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License short name018:57, 22 February 2018
translation rights for kikumoron.003:51, 22 February 2018
Seeing the edit toolbar duplicated in LQT214:18, 21 February 2018
User:Fanjiayi114:18, 21 February 2018
Wikimedia Mobile Apps to Wikimedia Mobile014:18, 21 February 2018
Please block User:Assoc005:54, 21 February 2018
Keeping obsolete projects and messages108:27, 13 February 2018
Translate namespace104:05, 13 February 2018
Please enable Tunica for translation1011:02, 10 February 2018
bqi translation rights214:39, 5 February 2018
Is it possible to merge two users?215:12, 2 February 2018
Add support for Western Armenian (hyw)711:05, 10 February 2018
About Osm:User, 2 February 2018
Can I use bot here for correcting Javanese incorrect spelling?114:58, 31 January 2018
Please revert so-called changes by Verdy_p015:10, 31 January 2018
Localization update not reflected on arwiki219:11, 30 January 2018
MAZI toolkit: new project508:45, 30 January 2018
Montenegrin language1301:59, 21 February 2018
Adding Miraheze614:47, 27 January 2018
How to replace wrongly translated spelling of a word appearing in language list for language code anp514:38, 27 January 2018
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License short name


In MediaWiki:Mwe-upwiz-license-cc-by-sa-3.0-gfdl/en, "CC BY-SA-3.0" should be replaced by "CC BY-SA 3.0" (source).

18:57, 22 February 2018

translation rights for kikumoron.

please give translation rights to [1]!

15:26, 21 February 2018

Seeing the edit toolbar duplicated in LQT

Edited by author.
Last edit: 13:21, 21 February 2018

Hello. Does somebody else see their edit toolbars (to put text in bold or italics, etc.) duplicated when they interact with LQT? I do. Thanks.

PD.: it's the enhaced edit toolbar the one I'm using, if that helps.

12:49, 21 February 2018

Yes I do.

13:21, 21 February 2018

Do we have Phab ticket already?

13:38, 21 February 2018

Should we block this user because metawiki says that user is sockpuppet of User:Assoc?

10:23, 14 February 2018

Amir blocked him. I am fuzzying all translation by these users.

10:28, 21 February 2018

Wikimedia Mobile Apps to Wikimedia Mobile


I noticed that there is still project called Wikimedia Mobile Apps on frontpage althought it was renamed to Wikimedia Mobile. The title, logo and link to the translating page should be replaced. (title should be Wikimedia Mobile, link should be Translating:WikimediaMobile and the logo should be File:WikipediaMobile-icon.png)

Best regards

- Pyscowicz

07:36, 21 February 2018
A thread, Thread:Support/Please block User:Assos, was moved from here to Thread:Support/Please block User:Assoc(2). This move was made by Fanjiayi (talk | contribs) on 21 February 2018 at 05:54.

Keeping obsolete projects and messages

Hello.What is the reason for keeping obsolete projects and messages?Why are not they deleted automatically by FuzzyBot?Thank you

13:48, 11 February 2018

Please see FAQ.

08:27, 13 February 2018

Translate namespace

Hello, I'm Horus from Thai Wikipedia. I have a question to ask: where can I translate the name of the namespaces used in Wikipedia, i.e. "Help" and "Talk"? Recently we have a proposal to revise the translation but I cannot find where. Can you help? Please ping me when answering. Thanks!

15:45, 12 February 2018

At the moment please request translations on Phabricator.

04:05, 13 February 2018

Please enable Tunica for translation

I'm trying to start translating text for a Tunica-language wikipedia. Here is the required info about the language:

  • ISO 639-3 language code: tun
  • Language name: Tunica – Yoroni (tun)
  • Left-to-right language


23:23, 2 October 2016

Is more information needed? What can I do to make this happen?

16:19, 8 October 2016

I checked Wikipedia and ethnologue and they both say it's a basically dead language with no fluent speakers. This makes me doubt how are you able to translate MediaWiki which contains many technical terms to this language. Is there a standard orthography? We are having troubles with other languages here where there is no standard orthography and then translators are fighting with each other about correct spelling.

14:46, 12 October 2016

I completely understand your skepticism. The language is being revitalized, much like Manx or Cornish have been. There is a standard orthography, a textbook, children's books, and other materials. Information can be found at the University of Hawaii's Catalogue of Endangered Languages (elcat). The revitalization project, of which the Tunica-Biloxi tribe itself is the main driver, continues to gain momentum, and we have several editors up to the task, with over 50 years of combined experience with the language. We're eager to get started on translating.

Thanks so much for your help.

16:39, 14 October 2016

What is the status on this request?

15:39, 8 November 2016

Bumping again. We're busy writing articles in the language on the Tunica incubator wiki. It would be nice to translate the Wikipedia messages that will need to go with it at the same time.

21:20, 21 November 2016

Rejected. Heritage language of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Marksville, Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. There is no benefit in creating this as a UI language. Please focus your efforts on digitizing the language corpus, etc.

12:37, 20 May 2017

There is a great benefit to creating this as a UI language for the students who are learning it. I appreciate the suggestion to focus on "digitizing the corpus, etc." but that has already been done. The comment seems to imply that the language has no current speakers. The page from which the heritage language quote is pulled clearly shows that this is not the case.

Why has Cornish, which also has a small number of L2 speakers and no L1 speakers, been granted not only translatewiki permission but also its own wikipedia page, while Tunica can't even get past this step? If there is a lower limit to the number of L2 speakers that must exist in order for a wikipedia UI to be beneficial, or something else that differentiates Tunica from Cornish, please advise.

I realize that the service offered here isn't vital to the continued revitalization of the Tunica language (nor was it vital to Cornish), but it would be helpful, and it's disappointing that a single sentence in contradiction of everything that's been updated more recently can scuttle approval. If you require more proof that people speak and use this language, I'd be more than happy to provide it. There are people who want to learn in this language, as there are people who want to learn in Cornish. There is no one who speaks Cornish who doesn't also speak English, but this does not mean it wasn't beneficial to create a Cornish Wikipedia. In the same vein, it is indeed beneficial to allow for the creation of a Tunica Wikipedia.

I hope you reconsider your rejection. Additionally, I hope that, as the wheels of bureaucracy gradually turn and more updates are made on the sites of various gatekeepers of language status, it will hopefully become harder for people to find outdated information on the Tunica language that they can use to inappropriately justify rejection of a spoken language for translation.

17:08, 28 September 2017

@Plandu: There may be a good news for you, that the SIL change request 2017-015 is adopted. That request is to change the type from Extinct to Living.

@Nike and Siebrand: Should we reconsider this thread because of this request?

11:02, 10 February 2018

bqi translation rights

please give translation rights to user:beyronvan [1] for bqi inucubator.
best wishes.

05:48, 19 January 2018
Edited by 0 users.
Last edit: 13:13, 27 January 2018

That user isn't exist here, if you email that user to register here, we can approve it, otherwise there's nothing we can do.

13:13, 27 January 2018

this is her new account in translatewiki [1].
please give him translation right.

14:39, 5 February 2018

Is it possible to merge two users?

Hi, For some reason I've got two user accounts on, probably due to a misunderstanding concerning username and a display-name, or even the fact that my display-name contains a special UTF-8 letter.

I'm currently using Sveinn í Felli but my old login was Sveinki. It would be nice (and useful for avoiding misunderstandings) to have this latter account point to the former, or to merge them so that Sveinn í Felli becomes prevailing.

Is this possible?

09:29, 2 February 2018

Yes, this is on TWN, where we are not in the WMF instance, so we can try merging your two accounts.

09:43, 2 February 2018

Can you please do it?

15:12, 2 February 2018

Add support for Western Armenian (hyw)

Edited by author.
Last edit: 22:55, 14 April 2017

As per langcom discussion on WMCON, the code hyw will be requested for w:Western_Armenian and we are sure it will be approved, but only at the earliest in December. But the users would already like to translate into it. Pinging user:Raymond.

13:39, 2 April 2017

The usual information is needed: languages.

13:47, 2 April 2017

Note that on Wikidata: d:User:Nikki/Permanent duplicates#Armenian, where "hy-arevela" used for Eastern and "hy-arevmda" for Western, because of :

Type: variant
Subtag: arevela
Description: Eastern Armenian
Added: 2006-09-18
Prefix: hy
Type: variant
Subtag: arevmda
Description: Western Armenian
Added: 2006-09-18
Prefix: hy
14:06, 2 April 2017

Thank you, we are well aware of this subtag which was introduced as an expedient with the knowledge that a formal language code would be required.

23:38, 2 April 2017

All right,

  • A language code from ISO 639-3 or the Ethnologue website (for example 'de') - hyw [proposed]
  • The language name in English and in its own language (for example 'German – Deutsch (de)') - Western Armenian - արեւմտահայերէն
  • Is the language RTL or LTR (written from right to left or left to right) - LTR
  • If the language is commonly written in more than one script, please say in which script the language should be enabled. Other variants can be enabled as and when translators for those variants volunteer. - Armn only
  • (For MediaWiki) Should the language fall back to another language other than English? If so which? - Fallback should be to hy.
23:36, 2 April 2017

Once the code has been approved, it can be added. For now, this request will be denied.

11:55, 20 May 2017

UPDATE: Amire has submitted, should we agree merging it or not?

13:54, 2 February 2018
A thread, Thread:Support/About Osm:User, was moved from here to Translating talk:OpenStreetMap. This move was made by Liuxinyu970226 (talk | contribs) on 2 February 2018 at 11:52.

Can I use bot here for correcting Javanese incorrect spelling?

I see many Javanese messages with inconsistency on the spelling. I find it is tiring and boring to correct them one by one. Can I use bot here for correcting Javanese incorrect spelling? I've listed some standard terms here.

10:03, 29 January 2018

Yes. You can. Open new account for bot and request bot flag.

14:58, 31 January 2018

Please revert so-called changes by Verdy_p

04:22, 31 January 2018

Localization update not reflected on arwiki

Hi. Is there a delay in localization update? These translations are still not reflected on arwiki although they are merged in the code repository on 18 January.

06:07, 23 January 2018

Yes, there seems to be a problem based on that commit and w:ar:MediaWiki:Revreview-accuracy (which shows the earlier translation), although the server admin log has a line «02:21 l10nupdate@tin: scap sync-l10n completed (1.31.0-wmf.17) (duration: 05m 32s)».

Please file the bug against the deployment project.

14:37, 25 January 2018

Thank you, T186038

19:11, 30 January 2018

MAZI toolkit: new project

Hi all,

We would like to integrate with our project. The project's name is MAZI, the main output of the project is the MAZI toolkit and we would like to translate the software part of the MAZI toolkit.

This is the MAZI project's page in GitHub: and this is the specific repository we would like to translate:

We are in a very active phase of our development and it would be great if we have your support for translating the MAZI portal. We are going to give to translatewiki staff push rights to our repo in order to integrate new translations.

We already support i18n and our files are in yaml format.

Looking forward for your reply about the next steps for the integration of translatewiki and the MAZI toolkit.


16:21, 20 December 2017

Could you point out where the i18n files are in With quick search I only found config.yaml, but i18n strings should be separated from other configuration.

16:28, 20 December 2017

You can find the i18n strings in the locales/ folder

We have prepared the en file for english and the el file (Greek) for testing, translated directly from google translate.

Thanks a lot for your support

16:14, 22 December 2017
        version-message-1: "This Portal is "
        version-message-2: "commits` behind."

Can you use variables? We call these lego messages and they are problematic for proper translations.

        subheader1:  "Description"
        paragraph1:  "Framadate is an open-source and free application like Doodle. It’s easy to create an appointment or a survey without registration to invite your collaborations."
        paragraph2:  "Here is how to works"
        paragraph3:  ""
        paragraph4:  ""
        paragraph5:  ""
        paragraph6:  ""

Can the empty message be filled or removed?

Please also start adding message documentation.

13:30, 29 December 2017

OK we edited the lego messages we had and we now use variables instead.

We also filled the empty messages.

Regarding the message documentation, it is not clear to us what exactly we are supposed to do. Could we have some examples of code to check? Should we create a separate documentation page? Or it is something we can do as soon as have the MAZI project integrated in translatewiki page?

Thank you for supporting us.

15:30, 8 January 2018


could you help us proceed with the integration of the MAZI portal in TranslateWiki?

Which is the next step?

08:45, 30 January 2018

Montenegrin language

Please turn on Montenegrin language so it is available, since an official code has already been obtained (ISO 639-3). Thank you for your consideration. Best regards.

19:02, 24 January 2018
Edited by author.
Last edit: 02:36, 28 January 2018

Like such requests before:

  1. Language code: cnr (ISO 639-2/3);
  2. Language name: Montenegrin – Crnogorski;
  3. Writing direction: LTR;
  4. Script: Latin;
  5. Fallback: Bosnian (bs), see discussions below.
04:41, 25 January 2018

@Freemanmne and Ookuninusi: Can you two please answer the last two questions above?

08:46, 27 January 2018

We want in Latin!

12:57, 27 January 2018

And how about fallback?

13:04, 27 January 2018

Can you explain to me a bit about the backup. I do not understand so much in the translate wiki technique :)

13:31, 27 January 2018

Adding Miraheze

Hello. I am a system administrator at (a free wiki hosting service). I'd like to request that three GitHub repos from ( get added to so that users can translate easier, without having to edit raw JSON files.

10:33, 1 May 2017

We are not sure yet, especially about having enough strings to qualify for

10:50, 1 May 2017

That's possible, but which repositories are you talking about? Just for information, what's the reason they're not hosted in gerrit? (Maybe because they're forks, judging from the descriptions.)

I found [1] and [2] but you need to add the corresponding qqq.json for message documentation. Please also add @translatewiki as user with push access on all repositories you want to add. Let us know when you've done both.

Besides, while you write message documentation you may want to check whether you respect mw:Localisation advice, including for Plural and Gender. For instance I see a message group-confirmed-member without GENDER, which may be expected.

10:55, 1 May 2017

Hello, I am currently collaborating and I am working on the Spanish translations and other languages of the messages of that wiki that are currently processed in the MirahezeMagic extension, I am going to add GENDER to the Spanish translations. I am available for what is needed in this area. Regards.

21:08, 1 May 2017

I have already arranged the GENDER theme in "member" translations. If anything is needed, please let us know. The translations that came by default in the version of MediaWiki in Miraheze are defective in some cases and mostly I can not translate them all to GitHub nor can they be merged. I hope to welcome this request. Regards.

05:44, 18 May 2017

Sounds like we enabled CreateWiki here, as it's the core extension of Miraheze, close this thread as successful?

14:47, 27 January 2018

How to replace wrongly translated spelling of a word appearing in language list for language code anp

It is observed that Angika translation of Angika (Code - anp) is being shown in the language list as अङ्गिका . The same should be written as अंगिका .

I am not getting the right link as to where the spelling can be corrected.

Show me the method to replace wrongly translated spelling of a word appearing in language list. Else change the same from अङ्गिका to अंगिका .

03:12, 1 November 2017

Have you already searched the word in Special:SearchTranslations?

07:43, 1 November 2017

Yes, I have searched the word, अङ्गिका and the same was not found in search results.

You may be interested in viewing the previous activities for the same issue;–_anp#x.7B.7BLanguageHeader.7Canp.7D.7D_6810

10:24, 1 November 2017

Can you specify which language list are you talking about?

12:03, 1 November 2017

Everywhere in Default Language Lists of Suggested Languages on, MediaWiki, Wikipedia Incubator and all other sister projects of Angika (anp) in Incubator.

20:50, 1 November 2017

As FAQ#Language_names stated, this should be fixed at CLDR.

14:38, 27 January 2018
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