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Help test the terminology gadget!620:57, 1 December 2021
Bug411:32, 1 December 2021
search all messages, not separate groups107:51, 1 December 2021
Translation quality policy?419:03, 28 November 2021
Gender in Ossetic (os)223:53, 26 November 2021
Miraheze website: nl-informal does not fall back to nl313:15, 22 November 2021
AbuseFilter113:13, 22 November 2021
The message documentation were not imported for Lakeus113:12, 22 November 2021
Rename request100:54, 22 November 2021
Adding a new language, ISO 639-3: ale (Request)309:00, 20 November 2021
Request for Western Pwo Karen language(pwo)903:43, 20 November 2021
Deletion request112:40, 17 November 2021
Message clean up request004:48, 17 November 2021
Adding a new language - Lologooli314:50, 15 November 2021
New languages813:21, 14 November 2021
Adding new languages; ISO codes aer, pjt, rop and tcs513:19, 14 November 2021
S’gaw Karen language name misspelling (Portal:ksw)313:16, 14 November 2021
Please add the Ghanaian Pidgin English (Portal:gpe)212:32, 14 November 2021
Username change311:18, 14 November 2021
wikia (Fandom)109:03, 14 November 2021
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Help test the terminology gadget!

How it looks when you hover a term with a translation with the gadget turned on.

Hello, everyone! I'm excited to share that I am almost finished with a script I've been working on for the past month, called the Terminology gadget. What it does is that it lets translators define translations for English terms that are stored in a central place, and will be shown to others who translate into the same language. You can read more about how it works on Project:Terminology gadget.

I am hoping that this gadget can be enabled as a default gadget for everyone on Translatewiki, but before we can consider that, I need help with testing it to see that everything works as it should. So if you would like to help test it, please enable it in the preferences, and let me know of any bugs/errors you find, or if anything is confusing/difficult to use.

I'm excited to hear what you think!

Jon Harald Søby (talk)23:32, 25 November 2021

Bug report: Nothing happens for creating aliases. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit Portal:Zh-hant/terminology.json
  2. Click "Add term"
  3. Fill "English term" with "settings"
  4. Check "This is an alias for another term"
  5. Select "setting" for "Alias for"
  6. Click "Save"
Xiplus (talk)04:17, 26 November 2021

Thanks for testing it out, Xiplus! This should be fixed now. Let me know if you find something else. :-)

Jon Harald Søby (talk)07:39, 26 November 2021

I really like the "animation" when you click on the word. However for the moment i don't found any bug.

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)11:36, 26 November 2021

Not sure if the Translate Extension already has such a feature, if that is not the case, your work or the concept at least should definitely get upstreamed! By the way, I believe the option of creating project-specific terminology entries to be worthy of consideration.

Ricordisamoa21:25, 27 November 2021

It doesn't, I wouldn't have spent all this time making this if it did. 😜

Yeah, I thought about making project-specific terminology an option when I first started, but it adds a whole extra layer of complexity, not only in the script (where it wouldn't actually be that complicated), but also for those entering/using the definitions in the script. So I think it is better to handle that in other ways, e.g. by specifying in the definitions that "this translation applies to X project or in Y context".

Jon Harald Søby (talk)22:44, 28 November 2021

Hi, I found a bug with this gadget: the cross to quit doesn't work.

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)20:57, 1 December 2021

Hello! I found a bug with the translatewiki logo. In the page Special:Preferences it gets bigger.

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)18:12, 25 November 2021

background-size: 135px 135px from MediaWiki:Common.css isn't being applied to .mw-wiki-logo. That's likely phab:T73621, caused by 'fixing' phab:T72672. So either $wgAllowSiteCSSOnRestrictedPages is switched on, or the logo image would need to be made a square.

Ricordisamoa20:28, 27 November 2021

Having a square version of the logo would be helpful.

I also noticed that the logo is not configured to be shown in the new Vector skin.

Nike (talk)11:43, 30 November 2021

@Nike: it wouldn't be better to use "background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: right center !important; background-size: contain;" instead of "background-size: 135px 135px"?

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)10:06, 1 December 2021

It doesn't look nice. I'll just create square logos and remove the local css.

Nike (talk)11:32, 1 December 2021

search all messages, not separate groups

I've spent a fair amount of time trying to find the message »Izbor za usporedbu: označi kružiće pokraj dvije inačice koje želiš usporediti i pritisni "Enter" ili pritisni tipku "Usporedi izabrane inačice"« in Croatian translations and haven't been able to find it. The message closest to it is in All>MediaWiki group (but where is it used?). The message shows at history pages, for example here. My question is: is there a way to search in all translations, and not just group-by-group here (All translations tab)? Also, why does group All>MediaWiki search take so long, 10+ minutes? I know it's 40k messages, but that's ~nothing in Wiki* search standards.

Ponor (talk)01:58, 1 December 2021

I'm not sure what search you're using, but Special:Search and Special:SearchTranslations return results immediately for me.

The message is MediaWiki:Histlegend/hr You won't find that message with that specific string, because it's a local customisation: w:hr:MediaWiki:Histlegend.

Nemo (talk)07:51, 1 December 2021

Translation quality policy?

Hi, just wondering whether any standard process is in use on this website for handling seriously bad translations especially by editors showing next to no command of the target language. I came across User:Executive's Special:PermanentLink/10178830 Special:PermanentLink/10178832 Special:PermanentLink/10182879 Special:PermanentLink/10182927 Special:PermanentLink/10182962 Special:PermanentLink/10183008 Special:PermanentLink/10183161 Special:PermanentLink/10183516. Do you usually message users' talk pages and could it be worth it? At least why not delete those and many other pages to stop them from appearing in production and to let someone else start from scratch.

Ricordisamoa13:13, 23 November 2021

Parlerò con lui su discord di sta cosa.

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)07:48, 24 November 2021

Grazie, preciso che il mio intento non è incolpare singoli utenti ma indagare una possibile tendenza e cercare soluzioni.

Ricordisamoa19:03, 28 November 2021

Yes, this is generally the policy in practice. If a use clearly makes many bad translations, contact them on the talk page. If help is needed from an administrator with revoking translation rights, blocking, or deleting many bad translations, bring it up right here on the Support page.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)11:18, 28 November 2021

Very helpful Amir. Indeed, while the lack of mandatory reviews is not without merit, cases where volunteers fail to catch mistakes early make it seem like the project has a preference for poor translations over missing ones :(

Ricordisamoa18:56, 28 November 2021

Gender in Ossetic (os)

There is no grammatical gender in Ossetic: neither in verb forms, nor in the pronoun system. Please check this where it's needed. Some old translations need to be changed just to add gender(word) in messages like MediaWiki:Confirmable-confirm/os, I hope there is no need to do that. Amikeco (talk) 14:03, 4 November 2021 (UTC)

Amikeco (talk)14:03, 4 November 2021

Like in English, just write GENDER with one parameter.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)14:56, 4 November 2021

Ok, I'll take a random word, e. g. a verb form, in GENDER template.

Amikeco (talk)23:53, 26 November 2021

Miraheze website: nl-informal does not fall back to nl

After completing the Dutch translation to Miraheze in nl (Dutch) I created an nl-informal version. According to the instructions at Portal:nl, I've only translated the messages that differ from nl into nl-informal. However, the nl-informal version of the website appears to fall back to English instead.

McDutchie (talk)09:43, 24 August 2021

This is something to request to Mediawiki maintainers:

  • there's a part inside Mediawiki internal data (in PHP, for the MediaWiki UI itself, but partly exposed to Lua with the list of fallbacks for a given language), this has a global effects on all wikis (based on MediaWiki, not other wikis or delopment languages or apps using other I18N mechanisms: here on this wiki we support other apps as well, not just Mediawiki, and they have their own requirements or capabilities).
  • there's also a part in the various "fallback" modules used in several wikis (for modules and templates using it, using this Mediawiki list of fallbacks or adding their own, e.g. Wikimedia Commons has many additional fallbacks, and some wikis in specific languages deviate from the general list made for multilingual wikis, due to local decisions made by their local community, or for legacy reasons such as a long maintenance period where compatuiblity is desired until the rest of the content is fixed or the page layout and formatting is adapted in various templates).
  • finally various templates themselves will need to be fixed (changing fallbacks can have unexpected effects, whose reolution is not immediate and takes time).
  • In all cases, this requires may changes in many sites, so you should initiate talsk on the language portal to document works in progress and what remains to be done or accepted, and probably you should inform other wikis to point to the portal talk page or documentation pages (there are tons of external wikis, we can't be aware of what is discussed externally in many sites at various pages or in external talk/mail channels that don't properly track their talks and past decisions for other people that were not in contact and not monitoring them before, or talking only in other languages that concernend people would not even understand easily or would not find even when they reasonably search for them in the most evident places: posting a simple link and a summary line is generally enough, but it is important to not forget it for every "decision", and to keep visible archives of these external talks because many people wont remember every detail).
Verdy p (talk)13:45, 14 November 2021
Nike (talk)09:32, 16 November 2021

Upstream marked as resolved. Do check if it works now.

Nike (talk)13:15, 22 November 2021


Ajeje Brazorf (talk)23:16, 19 November 2021

Script tags are not allowed in content as a safety measure. I will mark that message as ignored as it does not have translatable content.

Nike (talk)13:13, 22 November 2021

The message documentation were not imported for Lakeus

The Lakeus skin message group is for my skin Lakeus. I noticed that all the qqq messages of the new strings are not imported, only the qqq of the messages that is present during the initialization of the group. Can someone help me on importing the message docs? Thanks!

Lakejason0 (talk)16:16, 21 November 2021

They were waiting for manual review. They have been processed now.

Nike (talk)13:12, 22 November 2021

Rename request

Edited by author.
Last edit: 19:27, 16 November 2021

Hi, I would like to change my account name to Stang so that it can be consistent with my MediaWiki account. Thanks!

Stang19:27, 16 November 2021

@Stang: Done.

Jon Harald Søby (talk)02:07, 21 November 2021

Adding a new language, ISO 639-3: ale (Request)

Edited by author.
Last edit: 07:52, 20 November 2021

Dear administrators! Could you add an aleut language (cyrillic script & latin script)? I'd like to translate wiki to it.

ISO 639-3: ale

Aleut language - Unangam tunuu - Унаӈам тунуу (ale)

Directionality: LTR

Scripts: cyrillic, latin...

(For MediaWiki): English, Russian.


Thank you. Best Regards

Thothsum (talk)10:21, 15 July 2021


Are both alphabets used by speakers?

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)12:39, 26 July 2021

Yes, cyrillics used by aleuts in Russia, latin script used by aleuts in the USA.

Thothsum (talk)21:03, 29 July 2021

Sorry, I forgot about it! I'll add it very soon. Thanks for the reminder.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)09:00, 20 November 2021

Request for Western Pwo Karen language(pwo)

In 2021, I was the founder of the Wikipedia Pa'O languages(blk) and Wikipedia Western Pwo Karen languages(pwo). I have a lot of responsibility to continue working on the Pa'O language and Western Pwo Karen language in this Translatewiki, but I'm the only person working on this Pa'O language and Western Pwo Karen language and will be late for work, because I have a lot of work to do.

Request to change (ဖျိၩ့ / ဖျိၩ့ၡိ) name to (ပှဖျိၩ့ၡိ), the translation of this (ပှဖျိၩ့ၡိ) is as follows. ပှဖျိၩ့ၡိ=Pwo Karen ၦဖျိၩ့ၡိအလၨဆၧချဲၩ့=Western Pwo Karen language This (ပှဖျိၩ့ၡိ) is commonly used Vocabulary, this (ဖျိၩ့ / ဖျိၩ့ၡိ) is completely misspelled, thanks.

Edited by author.
Last edit: 14:21, 15 November 2021

Can you please clarify some things?

  1. Do you want to add support for translating into Westenr Pwo Karen (pwo)?
  2. Who is going to translate? You are already translating to a lot of languages. I really recommend that you focus on a few languages that you know well, because when you translate to a lot of languages at once, you are not completing any projects, and the quality may suffer, too. I recommend that you bring in people who know these languages as users to this site.
  3. Where do you see the current names that look incorrect to you?
  4. What is the source for the correct names?
Amir E. Aharoni (talk)08:29, 15 November 2021

I will translate slowly for Western Pwo Karen(pwo), because I am the only person currently assisting in the Western Pwo Karen language. Do I have to do nothing for Western Pwo Karen? So who will help for Western Pwo Karen? I have discussed with many people for Western Pwo Karen language assistance, they have many technical difficulties for Western Pwo Karen language assistance. most people are not interested in writing Western Pwo Karen, I are working with Naw Khu Mae to develop this Western Pwo Karen language. Naw Khu Mae cannot translate using this Translatewiki., this is because the internet in Burma blocks wiki. I am working in consultation with Naw Khu Mae, a Western Pwo Karen language expert., I came to this Translatewik to work for many languages, I have a lot of work to do, thanks.

OK, I understand. This answers my questions 1 and 2.

How about questions 3 and 4? Where do you see the current names that look incorrect to you, and what is the source for the correct names that you suggest?

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)14:22, 15 November 2021
  • My answer
  1. I will translate as much as I can for the current Pa'O language and Western Pwo Karen language, it depends on my free time to translate all the messages, I also have a lot of songwriting work for NMB48 company, so in my spare time I will continue to translate for Pa'O language and Western Pwo Karen language.
  2. The (ဖျိၩ့ / ဖျိၩ့ၡိ) name used in the Portal:pwo is misspelled, the spelling is (ပှဖျိၩ့ၡိ), not (ဖျိၩ့ / ဖျိၩ့ၡိ), would you like me to send you evidence of this name?
  3. The (ကညီစှီၤကျိ) name used in the Portal:ksw is misspelled, the spelling is (ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်). not (ကညီစှီၤကျိ), I would like Admin to take a closer look at the evidence I sent Admin yesterday.
  4. There is still a lot of work to be done. I am currently trying my best to get Pa'O language approval on the Wikipedia project. Most locals in Burma do not understand much about Wikipedia project, they only understand Facebook, it is not an easy task to invite local people in Burma to use the Wikipedia project. I spent almost three years discussing the inclusion of Pa'O language and Western Pwo Karen language in the Wikipedia project. I am still in discussions for another Rakhine language, Rawang language, Northern Thai language, it's been almost four years since our Facebook discussions, thanks.

The misspelled word "ကညီစှီၤကျိ" is probably a copy-paste problem.

NinjaStrikers «»18:50, 17 November 2021

Evidence for "ပှဖျိၩ့ၡိ" would be very useful. Thanks.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)08:53, 19 November 2021

Deletion request

Winston Sung (talk)03:42, 17 November 2021

(Done: according to .)

Winston Sung (talk)12:40, 17 November 2021

Message clean up request

These zh-tw messages are merged to zh-hant and no longer used.

MediaWiki:Donate interface/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-currency/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-email-agreement/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-gross/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-intro/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-other-amount/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-EUR/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-HKD/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-ILS/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-NZD/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Donate interface-SGD/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Pf createform addelements/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Pf createform additembeforesave/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Sf createform addelements/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Sf createform additembeforesave/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Tag-mobile edit/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Tag-mobile app edit/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Tag-mobile app edit-description/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Tag-mobile web edit/zh-tw
MediaWiki:Tag-mobile web edit-description/zh-tw
Winston Sung (talk)04:48, 17 November 2021

Adding a new language - Lologooli

Dear Administrators, could you pls add the Lologooli language? There's a group of people who want to translate in this language.

ISO 639-3: rag

  • Local name: Lologooli
  • Name in English: Logooli Language
  • Written: left to right
  • Script: Latin script

Thank you

Tochiprecious (talk)10:39, 15 November 2021

There's now an initial Portal:rag, but it's still not marked as enabled (a site adminsitrator may enable it later).

For the local name, Wikipedia gives Lulogooli, may be Lologooli is a variant you found (but I do not find references for this, while Glottolog lists other aliases).

Verdy p (talk)12:27, 15 November 2021
Amir E. Aharoni (talk)12:57, 15 November 2021

Note to Amir: there are several places to enable/disable a language.

  • The "disabled=yes" parameter in the Portal template used at top of the Portal:code" page, just displays the top notice banner (it is applicable when this applies to all scripts or variants of the language). This is the only thing that your dropped.
  • The "no-15924*=*" or "no-variant*=* parameters (with a non-empty value in the Portal template inclusion) also disables the individual link to the translation interface for a specific script or variant (it is still needed even if the language is disabled because yuo can enable it temporarily (in an edit preview) to test the link to the translation interface, if it does not work or is not effectively enabled, this parameter should be set for each non-working script or variant).
  • There should be no "variant*=*" parameters in the Portal template inclusion for script-only variants (i.e. those using a 4-letter ISO 15924 script code), as this unnecessarily duplicates the list of translation links in the "scripts" and "variants" sections of the portal.
  • The base category (named from the English name of the language, contains a <nowiki>{{Disabled language}]}<nowiki> for showing the banner at top, it also categorizes in "Category:Disabled languages by name" instead of "Category:Languages by name"
  • Its subcategory "" page contains the <nowiki>{{Disabled language}]}<nowiki> banner, it does not change the categorization.
  • Its subcategories "Category:User code"", "Category:User code"-level" contain the Babel template with an extra parameter "disabled=*" with a non-empty value to display the top banner as well. These subcategories are automatically created when we create the portal page, but these user categories have to be changed to use a tracling template showing the navigation and properly subcategorizing them (otherwise the Babzl autocreation still does not generate this single line.

This could be simpler if we just had an API (or magic function) allowing to test the effective status of each language or variant and display the correct status directly, without having to update 9 pages each time for a whole language (however this is not complex to do manually in less than one minute, and this works instantly).

Also when adding a language code whose names are still not known by the "#language:" parser function (at least the names in English and a native name; you can map names for other related languages or wellknown languages, notably those used in linguistic studies, or if the language is a minority one and there are primary languages used in the same region) in the MediaWiki database (Look for the ISO 639-3 site to find the English name, look at references in Glottolog, check the article name used in the portal going to the English Wikipedia, it is not necessarily the same name or the article way describe several languages on the same page), we need to edit the Template:Languagename/db to add them (so that the portal and categories will properly show the names). This local db is still needed because there's still no unified source (and updates for Mediawiki will take long, and this wiki is also used to translate other projects than just Wikimedia wikis based on MediaWiki).

I think that all this will help you (and other people) understand what is going on and how I maintained all this since many months, while I've categorize also all base language categories by large families (not the whole tree), and countries (those listed in Glottolog). This categorization helps users finding the correct language code to use for their translations and avoid confusions (portal pages contain all important links for references in ISO 639, Glottolog and related references that they also link to, and containing interesting status and classification). I've tried to minimize the cost of maintenance and check accurate sources as much as possible (sometimes Wikipedia is insufficient in its articles or listed translations, or there are typos that may take time to be agreed and fixed there in some wikipedia editions, deviating for other sources, sometimes you'll find translation not in Wikipedia but in Wikidata, or wikidata may contain different names and it's hard to decide which name would be the most representative while being precise enouh to exhibit relevant distinctions, even in English).

Thanks anyway for enabling the translation and partially updating the portal.

Verdy p (talk)14:50, 15 November 2021

New languages

Edited by 2 users.
Last edit: 13:21, 14 November 2021

Hi, I was wondering if someone could add these 5 Pacific languages. I requested it a while a go and I filled in all the required details including some web links, but I feel like my request was forgotten. The languages are:

Also, could you label Rapa Nui (because it's native to Easter Island, currently only labelled under "America"), Indonesian (because all the other Indonesian languages are labelled under both "Pacific" and "Asia") and Chinese (currently only labelled under "Asia", but should be labelled under "Pacific" too because of the large number of w:Chinese Australians and w:Chinese New Zealanders) as Pacific languages as well as their existing labels (they're already on the site). Also, Fiji Hindi (not to be confused with Hindi, spoken in most of central-northern India) should only be labelled under "Pacific" not "Pacific" and "Asia" because nobody in India/Asia speaks it. Thanks. Edit: Also could you add support for all languages in Category:Languages of Australia

MinecraftAustralia (talk)05:46, 18 August 2021

About the first part, I replied in the original request. You haven't answered an important question there.

About Rapa Nui, Indonesia, and Chinese: I submitted a patch to fix it.

About Fiji Hindi: I actually know people in Asia who do speak it :)

About adding all the languages in "Category:Languages of Australia": As with the first part, I'll be happy to add them when people who know them and actually plan to translate into them come here and ask for it.˛

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)10:01, 23 August 2021

I plan to translate into all of the original languages and I know a user who would be willing to help. And about the Fiji Hindi, sorry I didn't know it was used in Asia too. I thought someone confused it with the Indian Hindi. So, back to the main part, yes I and other people would be willing to translate into them. I hope this helps and I look forward to translating into them soon. When they are added, could you please reply to this thread so I know? Thanks.

MinecraftAustralia (talk)05:50, 24 August 2021

Can the people please create their own accounts and contribute directly? Your own user page says that your level in these languages is 1 or 2, and it's not quite right that someone who knows so little of the language writes in it. There already is an unfortunate history of people who had good intentions, wrote in a language they don't know well in Wikipedia, and caused confusion and harm.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)03:20, 27 August 2021

I know people with accounts who would be willing to translate into these languages. For some of these languages I get info from online dictionaries (e.g for Arrernte I get most of the info from here). I still would like these languages and I hope this is done soon. Thanks.

MinecraftAustralia (talk)03:58, 28 August 2021
Edited by author.
Last edit: 04:42, 6 September 2021

Could someone please do this for me? I've been waiting a while. Thanks.

MinecraftAustralia 🇦🇺 🦘 (talk)04:42, 6 September 2021

Adding new languages; ISO codes aer, pjt, rop and tcs

Edited by another user.
Last edit: 13:19, 14 November 2021

I would like to add support for three languages:

  • Portal:aer
    • Local name: Arrernte
    • Name in English: Eastern Arrernte
    • Written: left to right
    • Script: Latin script
  • Portal:pjt
    • Local name: Pitjantjatjara
    • Name in English: Pitjantjatjara
    • Written: left to right
    • Script: Latin script, Pitjantjatjara alphabet (extra letters; Ḻ, ḻ, Ṉ, ṉ, Ṟ, ṟ, Ṯ, ṯ)
  • Portal:rop
    • Local name: Kriol
    • Name in English: Australian Kriol
    • Written: left to right
    • Script: Latin script
  • Portal:tcs
    • Local name: Yumplatok
    • Name in English: Torres Strait Creole
    • Written: left to right
    • Script: Latin script
MinecraftAustralia (talk)08:20, 24 July 2021

Hi MinecraftAustralia!

I can do it, but I have a few questions:

  • Are you going to bring in people who will actually translate into these languages?
  • There are several languages called "Kriol" in our databases. Can you please give an unambiguous name?
  • Are there any other websites in these languages? Or content in these languages on any other websites?

Thanks! :)

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)11:55, 26 July 2021

Hi, sorry I replied a bit late. The Kriol is called Australian Kriol or Roper River Kriol. There aren't tons of website in these languages but neither is there in half the languages on here so yeah. There are a couple of websites in Kriol.

MinecraftAustralia (talk)08:31, 31 July 2021


> The Kriol is called Australian Kriol or Roper River Kriol.

How is this name written in the language itself? This looks written in standard English.

> There aren't tons of website in these languages but neither is there in half the languages on here so yeah. There are a couple of websites in Kriol.

Do you have links?

And finally, are you going to bring in people who will actually translate into these languages?

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)09:49, 2 August 2021

@Amir E. Aharoni Sorry for the late reply again. Yes, I will try to get people to translate into these languages. Here are some Kriol websites:

That's all I could find because Kriol is not written as often. However, there is a Kriol Bible and I did find some audio in Kriol:

And there are lots more. While you're at it, could you also add Drehu? Drehu is the most spoken Kanak language in New Caledonia 🇳🇨, spoken in the Loyalty Islands. Its ISO code is dhv.

MinecraftAustralia (talk)09:23, 14 August 2021


You still haven't answered an important question: are you going to bring in people who will actually translate into these languages?

The policy on the page languages says that one of the conditions of languages to be enabled is that that there should be at least one person willing to translate into the language.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)05:40, 23 August 2021

S’gaw Karen language name misspelling (Portal:ksw)

Edited by another user.
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noicon The use of (စှီၤ ကညီကျိာ်) for the S'gaw Karen(ksw) language name is completely misspelled, only (ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်) for the S'gaw Karen language name will be spelled correctly. I can send you a lot of evidence about the S’gaw Karen language name, here is an explanation of why S'gaw Karen use their language name (စှီၤ).

  1. ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်=S’gaw Karen language
  2. ကျိာ်=Language
  3. ကညီစှီၤ=S’gaw Karen
  4. ကညီ=Karen
  5. စှီၤ=S’gaw ⬅ (Abbreviation vocabulary) This abbreviation vocabulary is not only available in S’gaw Karen, but also in Mon(mnw) and Shan(shn) languages.

For example (မန်+Mon=ဘာသာမန်+Mon language), (တႆး+Tai=ၽႃႇသႃႇတႆး+Tai language or Shan language), Shan vocabulary is the vocabulary of the Burmese pronunciation (ရှမ်း+Shan). Shan vocabulary is a Burmese pronunciation that is not often used by Shan people.

  • See also evidence for S’gaw Karen language name.
  1. Book cover of S’gaw Karen third grade Karen textbook published by Bago Region Karen Literature and culture committee 2018.
  2. Wikipedia project evidence=
  3. Website evidence=

Website dictionary evidence= Facebook evidence= I can send admin more evidence, I'm a music writer and I do nothing without evidence, I also do music writing and archeology, thanks.

The inversion in the 3 terms (where "စှီ" for "S'gaw" was at start, instead of the middle between "ကညီ" for Karen, and "ကျိ" for "language") is fixed (now it translate as if it was "Karen S'gaw language"). Not sure if we need the last term "ကျိ" (language) or if this could just be "ကညီစှီ" without the suffix. Its initial source was the English Wikipedia article which should still be fixed.

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The S’gaw Karen people use the abbreviation vocabulary of the (စှီၤ) for their ethnic group. In fact, the use of (စှီၤ) should not be used as it has no substance in literary writing, the complete script for the S’gaw Karen language name should be (ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်), this (ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်) vocabulary is 100% compatible with S'gaw Karen language vocabulary in English.

Here's how to use (ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်=က+ည+ီ+စ+ှ+ီ+ၤ+က+ျ+ိ+ာ+်)

S’gaw Karen language name misspelling.jpg

See Writing in this photo of mine, thanks.

It was fixed, then incorrectly deleted (with a false reason) by someone else minutes after my message (so it was showing English after that).

Verdy p (talk)13:01, 14 November 2021

Please add the Ghanaian Pidgin English (Portal:gpe)

Please add the Ghanaian Pidgin English language. I would like to translate MediaWiki into it. It's spoken in Ghana. Thanks DaSupremo (talk) 21:41, 7 November 2021 (UTC)

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Username change

Hi, could you change my username to Merrahtar, please? Thank you.

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Such a username already exists.

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Sorry, I had forgotten I have this one as well. Is it possible to delete this account and change username for the first one? If not, just swapping the usernames will do.

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wikia (Fandom)

I've noticed that for some reason, unlike mediawiki and wikipedia, the Fandom link starting with wiki doesn't work here. Can you tell me why, and can you possibly add this link here?

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That's because "Wikia" is a namespace here, so it can't be an interwiki prefix. For the same reason it's better to not use "Fandom". I think it used to be possible to go through Meta but the interwiki over there is no longer "local" so it doesn't redirect. I guess we could add "CentralWikia" as on m:IWM if there's an use for it.

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