoːsxr Kavalan - isoːckv Kanakanavu - isoːxnb Paiwan - iso:pwn Puyuma - iso:pyu Rukai - iso:dru Tao - iso:tao Thao - iso:ssf Tsou - iso:tsu Please help us. Thank you.

07:43, 31 July 2017

When you say "we are going to localize 10 languages", do you mean you already have translators and resources to translate MediaWiki core fully?

08:14, 31 July 2017

Maybe asking @Akamycoco:? Anyway I created portal pages like before.

09:42, 31 July 2017

I suggest that you start by making your translators register here and help them translate the existing supported languages. Despite being added months ago they all have zero or near-zero translations, except tay which has a small amount of translations (about 300, compared to ~3000 in MediaWiki core).

08:17, 31 July 2017

We organized three-day workshops several times in July and August for translating Wikipedia pages, and there are two reasons why we edit pages slowly: First, editors are not good at using computer, most of them are elders. Second, many words or terminologies do not have translation in indigenous languages, editors need to discuss with their tribal members or need to come up with translation. Generally, the work is in progress.

06:25, 2 August 2017

Sure. Translating MediaWiki should be easier (at least for the least technical terms), because the interface is more friendly and there are no special policies to take into account. So I encourage you to make them try in the next workshops you have (on the languages which are already enabled).

10:05, 2 August 2017

Thanks for your advice! We will try it in the following workshop.

03:35, 3 August 2017

"Tao - iso:tao" why not saying it as Yami?

14:53, 2 August 2017

Clone minoredit to enotif_minoredit

Is it possible to clone minoredit to enotif_minoredit, preserving the existing translations?

This is because English Wikipedia overrides minoredit to have a wikitext link, but that is not allowed in email. So, I'm splitting them.

The old translations in the core JSON files should all be suitable for the new use.

00:26, 28 July 2017

Usually here we take care of renames (page moves), not so much of copying. It's fine if you want to add/copy/split the translations directly to the JSON files (we'd lose attribution but there's some "creativity" in your selecting which translations to pick).

Otherwise I guess I could export the existing traslations and re-import them under the new title. Let me know if you want me to proceed.

By the way, it feels a bit backwards to duplicate translations for this string just for sake of configuration on a single wiki. Usually configuration options are provided with optional or ignored messages (for instance you could have created a separate editpage_minoredit message, called in the case you described when defined locally). Reducing message reuse is generally considered good, but mostly when dictated by linguistic reasons (of course, it might be that in some language the correct phrasing for email and web input label differs).

07:57, 28 July 2017

I don't actually know how many wikis are affected by this issue, just that enwiki is. I'm not doing this to enable a new enwiki customization, but to un-break email (which was just enabled for minor edits); it was already customized.

If I understand you correctly, the alternate suggestion is:

  1. Define an 'editpage_minoredit' message, which is disabled by default (e.g. defaulting to '-').
  2. On the edit page, if 'editpage_minoredit' is defined, use it. Otherwise, use 'minoredit'.
  3. Always use 'minoredit' for emails.

I think that would work, except if someone used qqx on the edit page, it would show 'minoredit'. So unless they consult qqq or the source code, they'll never know 'editpage_minoredit' exists, and will likely still override 'minoredit' (breaking email).

So exporting and re-importing would be helpful. Thanks.

21:29, 2 August 2017

cannot add myself on the translator map of pywikibot

Hello All, I am translator on I want to add myself on the map of using "Add yourself" entry below the map but it does not work. I see Hashar and Grondin but my flag is not present at Paris. On the other side, my flag is well presentt at Paris on My coodinates are in my profile. What must I do to add myself on the map of pywikibot translators ? Thanks. Christian.

09:25, 2 August 2017

You should add pywikibot to the babel tag to your user page. The project-specific maps are basically an intersection of users with coordinates and users in the "X translators" category.

It would be great to document this in the FAQ if not already, as it is not very obvious. There has been some thoughts about automating these, so that users would not need to update their babel tags manually, but nothing concrete yet.

09:29, 2 August 2017

Thank you - applied later by NemoBis on my profile. I agree with you, hand is given to the editor when we follow the link under the image but we do not know what to do. "Add myself on the map" should update by itself. Thanks.

10:18, 2 August 2017

Broken link Babel -> Portal

Hi, on my user page I've used Babel template as follow: {{#babel:roa-tara|it|en-2|fr-1|Rally5|25000|1000 reviews|Wikia|MediaWiki|Intuition|Shapado|Score|FUDforum|MathJax}}

The first parameter is roa-tara but the link on portal will be created as Portal:Roa-Tara instead of Portal:Roa-tara so when I click on link of my Babel will appear a broken link (with a page to create).

Thanks in advance

13:38, 1 August 2017

RC Wikidata

I'm searching for the MediaWiki-page that shows "Show/Hide Wikidata" in the Recent Changes. Anyone know which one that is? --Ooswesthoesbes (talk) 09:52, 20 July 2017 (UTC)

09:52, 20 July 2017

Might be wikibase-rc-hide-wikidata ("$1 Wikidata")

01:02, 27 July 2017

That might be it. Thank you!

10:42, 31 July 2017

Enable saraiki language

Enable Saraiki language, its code is skr

06:21, 16 October 2016
06:43, 17 October 2016

Kindly enable Saraiki skr.

12:24, 17 October 2016
Edited by author.
Last edit: 01:53, 21 October 2016

He means that you should provide these informations:

  • language code: skr;
  • language names: Saraiki – سرائیکی (skr);
  • LTR or RTL? Clearly RTL;
  • script: only Arab;
  • Fallback: Skr - ur - en.
03:25, 19 October 2016

I may translate from urdu to saraiki.

15:34, 19 October 2016

Saraiki سرائیکی yes fallback from urdu and pnb also.

13:04, 20 October 2016

Support for the language was added.

12:24, 20 May 2017

Thanks for for adding. Kindly add this language to Wikipedia as interface language and languages list on all other wikis, please.

16:29, 21 July 2017

MediaWiki message used in e-mail notification of page deletion

A thread, Thread:Support/MediaWiki message used in e-mail notification of page deletion, was moved from here to Portal talk:Hi. This move was made by Nemo bis (talk | contribs) on 26 July 2017 at 20:11.

This message should be "Show differences", since the current message "Show changes", look very alike to the near button "Publish changes" or "Save changes", which can easily cause mistake: clicking the wrong button.

12:41, 5 July 2017

Are there any comments?

13:29, 14 July 2017

Or possibly "Check differences"?

19:08, 26 July 2017

I suggest to replace the term "force" with "ask" (or "request") hereː MediaWiki:Visualeditor-dialog-meta-settings-index-help/en. In fact, search engines may easily not consider what is simply requested by a website or its robots.txt, the message is currently wrong/misleading.

01:57, 26 July 2017

Enable interface in Saraiki language

Many sentences have been translated in Saraiki language, so interface in Saraiki language be adjusted in Wikipedia sites and incubator in Saraiki.

15:12, 23 July 2017
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