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Rōmaji417:07, 25 September 2021
Switching the fallback language of the Chavacano Wikipedia016:21, 25 September 2021
Too long MediaWiki titles021:57, 24 September 2021
Request to change ပအိုဝ်ႏ name109:56, 24 September 2021
New language request for Pa'O (blk)212:30, 23 September 2021
Typo306:58, 23 September 2021
Name of the namespaces of lombard language107:33, 19 September 2021
Ukrainian FreeCol319:05, 17 September 2021
Text (Phab:T291147)215:17, 17 September 2021
Logentry-removepii-action doesn't support {{GENDER}}?012:28, 16 September 2021
Inactive User021:04, 14 September 2021
Changing the message018:22, 14 September 2021
New languages803:39, 11 September 2021
Rename113:15, 5 September 2021
Editing English translations113:13, 5 September 2021
Eglathrin|Sindarin|sjn113:34, 31 August 2021
"You do not have permission to edit this page"209:40, 30 August 2021
translate but dont translate !417:23, 29 August 2021
Rename mijn account / Rename my account105:56, 29 August 2021
Request for adding/enabling new language: ISO 639-3 sje (bidumsámegiella, Pite Saami)811:40, 26 August 2021
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I would like to translate in rōmaji but I don't know the code...

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)15:28, 18 September 2021

To Japanese in Romaji? It's not possible at the moment. To whom will it be useful?

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)14:15, 22 September 2021

The same motivations for hif-latn. I think that would be useful to the people who only speaks japanese and can't read kanas, kanjis, kokukujis.

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)08:09, 23 September 2021

But Latin is the main script for Fiji Hindi (at least in the Wikimedia world; I'm not sure about books or other websites).

But Japanese is not normally written in Latin, except in textbooks. The MediaWiki UI is usually not used as a textbook.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)15:55, 23 September 2021

Read this.

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)17:07, 25 September 2021

Switching the fallback language of the Chavacano Wikipedia

Is there a possibility that the fallback language of the Chavacano Wikipedia be switched to English? (I note that a previous request had been made in 2009: Though a Spanish creole, most speakers of Chavacano cannot understand Spanish (like most people in the Philippines), hence, many messages that have not been translated would be incomprehensible for those who speak Chavacano and may discourage people from editing. This Wikipedia is largely inactive.

WikiEditor50 (talk)16:21, 25 September 2021

Too long MediaWiki titles

In the box, I noticed how one name went over the edges of the box. Is it possible to fix this? (Mifos:X-validation.msg.loanproduct.isLinkedToFloatingInterestRates.supported.only.for.declining.balance.interest.recalculation.enabled/uk)

Bandicam 2021-09-25 00-46-35-709.png
DDPAT (talk)21:51, 24 September 2021

Request to change ပအိုဝ်ႏ name

I am a responsible person for Pa'O language, for Pa"O language, the ပအိုဝ်ႏ name is not spelled correctly and would like to be changed to (ပအိုဝ်ႏဘာႏသာႏ), the spelling of the Pa'O language is as follows.

  1. ပအိုဝ်ႏ=Pa'O
  2. ဘာႏသာႏ=language

I am a former archaeologist and I am working to improve the languages of the minorities in Burma, thanks.--咽頭べさ (talk) 03:55, 24 September 2021 (UTC)

咽頭べさ (talk)03:55, 24 September 2021

Hi 咽頭べさ, why did you post this on User:Тест's user talk page? As far as I can tell, they haven't been active here for 8 years...

I just moved the thread to Support instead. :-)

Jon Harald Søby (talk)09:54, 24 September 2021

New language request for Pa'O (blk)

Pa'O language test wikipedia and wiktionary had been started in incubator. Therefore, I would like to request to add support for Pa'O language as the following.

  • ISO 639-3 code: blk
  • Local name: ပအိုဝ်ႏ
  • Name in English: Pa'O
  • Written: left to right
  • Script: Burmese script (Pa'O alphabet)
  • Fallback language : Burmese (my)
NinjaStrikers «»04:09, 21 September 2021
Amir E. Aharoni (talk)06:29, 23 September 2021

Request to change ပအိုဝ်ႏ name to (ပအိုဝ်ႏဘာႏသာႏ), I am currently responsible for the Pa'O language. I have a lot of responsibility for making Pa'O Wikipedia and Pa'O Wiktionary happen, thank you very much.

咽頭べさ (talk)12:30, 23 September 2021

There is typo in this message. "Reassinged".

NMW03 (talk)00:11, 23 September 2021

Thank you! I've submitted a fix. If there are no surprises, it should be fixed here soon.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)06:28, 23 September 2021

Thank you for the report. Patch Gerrit:723037 submitted, waiting for review

Raymond06:56, 23 September 2021

Amir was faster this time. My patch abanndoned

Raymond06:58, 23 September 2021

Name of the namespaces of lombard language

Hi. The wiktionary in lombard is on the way to approval but a discussion about the names of namespaces has been raised (see Is it possible to change the names of the namespaces or add aliases ( by using traslatewiki?

Salvemm el lombard (talk)13:15, 17 September 2021

It's not possible in translatewiki, but I can make the change for you in PHP. It looks mostly OK, but I'll send a few clarification questions in Meta.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)07:33, 19 September 2021

Ukrainian FreeCol

There is a problem with FreeCol. There are 22 untranslated messages here, but when you go to this page, it turns out that there is nothing to translate. Explain this, and possibly fix it.

DDPAT (talk)21:07, 16 September 2021

At the top of the table, in the line that says "All Untranslated Outdated Translated ..." click the "..." and then select "Optional messages". There are thousands of optional messages in FreeCol but the 22 messages at stake will be marked as "Outdated" in the middle column instead of "Optional". They are probably toward the end of the table, so just keep the "Page Down" key pressed until you reach the last messages at the bottom.

Hamilton Abreu (talk)18:39, 17 September 2021

Greetings. I noticed that there were some changes on the wiki, which especially affected the service page for translations. Well, the new text on top has become monospaced, and this, as for me, is bad.

Bandicam 2021-09-15 23-25-56-303.png

Of course I tried to change it myself, posted above, but it creates new problems, screenshots of which I will not attach. But I noticed one very interesting thing that, in principle, here you can simply replace the class «twelve columns sourcemessage mw-editfont-monospace long» with «twelve columns sourcemessage mw-editfont long».

Fix it please.

DDPAT (talk)20:35, 15 September 2021

I can confirm. IMO monospace is wrong for normal text.

Raymond06:01, 16 September 2021

You can change your font edit area font preferences by going to Preferences > Editing > Editor and changing the Edit area font style

Edit: Nevermind, I see you have already seen the related Phabricator ticket.


Abijeet Patro (talk)15:00, 17 September 2021

Logentry-removepii-action doesn't support {{GENDER}}?

MediaWiki:Logentry-removepii-action/en seems to not support {{GENDER}} magic word, but it definitely should. Current state of that message will make it ignore user pronouns preference in many languages.

Rail (talk | translations)12:28, 16 September 2021

Inactive User

Hi, I never had the opportunity to be active here. Therefore I would like to deactivate my account.

Parnian.Partopour (talk)21:04, 14 September 2021

Changing the message

There are too many spaces in this message. Remove them, please.

DDPAT (talk)18:10, 14 September 2021

New languages

Hi, I was wondering if someone could add these 5 Pacific languages. I requested it a while a go and I filled in all the required details including some web links, but I feel like my request was forgotten. The languages are; Eastern Arrernte (aer, Arrernte Ikngerre), Pitjantjatjara (pjt, Pitjantjatjara), Australian Kriol (rop, Ropa Riba Kriol), Torres Strait Creole (tcs, Yumplatok) and Drehu (dhv, Drehu). Also, could you label Rapa Nui (because it's native to Easter Island, currently only labelled under "America"), Indonesian (because all the other Indonesian languages are labelled under both "Pacific" and "Asia") and Chinese (currently only labelled under "Asia", but should be labelled under "Pacific" too because of the large number of w:Chinese Australians and w:Chinese New Zealanders) as Pacific languages as well as their existing labels (they're already on the site). Also, Fiji Hindi (not to be confused with Hindi, spoken in most of central-northern India) should only be labelled under "Pacific" not "Pacific" and "Asia" because nobody in India/Asia speaks it. Thanks. Edit: Also could you add support for all languages in Category:Languages of Australia

MinecraftAustralia (talk)05:46, 18 August 2021

About the first part, I replied in the original request. You haven't answered an important question there.

About Rapa Nui, Indonesia, and Chinese: I submitted a patch to fix it.

About Fiji Hindi: I actually know people in Asia who do speak it :)

About adding all the languages in "Category:Languages of Australia": As with the first part, I'll be happy to add them when people who know them and actually plan to translate into them come here and ask for it.˛

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)10:01, 23 August 2021

I plan to translate into all of the original languages and I know a user who would be willing to help. And about the Fiji Hindi, sorry I didn't know it was used in Asia too. I thought someone confused it with the Indian Hindi. So, back to the main part, yes I and other people would be willing to translate into them. I hope this helps and I look forward to translating into them soon. When they are added, could you please reply to this thread so I know? Thanks.

MinecraftAustralia (talk)05:50, 24 August 2021

Can the people please create their own accounts and contribute directly? Your own user page says that your level in these languages is 1 or 2, and it's not quite right that someone who knows so little of the language writes in it. There already is an unfortunate history of people who had good intentions, wrote in a language they don't know well in Wikipedia, and caused confusion and harm.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)03:20, 27 August 2021

I know people with accounts who would be willing to translate into these languages. For some of these languages I get info from online dictionaries (e.g for Arrernte I get most of the info from here). I still would like these languages and I hope this is done soon. Thanks.

MinecraftAustralia (talk)03:58, 28 August 2021
Edited by author.
Last edit: 04:42, 6 September 2021

Could someone please do this for me? I've been waiting a while. Thanks.

MinecraftAustralia 🇦🇺 🦘 (talk)04:42, 6 September 2021

I have renamed my Wikimedia username to "Darafsh" some years ago. So, I would like to rename it here. Now is "درفش کاویانی", please rename it to "Darafsh". Best regards,

درفش کاویانی (talk)11:51, 3 September 2021

Done Done

Raymond13:15, 5 September 2021

Editing English translations

At the moment, I can't edit English messages. Can I ask permission to edit them, as some may have some errors and some formatting problems (extra spaces, missing quotation marks), etc?

DDPAT (talk)10:56, 5 September 2021

Editing the English sources is not possible/allowed. Please submit either a) a patch to Gerrit, b) file a task to Phabricator, or create new threads here and someone else will do a) or b).

Raymond13:13, 5 September 2021


Hello, Houston. We had a problem. I translated ~500 core messages. Yesterday I've got message "Language code sjn is not valid.". What happened?

Calad-ne-dúath (talk)07:12, 27 August 2021

Hi Calad-ne-dúath,

The language code: Sjn is actually not supported by translatewiki. We recently fixed a long standing bug where translators were allowed to translate to unsupported & invalid language codes. While sjn is valid, it is not supported by translatewiki.

I'm informing one of our staff who will review if support for this can be added to translatewiki.


Abijeet Patro (talk)13:34, 31 August 2021

"You do not have permission to edit this page"


I'm getting a "You do not have permission to edit this page because it contains raw HTML which can be modified to affect all visitors." warning when publishing some translations. What kind of authority do I need to have these translations?


Hedda (talk)16:18, 24 August 2021

This is hopefully a temporary measure until the software will get fixed. You can reply with the links to the messages and the translations here and a translation admin will put them in place for you.

Nike (talk)13:45, 25 August 2021

There are many translations like this.

Hedda (talk)09:40, 30 August 2021

translate but dont translate !

Strange, I translate EN->FR so the list of messages is shown here

and once a given message has been published, an error message is displayed because trnaslation in french is not enabled. On marche sur la tête ?

Exemple: Oppia:oppia-android-app-force network type cellular network/fr Cellular

Message d'erreur: Échec de la publication de la traduction : Translation to this language is disabled.

Christian 🇫🇷 FR (talk) 16:50, 20 August 2021 (UTC)

Christian 🇫🇷 FR (talk)16:50, 20 August 2021

Actually translations to Oppia Android app are only enabled for,

1. Arabic 2. Hindi 3. Brazilian Portuguese

It appears that there is a bug when translating messages via Recent additions where this warning is not shown properly. I'll confirm and create a bug accordingly.


Abijeet Patro (talk)09:42, 23 August 2021

Discussed with Niklas, and this is indeed a bug. Tracked under:

Thanks & Regards,

Abijeet Patro (talk)10:44, 23 August 2021

yes, sounds as it is. Thanks, I continue.

Christian 🇫🇷 FR (talk)11:22, 27 August 2021

I'd recommend not translating to French for Oppia Android since those translations will not be used.


Abijeet Patro (talk)17:23, 29 August 2021

Rename mijn account / Rename my account

Kan iemand mijn account hernoemen naar DutchTina? / Can someone rename my account to DutchTina?

DutchTom (talk)20:32, 26 August 2021

Je kunt je berichten nog steeds in het Nederlands vertalen als je wilt, maar ze spreken hier alleen Engels voor zover ik weet. / You can translate your posts into Dutch if you want, but as far as I know they only speak English here.

MinecraftAustralia (talk)05:56, 29 August 2021

Request for adding/enabling new language: ISO 639-3 sje (bidumsámegiella, Pite Saami)

Edited by author.
Last edit: 09:35, 23 August 2021
Pite Saami disabled.png

As a language worker for Pite Saami, one of the editors of the Pite Saami incubator project and the main editor of the Pite Saami dictionary app BidumBágo[1], I would like to request that the language ISO 639-3 sje, bidumsámegiella be opened for editing. There is an official orthography as of August 2019; the script is Latin with a few diacritic marks (á, ä, ö) and the special letters ŋ, đ, ŧ (as well as æ and ø being used as variants of the official ä and ö. I am going to translate into the language, and we are two people for now working on the Incubator project. Thank you in advance!

Olve Utne (talk)17:20, 11 August 2021

Anyone able to help?

Olve Utne (talk)19:25, 22 August 2021

Hi Olve Utne

Thanks you for your patience. I've forwarded this ticket to our staff who handles these category of requests, and they will respond here soon.


Abijeet Patro (talk)09:45, 23 August 2021

Much appreciated! Thank you! :-)

Olve Utne (talk)11:35, 23 August 2021


Sorry about the delay! I usually do these configuration changes and I was busy with some Stuff In Real Life :)

It's now available!

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)15:16, 25 August 2021

Thank you very much! :-) Translating to Pite Sami comes up as a choice now. However, I still get the message posted as a screen capture in my OP when trying to translate some of the messages. Any way to find out why that's happening? (This doesn't seem to be a problem now.)

Olve Utne (talk)18:17, 25 August 2021

Thank you very much! :-) Is it OK if I take away the "orange alert" from the Pite Sami portal page, since the language is now (mostly) enabled?

Olve Utne (talk)18:19, 25 August 2021

I fixed it.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)09:19, 26 August 2021

Thank you again. :-) Much appreciated!

Olve Utne (talk)11:40, 26 August 2021
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