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Refer to blanked_page. Looks like technical internal useless for end user. Same issues may exists in other extension messages.

EugeneZelenko14:21, 30 May 2010

If the indended end user is a wiki administrator, it is a correct message. And this is the case...

Siebrand14:49, 30 May 2010

{{msg-mw|cite error no link label group|notext=yes}}

I'm not sure nowiki works like this with a parameter. Usually, all parameters are shown with their raw text, for example <nowiki>{{{1}}}</nowiki> will remain {{{1}}} even when transcluded. It usually requires a {{#tag:nowiki|{{{1}}}}} to transclude a parameter within nowiki tags.

The Evil IP address10:13, 24 May 2010

This is a change made in mwr:66749. Please comment in code review so the developer can look into it.

Siebrand21:37, 26 May 2010

I think it will be good idea to add GENDER support for the word "user" to the following messages, unless technical restrictions make it difficult like in the case of Logouttext:

The latest block log entry is provided below for reference:")

  • Customcssjsprotected ("You do not have permission to edit this page, because it contains another user's personal settings.")


The Evil IP address18:57, 26 May 2010
  • noemail: done in mwr:66933
  • Blockedtitle: I think this message may be incorrect, and may have to be rephrased. It is used in OutputPage::blockedPage(), which has the following documentation: "Produce a "user is blocked" page.". I may be wrong, but not making changes here now.
  • Blocked-notice-logextract: GENDER already supported. Documentation updated.
  • Customcssjsprotected: Because of code structure, adding GENDER support here would be more complex than we would really like. Not changing.
Siebrand21:22, 26 May 2010


Should be changed to "reason" for consistency with other similar messages and to not make it sound that optional. One should generally always write a reason for why to revert a file.

The Evil IP address19:57, 26 May 2010


Should use GENDER support, for example it's common in French to use different adjective endings depending on one's gender. Thanks.

The Evil IP address13:08, 26 May 2010

I am a bit unsure if it would be wise to support GENDER because this message is shown after logout. At least the gender of the last user on (semi) public terminals could be revealed.

Raymond13:22, 26 May 2010

Right, I recognize the problem.

The Evil IP address13:35, 26 May 2010

Uyghur Interface massages


I came here to tell you that the interface of Uyghur Wikipedia is still in Uyghur latin. Could you please switch it to Uyghur Arabic because the majority of Uyghurs prefer using it instead.


Jose7702:29, 2 March 2010

Both versions do not have their "most wanted" messages done but the Arabic version is the one best developed.

GerardM05:53, 2 March 2010

I would propose that we make the change if there is substantial effort in localising it (in either of the localisations). For now about 30% of MediaWiki has been localised in the Arabic script, and 5% in the Latin script. Neither localisation has had any contributions in the past 200 days. Please help us address that first, Jose.

Siebrand11:13, 2 March 2010

There have been substantial effort in localising the Uyghur arabic interface messages, especially during the period from May 16 - 22, as could be seen here. This means that only 32 (1.3%) out of 2421 messages need to be localised.

Is there also a requirement that the Uyghur Latin version also needs to be localised before Uyghur Wikipedia interface is switched to the Uyghur Arabic script?

Jose7704:39, 26 May 2010

Done Done mwr:66912. Might take a while for Wikimedia to update this, unless you request an update of MessagesUg.php in bugzilla:.

Siebrand08:33, 26 May 2010


"Take Me Back" should be changed to "Take me back" because of the proper capitalization and for consistency with Prefswitch-main-on. Thanks.

The Evil IP address16:38, 25 May 2010


Converted a few tables from MyISAM to InnoDB. Took a while for some tables, causing the wiki basically to be read-only, and lighttpd to serve some '500' errors.

ALTER TABLE `bw_text` ENGINE = InnoDB; 5 min 45.90 sec */
ALTER TABLE `bw_archive` ENGINE = InnoDB; 54.54 sec */
ALTER TABLE `bw_logging` ENGINE = InnoDB; 1 min 22.49 sec */
ALTER TABLE `bw_watchlist` ENGINE = InnoDB; 21 min 48.14 sec */
ALTER TABLE `bw_templatelinks` ENGINE = InnoDB; 4.37 sec */
ALTER TABLE `bw_pagelinks` ENGINE = InnoDB; 25.69 sec */
ALTER TABLE `bw_categorylinks` ENGINE = InnoDB; 0.91 sec */
ALTER TABLE `bw_externallinks` ENGINE = InnoDB; 12.14 sec */
ALTER TABLE `bw_imagelinks` ENGINE = InnoDB; 0.28 sec */
ALTER TABLE `bw_revision` ENGINE = InnoDB; 1 hour 44 min 57.29 sec */

Two tables to go, will try and find a faster solution for those...

ALTER TABLE `bw_page` ENGINE = InnoDB; /* 1 hour 10 min 33.22 sec on test db */
ALTER TABLE `bw_recentchanges` ENGINE = InnoDB; /* 54 min 50.80 sec on test db */
Siebrand22:49, 24 May 2010


Stable-log-restriction ("Auto-review: requires "$1" permission"): Should it say "requires" instead of "require"?

Hamilton Abreu09:34, 24 May 2010

Change of FlaggedRevs review status from "unapproved" to "inadequate"

The following messages should have been fuzzied:

Hamilton Abreu10:15, 24 May 2010

Done Done

Raymond18:11, 24 May 2010

Translation template

In Pt-parse-open is the word "template" referring to a MediaWiki template?

Hamilton Abreu17:18, 24 May 2010

Translation template is the structure of translation page, where the place for translation of each section is marked with a placeholder.

Nike17:21, 24 May 2010

Development of consistent localised terminology

I have added a draft FAQ on ensuring consistent localised terminology. Is what I have written good sense? Is there anything which could be usefully added on this topic? Is there a help page where this section could be usefully copied?

Lloffiwr13:17, 23 May 2010

Looks fine.

Siebrand14:02, 23 May 2010

Project glossaries

Also propose putting links on each project page to glossaries on the project websites, if available, as resource to translators.

Lloffiwr13:16, 23 May 2010

Just do it...

Siebrand14:01, 23 May 2010

OK, 1 down, 14 to go.

Lloffiwr18:58, 23 May 2010

Message info please

What does the message Usermessage-summary ("Leaving system message.") mean?

And the message Usermessage-editor ("System messenger")?

Lloffiwr18:50, 16 May 2010
  • Usermessage-summary : the edit summary for a system message
  • Usermessage-editor : the user that is the editor of system messages
Siebrand19:32, 16 May 2010

What does "Leave system message" mean in that context?

Hamilton Abreu22:03, 16 May 2010

Any message that is posted because of a system event - whichever you can think of. Currently only a failed asynchronous upload is notified as far as I know.

Siebrand22:09, 16 May 2010

"Leave" should be translated as a verb, as in "To exit", "To go away"?

Hamilton Abreu22:13, 16 May 2010

I'll update it to "Leaving".

Siebrand22:43, 16 May 2010

Why not use System message editor instead of System messenger? I didn't know the word messenger used in the sense of message editor, a person who edits messages. For me the word messenger denotes a program, not a person. Of course I know that the general meaning of this word is bearer of messages.

Michawiki12:34, 17 May 2010

Is this alternative definition of 'system messeger' correct? A system editor which leaves a message notifying that a system event has happened.

Lloffiwr10:38, 23 May 2010


Wikia:Founderemails-email-3-days-passed-body-HTML/en: should have a comma after $FOUNDERNAME like this "$FOUNDERNAME,".

Hamilton Abreu16:33, 22 May 2010

Done Done - also for another message in the same extension.

Siebrand18:06, 22 May 2010

Could someone use a bot to replace all "voltar" with "volver" for all Galician (gl) messages? Thanks you.

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 17:36, 19 May 2010

Sure. Running.

Siebrand23:34, 19 May 2010

Done Done -- btw, for the 31 changes made, this wasn't really worth the effort of extracting page names from the database, renaming namespace IDs to namespace names, and configuring the bot (~25 mins of work). Please make an estimate of how many changes will have to be made, and if it is in the tens, please do not make a bot request, but see if you can do it manually.

Siebrand05:55, 20 May 2010

Sorry, but there are still many massages containing verb "voltar" which remains unchanged.

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 13:45, 20 May 2010

Apparently you didn't mention that 'Voltar' also had to be replaced with 'Volver'.

Siebrand18:37, 20 May 2010

113 replacements in total now.

Siebrand19:25, 20 May 2010


Should refer to version 1.16.

EugeneZelenko13:57, 21 May 2010

Done Done

Siebrand15:44, 21 May 2010

Wikia:Multilookupnbrresult/en (Number of results:): it apperas that this should say "results" instead of "result". Anyone able to confirm?

Hamilton Abreu12:42, 21 May 2010

Wikia:Multilookupnotspecify/en (You have not specified an IP address yet.): "a IP" should be "an IP".

Hamilton Abreu12:35, 21 May 2010

Done Done All messages for the extension cleaned up.

Siebrand13:08, 21 May 2010

Changing the Romanian namespaces (diacritics)

After a long discussion at [1] we decided to migrate ro.wp from s/t-cedilla (ţ, ş) to s/t-comma (ț, ș). I have changed the namespace names at [2], but we need the old names to be kept as aliases.

Below is a list of standard namespaces with the _OLD_ spelling. They need to be used for _ALIASES_:

1: Discuţie
3: Discuţie Utilizator
5: Discuţie Wikipedia
6: Fişier
7: Discuţie Fişier
9: Discuţie MediaWiki
11: Discuţie Format
13: Discuţie Ajutor
15: Discuţie Categorie

In addition to that, there are 2 more namespaces specific to the Romanian Wikipedia which need to be converted (from the form on the left to the form on the right):

101: Discuţie Portal -> Discuție Portal
103: Discuţie Proiect -> Discuție Proiect

A bugzilla bug with the same request exists [3] and should be closed after making the changes.

Thank you for your help.




Strainu21:35, 17 May 2010

Linked to the request above, I want to ask you if there is anyone able and willing to run a bot to replace ţ,ş with ț,ș in all the Romanian translations. This needs to happen at a later time, after all the preparations are finished on ro.wp.

Strainu21:39, 17 May 2010

Will make the replacements now, and ask Raymond to hold off on committing 'ro' until the namespaces are active. Committed the namespaces in mwr:66591, so Wikimedia can merge per bugzilla:22616.

Siebrand22:32, 17 May 2010

Bot is running now. Will probably take a while.

Siebrand23:16, 17 May 2010

SieBot made between 3,000 and 3,500 updates in ~10,000 /ro pages.

Siebrand07:01, 18 May 2010

'ro' excluded in script 'bpmw' for the moment.

Raymond05:24, 18 May 2010

Please give me a ping when preparations are finished. Then I will export the changes from translatewiki into SVN. The day after my export it will be live on all Wikimedia projects.

Raymond08:19, 19 May 2010

I have just reactivated 'ro' in the MediaWiki export, so Raymond will most probably automatically export the Romanian updates later today, if he remembers to use the correct export window :).

Siebrand08:25, 19 May 2010

I'm afraid it is still too early. Please hold on until we can have all the preparations finished - I estimate another week or so.

Strainu16:51, 20 May 2010

It was committed last evening and is probably live already in the entire Wikimedia cluster since early this morning (CEST).

Siebrand18:34, 20 May 2010
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