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Edited by author.
Last edit: 15:21, 9 May 2010

In Storyboard-imagedeletionconfirm ("Are you sure you want to permanently delete this story's image?"), "this stories image" should be "this story's image".

McDutchie11:16, 9 May 2010

Done Done

Siebrand15:10, 9 May 2010

why is this red?

what should go here:

Mdupont08:59, 8 May 2010

Nothing really uses this. It is just special syntax for plural in some projects.

Nike09:49, 8 May 2010

please we need this for gheg Note This message supports plural. The different plural forms have to be prefixed as Rails plural forms, except for "other". See CLDR's Language Plural Rules for details on which forms may be applicable in your language. See Rails i18n on examples for adding Rails i18n basics.

Albanian sq one 1 one → n is 1; other → everything else other 0, 2-999; 1.31, 2.31...

Mdupont10:24, 8 May 2010

Can someone check that OSM and/or rails supports this plural?

Nike13:59, 8 May 2010

it is being used in osm for the translations, in all the other languages as well.

Mdupont14:30, 8 May 2010

This link is broken : This message supports plural. The different plural forms have to be prefixed as Rails plural forms, except for "other". See CLDR's Language Plural Rules for details on which forms may be applicable in your language. See Rails i18n on examples for adding Rails i18n basics.

where can i edit the text please?

Mdupont14:39, 8 May 2010

Just noticed this message, for an inexistent language code. Should perhaps be deleted?

Hamilton Abreu15:19, 6 May 2010

Yes, you can delete that, although we will not be committing pt_PT for MediaWiki.

Siebrand17:57, 7 May 2010

Problem importing StatusNet po

I cannot import certain strings from a PO file (translated with Virtaal 0.6) No matter if I check 'Ignore' box. As a workaround, I solve it by modifying the problematic strings directly from the web interface (and using the same translation as in the PO file). As example, a recent PO file:

Toniher00:17, 5 May 2010

This is a known issue in Special:ImportTranslations. I've made Niklas aware of this 9 Feb 2010, and logged it as an high priority issue[1]. Apparently no one has yet had the time to look into it. Patches welcome.

Siebrand13:04, 5 May 2010

Thanks for the comment. I will try to help by playing with Translate extension in my own sytem.

Toniher20:20, 6 May 2010


$1 looks not like a localised language name. It is always the english one. Please update the /qqq or source. Thanks.

Der Umherirrende18:44, 3 May 2010

Alternatively, it could of course have been a bug that the language was not displayed in the user language. Now fixed :)

Siebrand19:33, 3 May 2010

No, it seems that $1 is the feedback language because the German language name appears for Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian statistics.

Michawiki19:55, 3 May 2010

Not sure what you mean. Please provide full URL, including uselang parameter, and then explain what you think is wrong.

Siebrand20:24, 3 May 2010

Well, the text of message Languagestats-stats-for is Translation statistics for $1 ($2). It appears in Language statistics above the table, see Upper Sorbian stats. The Upper Sorbian text of this message is: Přełožowanska statistika za $1 ($2). For parameter $1 the Upper Sorbian language name should appear. But the German language name appears instead, thus Přełožowanska statistika za Obersorbisch (nowše přełožki). It should be Přełožowanska statistika za hornjoserbšćinu (nowše přełožki).

I thought Der Umherirrende meant this issue. He wrote that it is always the English language name. But for Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian the language name appears in German. Therefore I suppose that feedback language is used.

Michawiki22:26, 3 May 2010

That's because the Uppersorbian language translations are not in CLDR 1.8, so it takes the translation from the first available fallback in CLDR, being German.

Siebrand22:54, 3 May 2010

Thanks. CLDR is used in MediaWiki? I always thought that the file names.php is used for defining localized language names. I know that in any external translation project of translatewiki CLDR plural rules are used, but inside MediaWiki?

Michawiki09:44, 4 May 2010
A thread, Thread:Support/MediaWiki:Graceexpired-row, was moved from here to Translating talk:Wikia. This move was made by Siebrand (talk | contribs) on 4 May 2010 at 14:07.

Doubts in site wide messages

A thread, Thread:Support/Doubts in site wide messages, was moved from here to Translating talk:Wikia. This move was made by Siebrand (talk | contribs) on 3 May 2010 at 19:39.

Highlighting on LanguageStats

Is it worth highlighting the groups listed on Special:LanguageStats which are themselves an aggregate of other message groups, for example 'MediaWiki extensions', 'Usability Initiative' and 'Extensions Used By Wikia'? The aim would be to make them stand out from the individual message groups. Highlighting could be done by way of boldface type or different colour.

Lloffiwr12:21, 2 May 2010

Meta groups are now bolded.

Siebrand12:55, 2 May 2010

I think it's a good idea. It will help us in translating, I think. Thanks.

Y-M D15:50, 2 May 2010

Did you also notice the other improvement? (find the easter egg :P)

Siebrand17:34, 2 May 2010

I tried to find it, but unfortunately it's still a mystery for me. What else have you done ?

Y-M D17:55, 2 May 2010

If you hover over a link, you get the group description.

Siebrand18:15, 2 May 2010

I have still another proposal. Is it possible to insert a separator between Mediawiki groups and message groups of external projects (at the moment this would be before FreeCol)?

Michawiki18:57, 2 May 2010

Proposal to amend special page Supported Languages

The draft of the new main page has a link to Special:SupportedLanguages in the section 'Hundreds of Languages'. I think that it would be good to make the following changes to this special page:

  1. Give the page a title. How about 'Supported Languages'?
  2. Include a link to each language portal in the section on each language. Would this slow the loading of the page too much?
  3. Add an introduction to the page at the top. Proposed draft of the introduction follows.

"This page shows a list of all the languages currently supported by, together with the names of the translators working in that language. If you want further information on a particular language, you can click on the link to the Portal for that language. Clicking on a translator's name will take you to his or her own page.

If a language is not listed, you can find out how to start a localization project for a language at "New Language".

If you translate for a language and your name is not included below, you should add your name to the list of translators on the Portal for that language. Your name will then be automatically added below."

Eventually it might be best to have a page dedicated to advising on how to start a new language, instead of it being a section in the Translating:Process page.

Lloffiwr11:09, 1 May 2010

All possible and not too hard, I think. I've made Niklas aware of this thread.

Siebrand14:03, 1 May 2010

Added a summary on Special:SupportedLanguages, added a page title and made it load. Todo: portal links.

Siebrand16:35, 1 May 2010

All done All done

Siebrand17:30, 1 May 2010


Lloffiwr17:47, 1 May 2010

Has someone figured out what is it that's already taken, in this message?

Hamilton Abreu21:54, 28 April 2010

A story title.

Siebrand23:15, 28 April 2010

I think the message text "$1" already exists. would be easierly translatable.

Michawiki14:22, 29 April 2010

"Show" button

Edited by another user.
Last edit: 12:18, 4 September 2011

Clicking on an entry now opens a translation window with buttons to move to the next entry. This is very helpful. Thank you for providing this tool.

Frequently there is a message: Click on link "show".

How do we find the link "Show"?

פוילישער11:06, 14 April 2010

That's the similar messages feature that does not appear to work in the JavaScript translation editor. I have no idea who created that, but that person should preferably try to make it work within the JS editor, too.

Siebrand12:25, 14 April 2010

It would be really nice if that could be fixed. :)

Hendrik13:25, 29 April 2010

The /qqq states that this is an optional message. It shouldn't be, right? I understand optional messages as those that normally don't require translation...

Hamilton Abreu16:26, 27 April 2010

This one falls in a very special category. It is only used in wikis with variants. Because of that it was decided to mark it optional.

Siebrand20:12, 27 April 2010

Oooh, I see...

Hamilton Abreu23:43, 27 April 2010

I seem to be able to edit the English original message (I didn't save, but still...). That shouldn't be possible, right?

Hamilton Abreu00:19, 28 April 2010

Sure you can, but you just shouldn't.

Siebrand06:58, 28 April 2010


MediaWiki:Filepath-page should be harded code to "File:", it should not be translated.

It should display "File" regardless of the uselang parameter,

Ans09:19, 5 April 2010

Not really. This is the field label on Special:Filepath.

Siebrand10:24, 5 April 2010

Hmm, it is just a label, not the namespace name prefixing the input box?

Ans12:01, 27 April 2010

Hmm, I mean it should be "{{ns:file}}:" to reflect the actual namespace name used in that site.

For example,

  • en.wikipedia?uselang=en --> File:
  • en.wikipedia?uselang=th --> File:
  • th.wikipedia?uselang=en --> ไฟล์:
  • th.wikipedia?uselang=th --> ไฟล์:
Ans11:56, 27 April 2010

Like I said: it is a field label requesting the name of a file, as is signified by the label "File:" that is "Bestand:" in Dutch and "Datei:" in German.

Siebrand15:45, 27 April 2010

please undelete MediaWiki:Sp-translate-data-SpecialPageAliases/th

please undelete all deleted revision of MediaWiki:Sp-translate-data-SpecialPageAliases/th

Ans08:58, 5 April 2010

I am quite certain you have requested this before and that it was denied. Use Special:AdvancedTranslate and you should be fine.

Siebrand10:36, 5 April 2010

The denied request is the skin translation page which is obsolete. But MediaWiki:Sp-translate-data-SpecialPageAliases/th is different, since it is still in used.

Ans11:33, 27 April 2010

Standardizing MediaWiki:Oldreviewedpages/de

A thread, Thread:Support/Standardizing MediaWiki:Oldreviewedpages/de, was moved from here to Portal talk:De. This move was made by Siebrand (talk | contribs) on 26 April 2010 at 23:20.

{{msg-mw|Storyboard-hidden|notext=yes}}, {{msg-mw|Storyboard-published|notext=yes}}, {{msg-mw|Storyboard-unpublished|notext=yes}}

Please add in documentation what are these messages refer to (story?, stories?, etc.)

EugeneZelenko14:28, 25 April 2010

A story is used in the fundraising drives to convince potential donors thay they should donate. This extension will probably be used soon by Wikimedia and users of the Wikimedia content will be asked to submit them. More information on meta:Wikimedia_Storyboard.

Siebrand15:14, 25 April 2010

This don't answer my question. Ending of adjectives depends on nouns (gender, singular/plural, etc) their refer to at least in Slavic languages. So it's necessary to document them.

EugeneZelenko16:11, 25 April 2010


  • Used as HTML tab label to show a tab with hidden stories
  • Used as dropdown option for story selection

Same with the other two messages, but for published stories and unpublished stories respectively.

Siebrand22:24, 25 April 2010

So first, if I'm not mistaken, refer to stories. Second to story. In this case PLURAL (one/many type) should be used. And noun(s) should be documented.

EugeneZelenko14:19, 26 April 2010

Don't think that PLURAL will help here. Each message appears to have two uses, so some languages may need two messages instead of one, one for each separate use.

Lloffiwr17:12, 26 April 2010

AbuseFilter's revert feature

Hello. I don't see what revert feature means. It might be (a) reverting all actions (edit, move etc.) logged by AbuseFilter or (b) reverting all measurement (so applying disallowed edits or restoring removed autoconfirmed status etc.) Which one is correct? It will be greatly helpful for translation. Thank you.

Kwj277215:05, 13 April 2010

Abuse filters can (apparently) have impact on content. The 'revert' feature of the extension allows someone with sufficient access rights to revert whatever abusefilter did that can be reverted.

Siebrand22:51, 25 April 2010

Messages supporting GENDER

Is there any straightforward way to find all the messages that support Gender at root, even if "GENDER" does not appear in the text of the messages?

Hamilton Abreu16:00, 25 April 2010

The only way is to read the source code. If the message uses full wiki markup, it is likely, but not certain.

Nike17:20, 25 April 2010

Thanks, Nike.

Hamilton Abreu21:14, 25 April 2010
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