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Username change017:12, 24 September 2020
Someone please revert my last few 50+ edits to British English MediaWiki massages208:02, 23 September 2020
GRAMMAR for Rusyn201:15, 22 September 2020
{{int:Lang}}118:09, 20 September 2020
Translating namespaces (MediaWiki)307:05, 18 September 2020
Make Osm:Browse.common_details.coordinates_html, Osm:Browse.note.coordinates_html and Osm:Diary_entries.location.coordinates optional314:56, 17 September 2020
names of languages (gcr) and (hyw) in French410:54, 17 September 2020
Immediate export to GitHub repo request114:21, 16 September 2020
Rename my account517:05, 14 September 2020
Please block Moon0319014:05, 13 September 2020
Catalan language111:34, 13 September 2020
REDIRECT417:56, 12 September 2020
Request for renaming a namespace1617:30, 12 September 2020
FUDForum repo synchronisation215:43, 10 September 2020
Adding Skin:Medik to the list of projects015:19, 7 September 2020
Mediawiki:Blocked-notice-logextract/fr and Mediawiki:Sp-contributions-blocked-notice/fr219:42, 2 September 2020
MediaWiki Visualeditor tooltips (Slovenian)115:57, 27 August 2020
User:Nguyễn Mạnh An022:41, 20 August 2020
Request for a new language: Obolo (Andoni) [ann]1004:00, 18 August 2020
Please block はまのまさと and たなはしひろし210:48, 15 August 2020
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Username change

Hi, can I request a username change to stonecy, please? Thank you.

Grkn gll (talk)17:12, 24 September 2020

Someone please revert my last few 50+ edits to British English MediaWiki massages

I recently made more than 50 and less than 100 edits to British English MediaWiki messages, because I accidentally did not notice that my translation language was set to British English. Sorry! Would someone be able to revert all my recent edits to British English MediaWiki messages? Just check my contribs to see them.

Heahwrita (talk)07:20, 23 September 2020

Done, thank you for asking promptly.

Nemo (talk)07:24, 23 September 2020

Many thanks.

Heahwrita (talk)08:02, 23 September 2020

GRAMMAR for Rusyn

Hello! Would it be possible to create GRAMMAR files for Rusyn (rue) please? So far I've only seen it with project names. Wikipedia is the only project in Rusyn (except for translatewiki and Wiktionary in Incubator) - please let me know if it would be preferable to just use the word for Wikipedia instead of SITENAME then. Here is the declension for Wikipedia:

default nominative form: Вікіпедія

genitive: Вікіпедії

dative: Вікіпедії

accusative: Вікіпедію

instrumental: Вікіпедіёв

locative: Вікіпедії

Thank you!

Tkalyn (talk)10:54, 18 September 2020

Is that grammar enough documented (e.g. in Rusyn Wiktionnary or a relevant article that can be reviewed? or some reliable sources?) Declensions are frequently complex and have many exceptions, it's not easy to formalize it it a simple automated function without lot of data and it's not always just a word list because there are also usages, and complex mutations depending on the context and not a single isolated word). That's the same for the complex rules related to transliterations and conflicting orthographic conventions even in the same script (see for example Belarusian). That wiki is not the place where this can be developed: Phabricator would be a more appropriate place to track the project and the plan the efforts needed or evaluate the first proposed solutions (which will almost allways be partial and not working to cover all cases). Human languages are complex, they have a complex history and borrow lot of exceptions from other related languages and social interactions that evolved over the history of peoples and their migrations or invasions (aggressive or progressive). When a language becomes used only as a minority (this is the case of Rusyn) there are no longer strong rules, many forms that would have seemed first as being incorrect become standard, and people forget their historic language or develop new variants which may become divergent with lack of mutual understanding or that cause conflicts of interests.

Verdy p (talk)19:36, 18 September 2020

Hello, there are normative Rusyn grammars that we use in the project, that contain declension information. In this specific case, the word for "Wikipedia" can only have the forms listed. Any other words would also have a limited number of forms. I don't know if there are even any other words that would be needed since I've only encountered grammar being used with SITENAME.

Tkalyn (talk)01:15, 22 September 2020


Edited by author.
Last edit: 18:09, 20 September 2020

Why does not ⧼Lang⧽ displayed correctly?

Pseudo Classes (talk)10:21, 20 September 2020

Yes We know. There's no support on this wiki.

  • missing code in the Mediawiki hook implementing the "int:" namespace, so it just performs normal lookup of subpages in "MediaWiki:Lang/*" that would need to be created just to contain the same language code used in the subpagename; these pages are not present and maintaining them is long and not efficient; as these resources are not found, all you get is this fallback static text: ⧼Lang⧽
  • no other way to get it from one of the extensions with a custom magickeyword
  • no way to get it from Lua as Scribunto is not installed.

This just means that the rendering (and caching) local pages on this wiki never depend on the current user language (they just depend eventually on the current time or some statistics available about this site with other magic keywords, forcing these pages to expire in caches sooner, and be parsed again). As this wiki runs on a small server, may be this is wanted, however the wiki has many extensions loaded, some of them being very costly (and useless for now, like SemanticMediaWiki which causes troubles). Still there are some contents that are sensitive to the user language, such as statistic graphics shown on "portal:" pages. That's very strange for a wiki that is supposed to be opened to user languages and that promotes translation and translatability, it is not making itself a good demonstration of how the work we do to translate the various projects (including Mediawiki) can also be useful for this site (a Mediawiki-based wiki). This forbids making some local tests: things get translated here, then exported later, imported in other wikis where bugs are noticed, then corrected here (may be) or locally on the target wiki (with overrides, that will then be protected by admins to avoid them to be rewritten by the imports, and finally all work made here or any changes are no longer imported on the target wikis). This causes a break in the translation work cycle, for Mediawiki or for all hosted projects, unless these hosted projects all have a live demo site showing the result early before feeding the actual projects. anyway this lack of {{int:Lang}} has no severe impact on this wiki as there is very few contents outside the translate UI for projects, the portals. And there's almost no article or help page or templates to translate here: all portals are almost monolingual, the only multilingual part is the support page where each posted message is threaded in separate pages in their own language used directly by each sending user (and not translated automatically, users will post add the necessary translations manually below). The portals are just posting lists of links (possibly to other sites) with few details, and this wiki remains small. Verdy p (talk) 13:28, 20 September 2020 (UTC)

Verdy p (talk)13:28, 20 September 2020

Translating namespaces (MediaWiki)

MediaWiki: Romanian: Please translate "Gadget" to "Gadget", "Gadget talk" to "Discuție Gadget", "Gadget definition" to "Definiție gadget", "Gadget definition talk" to "Discuție Definiție gadget" "Campaign" to "Campanie" and "Campaign talk" to "Discuție Campanie".

NGC 54 (talk)09:42, 17 September 2020

For the Gadget extension: The upper/lower cases look a bit inconsistent. Could you confirm this pls?

$namespaceNames['ro'] = [
	NS_GADGET => 'Gadget',
	NS_GADGET_TALK => 'Discuție_Gadget',
	NS_GADGET_DEFINITION => 'Definiție_gadget',
	NS_GADGET_DEFINITION_TALK => 'Discuție_Definiție_gadget',

Campaign is part of the UploadWizard extension. Currently no way to localize the namespace, see Phab:T134078

Raymond13:44, 17 September 2020

I confirm.

NGC 54 (talk)15:41, 17 September 2020

Thanks. Patch committed waiting for review.

Raymond07:05, 18 September 2020

Make Osm:Browse.common_details.coordinates_html, Osm:Browse.note.coordinates_html and Osm:Diary_entries.location.coordinates optional

Their documentations (common_details, note, diary_entries) say “Leave untranslated to use the default for ‘en’.” This sounds much like optional messages.

Tacsipacsi (talk)09:22, 17 September 2020

THe description may be just an indication. In my opinion it is superfluous indication, as all translatable messages use "en" for their default, as long as they are not translated. Note translating them is still a bad idea: it's still best to confirm that the English term is actually the one used for "coordinates", which is obviously not correct in all non-Latin languages and most Latin-written languages that have their own word (even if it's an orthographic variant). E.g. in French, "coordinates" would look wrong, we want "coordonnées"...

Optional messages are for things whose translation is not needed for common users, e.g.

  • messages in technical logs, mostly intended for being reported to a bug maintainer, and not directly part of the UI (even if you can see them by pressing a "Detailed" button, or if they occur on the middle of log files containing many untranslated items such as fragment of code, track traces, encoded values in hexadecimal or compressed bitfields, locale-neutral timestamps, CPU/resource usage, objects/classes names, API names...
  • or if they are about messages only seen by a few authorized admins of the service; or just a few users choosing to use an "advanced mode" or participating in "beta tests".
  • or if they are about transitory messages that won't last for long, waiting for another solution to be finalized and deployed.
  • this also concerns many untranslatable names like brands (which are often restricted in the number of translations that they registered for specific markets) or people names (if they have several public identities for specific markets or specific uses such as romanizations of Chinese people name, which are not easily transliterable unless these people transliterated these names themselves and registered them to get some valid status for their travels abroad or their international business).
Verdy p (talk)12:35, 17 September 2020

I think you misunderstood what these messages are about. They don’t translate the word “coordinates” (which should be translatable, as it’s likely to be different in other languages), but just the comma separator—just like MediaWiki:comma-separator from MediaWiki core, which is optional.

Tacsipacsi (talk)14:04, 17 September 2020


Nike (talk)14:56, 17 September 2020

names of languages (gcr) and (hyw) in French


The name of Guianian Creole (gcr) in French is "créole guyanais" ([1]). The name of Western Armenian (hyw) in French is "arménien occidental" ([2]). Currently, the names of the languages on the links from the french wikipedia to wikipedia in these languages is displayed in English. Can you please insert the French names above? Otherwise, please point me to the relevant support board. This request was deemed out of their scope by CLDR [3].

GrandEscogriffe (talk)18:35, 14 September 2020

C'est déjà bon maintenant en français pour les noms affichés sur les portails de ce wiki et la description des catégories (voir Portal:gcr et Portal:hyw).

Pour l'arménien oriental, pour l'instant il est groupé sous le code de macro-langue "hy" (arménien sans précision, l'arménien oriental restant utilisé par défaut si pas de traduction en arménien occidental, qui est de création plus récente)

Pour traduire les "#language:" (mot-clé magique de Mediawiki), ça se passe ailleurs (dans la base de données CLDR des noms de langues pour BCP 47, et sinon dans la localisation de MediaWiki lui-même en attendant, à demander aux admins développeurs de Mediawiki et chargés du déploiement sur les sites Wikimedia qui peuvent définir des surcharges spécifiques à Wikimedia y compris pour des codes non conformes à BCP 47). Ce n'est pas fait ici, hormi pour quelques projets qui proposent de traduire ces noms dans certaines unités de traduction correspondant à leurs besoins propres! pour faire la demande à Wikimedia, aller sur Phabricator, il sera décidé ensuite si cela va dans Mediawiki ou seulement dans un patch spécifique de déploiement interne pour les wikis de Wikimedia (et pas forcément tous non plus: le patch peut aussi être intégré dans des modules PHP spécifiques à chaque wiki, par les admins de chaque wiki ayant le droit modifier ces fichiers de ressources PHP qui modifient le comportement par défaut de Mediawiki, lequel s'appuie uniquement sur les imports de CLDR, donc sur les votes des participants sur la plateforme d'Unicode).

Sans intervention des admins de chaque wiki, la solution la plus rapide est d'utiliser un modèle wiki local qui, comme ici, va utiliser #language: en dernier ressort (fallback par défaut) pour les paires de codes de langues non pris en charge par le modèle lui-même. un tel modèle wiki ne demande pas de demande spéciale, mais il est à faire accepter par les communautés de chaque wiki. Sur Wikimedia Commons ce n'est pas un modèle wiki mais un module Lua qui vient surcharger le mot-clé "#language" (puisqu'il faut très longtemps pour faire approuver un nom dans CLDR (des années...) puis ensuite l'importer dans Mediawiki, le déployer dans une version et permettre l'adaptation des modules PHP ou Lua existants et éventuellement nettoyer plus tard les modèle wiki (une fois passé l'accord de la communauté locale du wiki qui peut vouloir conserver les surcharges selon les usages au moins pour éviter de casser des liens vers des noms de pages dépendant de #language, ou du code PHP local, ou de modèles ou modules locaux).

Changer un nom de langue déjà utilisé sur un "gros" wiki n'est pas évident, d'autant que les langues ont de nombreux noms synonymes ou alias, et que les articles et pages peuvent regrouper plusieurs langues ou dialectes dans le même article (différentes sections) ou des articles différents: cette décision est communautaire, et que la classification des langues , variantes et dialectes est évolutive et pas définitive et qu'on découvre des tas d'homonymes et noms ambigus dont la désambiguisation est spécifique à chaque wiki en fonction de son contenu local. Et il y a souvent des controverses sur des tas de noms de langues minoritaires selon l'usage (vernaculaire ou scientifique/technique/systématique), la géopolitique, ou les besoins courants (où on abrège souvent...). Sur les wikis de Wikimedia, les noms doivent respecter une règle de neutralité et de consensus parfois dur à obtenir quand une même langue a des noms "officiels" mutliples (selon le gouvernement, le régime, ou l'entité politique ou sociale et leur perception du contexte historique). Même sur CLDR, on a du mal à trouver les consensus nécessaires à tout changement. Des débats animent aussi l'ISO concernant les noms dans la norme ISO 639, et à l'iETF concernant les noms dans la base IANA des sous-labels pour BCP 47.... Les débats n'en finissent plus si on veut satisfaire tout le monde, alors autant obtenir un consensus local réduit à un seul wiki (qui pourra s'appuyer sur l'usage local dans le wiki lui-même et faire des "mesures" pour voir si ça vaut le coup de changer un nom ou changer une orthographe dans des langues où il n'y a pas d'orthographe officielle ou bien où il y a plusieurs autorités académiques qui ne s'entendent pas entre elles, comme on le voit même en anglais, en chinois ou en espagnol)..

Verdy p (talk)00:56, 15 September 2020
Raymond12:27, 16 September 2020

You ask me to review it in GerritWikimedia, I've replied to the notification I received by mail, but GerritWikimedia fails to login me: I have an account, it was created, I have tried resetting the password, it worked, but then the logon screen rejects the logon/password (visibly it has a bug if it does not accept the underscore in my user name, even if it created the account with it!)

Anyway I can reply here that your patch (for LanguageFr.php in Mediawiki's localisation files) looks good for me (from the diff displayed).

You may include a link in Gerrit showing this talk thread with my review here, if you did not receive my reply by mail after the notification I received, or you can copy-paste the previous paragraph.

Verdy p (talk)13:39, 16 September 2020

The patch was reviewed and submitted a few minutes ago. Should go live on Wikipedias & Co next week.

Raymond10:54, 17 September 2020

Immediate export to GitHub repo request

? This issue is unconfirmed, still to be investigated

Hey, I was wondering, is it possible to have an expedited export for newly translated (to Farsi) strings in Translating:DiscordWikiBot? We finished translations two hours after the Monday export schedule, and we really need them by tomorrow. Thanks.

Arian Talk18:40, 14 September 2020

Sorry, I did not see this message earlier. I have done an export now, anyway.

Nike (talk)14:21, 16 September 2020

Rename my account

Hello, please rename my account Zoranzoki21 to Kizule for consistency, as I've requested it already on "metawiki".

Also rename Zoranzoki21-Bot to KizuleBot for same reasons.

Best regards, Zoran.

Zoranzoki21 (talk)12:46, 12 September 2020

For security reasons, I want to confirm request via this account, that this is my bot account.

Best regards, Zoran

Zoranzoki21-Bot (talk)12:47, 12 September 2020

Done Done for both accounts.

Raymond16:48, 13 September 2020

Thank you Raymond. But, I've found that L10N-bot added in .json files new username (example). Should I remove my old one from these files?

Kizule (talk)10:11, 14 September 2020

Hi Kizule, I think that was an expected behaviour. Removing your previous username is not necessary. A lot of work if you want to do it by yourself....

Raymond14:10, 14 September 2020

Okay, thanks! I'll leave everything as is. :)

Kizule (talk)17:05, 14 September 2020

Please block Moon0319

A thread, Thread:Support/Please block Moon0319, was moved from here to Portal talk:Yue. This move was made by Nemo bis (talk | contribs) on 13 September 2020 at 14:05.

Catalan language

Can someone please revert three of the translations I made to the Catalan language project? I mistook it for the ckb project and I couldn't revert it on my own. Thanks in advance!

Épine (talk)20:45, 12 September 2020

Done Done Deleted. And thanks for the info.

Raymond11:34, 13 September 2020

Please tell me where to fix "#дӀасахьажор" into English #REDIRECT?

Умар (talk)08:34, 9 August 2020

You should specify first which user language you specified, or in which wiki locale this occurred (which language code?)

Verdy p (talk)10:49, 9 August 2020 - Chechen Wikipedia.

Умар (talk)15:17, 10 August 2020
Shirayuki (talk)01:48, 16 August 2020

It is possible to change it for magic keywords, but with consensus from major wikis in that language (I suppose it is mostly used in Chechen Wikipedia, but consult as well any existing users in Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikinews or Wikiquotes if they have projects (including possible beta projects in Incubator).

In all cases, preserve the English term as one of the valid (and reserved) alias. You certainly don't want to break many redirecting pages or force all the wiki to be reindexed for something that is purely technical and invisible in rendered pages, only visible in the wikieditor; and as well wikieditors must be updated, including bots like Pywikimedia to reflect the change: many bots won't stop immediately and won't update as soon as you make the change, and not all your wiki editors may be aware of that change even if it is announced on some pages or talk spaces where it will be visible for a short time after various other topics).

Even for very common namespaces like "Template:" or "Image:" or "File:" or "Category:", these are kept as permanent aliases even if they may be translated (unlike the "#REDIRECT" magic keywords, the namespaces are made visible in the UI at top of pages as a preferred title). so every change on these must be performed by small steps while preserving the compatibility (and it's not really needed to make tons of edits for these common keywords, it just disturbs all users with many notifications or mail sent for such massive edits without any other more meaningful changes: this can be changed incrementally later by manual edits; bots may be used only if a measurement is taken first to see if this concerns pages that are difficult to find). And even before editing pages, the first fixes to apply will be to templates generating these tokens and transcluding them (but be careful before changing that on a template, you must have tested it in non-transcluded pages to see that this works and see if existing wikieditors are correctly handling the situation on these few pages: be aware that the initial talk to put this change may be rapidly reverted if too many users complain : you'll need to use pedagogy and prepare some help page to summarize the argument and what may be changed and what may be delayed).

Verdy p (talk)17:56, 12 September 2020

Request for renaming a namespace

Edited by another user.
Last edit: 01:34, 10 January 2020

I would like to request renaming of the Template namespace on the Wikimedia projects available in Macedonian, namely Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wiktionary and Wikibooks, from "Шаблон" to "Предлошка" but still keep the redirects from "Template" and "Шаблон". The community on the Macedonian Wikipedia pays careful attention on the use of puristic terminology and therefore avoids or limits the extent to which words of foreign origin are used. While "шаблон" as a term derived from the German "Schablone" has been accommodated in the Macedonian language for a long time, the dictionary does also contain "предлошка" as a word of Slavic origin with exactly the same meaning. Importantly, this is not going to be the first case a Slavic language makes the use of this term, as the same namespace on the Croatian- and Slovene-language projects bears a variety of the same word (e.g. "Predložak" in Croatian, "Predloga" in Slovene). It is also not the first time a request for renaming a namespace on the Macedonian-language projects is filed after the File and Special namespaces had been renamed for the same puristic reason in the past. Thanks in advance.

Yes. We need to make this change as soon as possible. This needs the attention of @Siebrand:
Kiril Simeonovski (talk)10:06, 2 January 2020

Makes general sense, I can do it. Just to be extra-sure, do you have something like a community discussion about this?

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)15:59, 17 January 2020

Hello, Amir. Yes, the matter has been discussed by the most active editors, and we have had an agreement on it. The discussions however, took palce on meetings outside the wiki itself. Hope that's good enough. By the way, we already changed the interface via translatewiki here, so it says Предлошка everywhere and everyone's fine with it.

B. Jankuloski (talk)20:16, 19 January 2020

OK, I see. I'll do it.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)14:46, 21 January 2020

And also this: 'TemplateSandbox' => [ 'ШаблонскиПесочник' ],

ПесочникПредлошки? ПредлоскиПесочник? Both are probably wrong :)

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)21:00, 21 January 2020

What will be the name for the "Templаte talk" namespace? "Разговор за предлошка"?

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)20:53, 21 January 2020

Yes. Exactly "Разговор за предлошка". Thank you a lot, Amir!

B. Jankuloski (talk)20:55, 21 January 2020

I also need new translations for these:

  • 'ExpandTemplates' => [ 'ПрошириШаблони' ],
  • 'Mostlinkedtemplates' => [ 'НајупотребуваниШаблони' ],
  • 'Uncategorizedtemplates' => [ 'НекатегоризираниШаблони' ],
  • 'Unusedtemplates' => [ 'НеискористениШаблони' ],
  • 'Wantedtemplates' => [ 'ПотребниШаблони' ],

I guess that it's:

  • 'ExpandTemplates' => [ 'ПрошириПредлошки' ],
  • 'Mostlinkedtemplates' => [ 'НајупотребуваниПредлошки' ],
  • 'Uncategorizedtemplates' => [ 'НекатегоризираниПредлошки' ],
  • 'Unusedtemplates' => [ 'НеискористениПредлошки' ],
  • 'Wantedtemplates' => [ 'ПотребниПредлошки' ],

But please verify.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)20:57, 21 January 2020

Yes, all of them are correct.

B. Jankuloski (talk)00:42, 22 January 2020

OK, and the last one:

'TemplateSandbox' => [ 'ШаблонскиПесочник' ],
Amir E. Aharoni (talk)07:23, 22 January 2020

Hi, the matter was not discussed on wiki, but several editors agreed on this change. This is not OK without general discussion and without consulting language specialist. Regards.

Violetova (talk)15:57, 8 February 2020

Romanian: Please translate "Gadget" to "Gadget", "Gadget talk" to "Discuție Gadget", "Campaign" to "Campanie" and "Campaign talk" to "Discuție Campanie".

NGC 54 (talk)16:09, 12 September 2020

@NGC 54: Not the correct talk thread. You speak about Romanian [ro] (written in the Latin script), this thread is about Macedonian [mk] (written in the Cyrillic script).

So start a new talk thread, don't mix the topics please.

Verdy p (talk)17:29, 12 September 2020

FUDForum repo synchronisation

The FUDforum repository (group out-fudforum) changed from SourceForge to GitHub. Can you please change the synchronisation accordingly?

OLD: svn:// NEW:

Best regards. Frank

Frank (talk)15:58, 31 August 2020

Done. Next update will be to github.

Nike (talk)07:22, 10 September 2020

Excellent, thank you Nike!

Frank (talk)15:43, 10 September 2020

Adding Skin:Medik to the list of projects

Hello, I would like to add mw:Skin:Medik to the list of projects.

  • The skin is hosted on
  • The skin has a master release policy, i.e. only master branch is used for commits / PRs.
  • I already have a Phabricator account.

Thanks in advance!

Slepi (talk)15:19, 7 September 2020

Mediawiki:Blocked-notice-logextract/fr and Mediawiki:Sp-contributions-blocked-notice/fr


These two messages support the magic word GENDER:, it’s written in the /qqq and it works fine in the French Wikipedia (where they are hardcoded for the moment: [1] [2]), but for some reason they are marked as !!FUZZY!! and the magic words keep getting reverted (ping Gomoko).

Could someone fix this?

Thibaut (talk)12:51, 2 September 2020

German uses GENDER for these messages too without problems. Maybe Gomoko can explain his/her edits?

Raymond14:56, 2 September 2020

Most probably this is because the original English message makes no reference to any variable. Then the "Fuzzybot" changes what is edited and marks it as fuzzy, as if we forgot to remove a reference to an older variable (whose name or ordering would have changed in past versions.

This can only be fixed if the English version makes an explicit reference to {{GENDER:$1|}} even if it is empty in its second parameter or contains a single text (which will be still displayed independently of the variable.

The fact that a variable is marked as "supported" by the underlying app or in the "/qqq" doc page is not enough. Such variable should be present in the source message, even if its value is not used in English or does not change anything.

I tried to use the GENDER there too, I got the same behavior. I don't kwno why it works in German (may the German version was validated BEFORE FuzzyBot makes this check, and not modified since, so FuyzzyBot sees no reason to change it after edit if there's no edit at all.

Note: I note that the German version is *alsoù marked now as fuzzy (even if did not change since 2015. The source English message also did not change since 2010).

Or may be the German version was not created by using the normal Translate UI or the normal wiki editor, but by an admin-only tool (such as ReplaceText) whuich can bypass any action made silently by FuyzzyBot or any other deployed hook for Mediawiki on this wiki (this tool makes direct access to the underlying data store, nothing is checked, that's why this tool is reserved to admins only). In summary, ask to the maintainer of the English version to include this variable in the source, even if its value does not change the generated message.

So this can only be caused by a new rule added in FuzzyBot, making SILENT edits (invisible in the history log of the edited pages): Click the "Edit" link on any page. Don't change anything, save the page as is: Noting will be reported in the history log of the page, but FuzzyBot performs changes (it never even adds any tag for the pages that it marks as "FUZZY". Most probably, the "!!FUZZY!!" mark is not even part of the wikitext, but saved as a separate status, it only becomes visible in the wiki editor where it is automatically prepended to the wiki text in the input form.

Each time you press the "Save changes" button in the Translate tool or the wiki editor, there's some hook on this wiki which allows Fuzzybot to check if "!!FUZZYBOT!!" is still present at started (it is silently removed from the actual wikitext, but the fuzzy statis is kept to be set) otherwise Fuzzybot parses the edited text and compares it to the source text, to detect placeholders: if there's any mismatch (notably references to variables that are not part of the source text, it forces the "fuzzy" status. But no change will be really made to the wikitext which is still saved as is (so there's nothing visible in the page's history). Still the status is applied and kept in a specific separate data table of the local database (this table is not part of the core Mediawiki engine).

This really means that

  • But really the English source message should be updated to explicitly contain a reference (even a dummy one) to the "GENDER" magic keyword and to the "$1" placeholder. This requires action by MediaWiki developers to reimport a new version of the English source message to this wiki.
  • This is also another bug in the Translate tool : FuzzyBot makes silent modifications and is not auditable. Only some admin can use admin tools to remove these incorrect status inside the SQL store. This requires action by developers of Fuzzybot for the Translate tool (notably a way to list additional supported variables or magic keywords that can be used in translated messages even if they are not present in the source message, and a modification of the UI for the Translate interface so that it can list these supported placeholders/variables, and some additions to properly tag the syntax to parse the source and target message: Mediawiki / PHP/ C /C++ printf formats/ Java / Javascript I18n/ etc. ? or other flags like restrictions on some forbidden characters, or case folding/normalization, or some custom regexps for filtering whitelisted or blacklisted text fragments, and other options similar to those used in online translate tools for .po/.pot files used in many opensource projects, or other common formats like resource bundles in java, XML-based formats, HTML with a way to associate them with pluggable parsers...)

Two bugs in one (but 3 separate actions to fix it by different admins, plus an admin action on each target wikis where the translated message will be imported) !

  • For now, a local admin on this wiki must use "Replacetext" or some similar SQL tool to remove the status (we know that admins on this wiki have lot of work and have a long list of reported problems they don't fix, including those related to incorrect permanent lokcs left by the "SemanticMediawiki" extension in many categories). Normal users cannot set this status with the existing UI. They just see the result because what is visible is not what they edited and saved themselves.
Verdy p (talk)19:11, 2 September 2020

MediaWiki Visualeditor tooltips (Slovenian)


I'm looking for translations of MediaWiki buttons for insertion of special objects to translate them to Slovenian and can't locate them.

I'd need help with the following:

  • Chemical formula
  • Map
  • Graph

Thank you!

Eleassar (talk)09:23, 26 August 2020
  • chemical formula and more from the Math extension
  • graph and more from the Graph extension
  • map and more from the Kartographer extension
Raymond15:57, 27 August 2020

User:Nguyễn Mạnh An

Today, in the four minutes between 12:39 and 12:42, User:Nguyễn Mạnh An, who apparently is a recent Vietnamese user, reviewed and approved the translation of about 400 or 500 messages to Portuguese. Does anyone know or understand why?

Hamilton Abreu (talk)22:41, 20 August 2020

Request for a new language: Obolo (Andoni) [ann]

Please can someone enable localizations for Obolo language, and also grant me the right to translate. The ISO 639-3 code is ann.

Katelem (talk)23:44, 22 June 2020

I made the correct page Portal:Ann and prepared the code for its classification.

Still, I did not enable the language (I cannot do it myself).

Verdy p (talk)05:18, 26 June 2020

Thank you. But what am I supposed to do now? Can you please contact someone who can do it, or is it already at their table for action?

Katelem (talk)20:22, 27 June 2020

Wait for an admin to enable the translation. When this is done the "disabled" warning message can be removed from the few pages related to this language. Note that I have also updated the page listing Languages by language family, by expanding the sections for African languages (it is still incomplete, but your language is listed properly in its group). I maintain this page in sync so that it lists and organizes all languages. Languages are also sorted by script, countries (with official status if it applies).

All scripts that are usable on this wiki are those listed in ISO 15924 that are not shown in red (blocked as it is special, or still not encoded in Unicode) or orange (still no known Unicode font to support it, usually a script encoded in Unicode should have at least one font in the "Noto" family, or the script was recently encoded and open fonts are still in development and rarely there will be other free fonts conforming to Unicode to support the script and this wiki requires Unicode support and correct coverage in a free font to support the languages written with it).

Verdy p (talk)22:47, 27 June 2020

Ok. Thanks.

Katelem (talk)00:29, 29 June 2020

This is now enabled.

For example, you can start translating MediaWiki to Obolo at

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)08:03, 1 July 2020

I just removed the "disabled language" notices in the portal and related categories (@Amir E. Aharoni except one which is unexpectedly "locked while there are pending changes", but this is locked since several days and the lock has been kept even if the job queue is empty, so I cannot edit it to remove this notice in; this is a bug of this wiki, inside the Semantic extension which sometimes forgets some delayed jobs).

Verdy p (talk)12:07, 8 July 2020

Can someone help look into this issue: I've been checking on it but it's not been enabled since then. It still shows "disabled".

CC: @Amir E. Aharoni and @Verdi p


Katelem (talk)14:09, 19 July 2020

As I already said above, this page is locked since its initial creation because of a bug. It cannot be edited to remove the notice.

Only a site admin may be able to fix it using an admin tool (It was said they should edit the page using the "ReplaceText" extension, which forced changeing the page content, but requires making an actual change). I cannot test if this solution works (various people on other wikis have said that even this solution was not always removing this lock; and the "ReplaceText" extension is dangerous; it's not accessible on this wiki except by site admins themselves)

This is a known bug of SemanticMetaWiki (which sets an incorrect status on the page without creating the necessary job in the job queue to remove this status once the job has run), signaled since long, not solved.

I cannot do anything.

This is occuring in some other category pages as well (each time when adding/removing a category); and it occurs randomly in an unpredictable way (even on a new page created once and never edited later, this lock may remain). SemanticMediWiki (not Mediawiki) is the cause of this bug.

Verdy p (talk)15:05, 2 August 2020

Thank you for taking the time to explain. I believe the admin will be working on it. I have noticed that Obolo and Andoni is used simultaneously on the page. I'm just wondering if that may not have contributed to the bug. How about using just "Obolo" (preferred, denonym) or just "Andoni" (alternate, exonym) for uniformity.

Katelem (talk)14:22, 17 August 2020

The page displays first the language name translated in the current user language, then the language name in itself ("autonym"), if it's different. The autonym comes from the name currently displayed in the linked English Wikipedia article (may be it's one of the aliases for this autonym).

There's no distinction between denonym or exonym. Names in English normally come from Glottolog. Other names are translations (possibly found in Wikidata from the linked Wikipedia article: this article is checked to make sure it refers precisely to this language and not just to a group of related languages as it happens sometimes, so Wikidata is also checked to see if it refers to the expected ISO 639 code with the correct distinction).Translations are user contributed in Wikidata, or are fed from the CLDR data veting process (where it exists, it is used as the preferred name, but I also check at list of references in Glottolog and The Linguist List; sometimes these sources do not agree as there are collections of papers written at different dates by linguists publishing from different countries and in different languages; there are also frequent difference of orthographies for the same target translation language). So I cannot conclude if "Andoni" is or is no the preferred "autonym", all I can say is that the preferred English name is "Obolo", and that "Andoni" is also frequently found and used; both are then displayed in the English portal here (not just the supposed "autonym").

It is then categorized in a category which is named according to the current name in English (the preferred one displayed in Glottolog). In the page of languages by family name, there's a long list of languages with known aliases (also listed in Glottolog): some of the aliases are in fat for local dialects; when these dislects are recognized they are listed separately as subitems in that list, otherwise they are treated as aliases). I don't know what is a "denonym", you probably mean "endonym" (by opposition to "exonym"), or "demonym"/"ethnonym", which is a related but different concept related to people (in ethnology) and not the language(s) they speak (they can speak several one, including in forms of diglossia depending with whom they are speaking, or in some context like in cultural/religious/formal events if there are other auditors or if they want to be understood by more people). For the case that it shows "disabled", this is signlaed to admins here since weeks. This is also signaled as a bug to authors of "SemanticMetaWiki" that don't propose any solution (and have refused to develop a script to fix the database with a support script that site admins could use). They only propose something that may solve this incorrect lock (but requires using a dangerous tool that is only available to site admins). They've not isolated the bug that can occur at any time.

This bug is there in SemanticMediawiki since years, commented many times. Closed several times incorrectly as being "unreproductible" (even if it is easily found and it continues to be reported by site admins of multiple wikis, not just this one. This leaves the question: is SemanticMediawiki a reasonable extension to keep on this wiki ? My opinion is that it just breaks this wiki that does not even have any productful use of SemanticMediawiki. It could live without it, replacing it with Wikibase or a client interface to Wikidata to manage some custom properties or perform structured queries on an RDF database. For now SmenaticMediawiki just breaks the basic feature of Mediawiki and it behaves badly. It's causing more harm for no benefit at all.

Verdy p (talk)03:47, 18 August 2020

Please block はまのまさと and たなはしひろし

Please block User:はまのまさと and User:たなはしひろし in vandalism only accounts.

See 不正アクセス証拠書類 and other edits.

はまのまさと was blocked on by me. Then, they repeated personal attacks here.

Shirayuki (talk)22:22, 14 August 2020

Both accounts blocked.

Raymond08:29, 15 August 2020

Thank you.

Shirayuki (talk)10:48, 15 August 2020
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