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MediaWiki:User-badge-data-color/en200:10, 6 November 2010
{{msg-mw|renameuser-error-same-user}}123:50, 5 November 2010
Okawix:Okawix-site.home 1/en123:46, 5 November 2010
{{msg-mw|specialpages-note|notext=yes}}121:48, 1 November 2010
{{msg-mw|explainconflict|notext=yes}}122:41, 31 October 2010
"Flag" in Code Review114:19, 28 October 2010
MediaWiki:Review-logentry-diff2/en212:58, 28 October 2010
Khowar language translation for khowar wikipedia by Rahmat Aziz Chitrali114:08, 27 October 2010
Mifos Chinese messages don't show up223:27, 26 October 2010
{{msg-mw|Article-comments-failure-reasons|notext=yes}} should use PLURAL114:31, 25 October 2010
Page layout in right-to-left languages409:54, 25 October 2010
Please commit mrj Special:AdvancedTranslate314:37, 24 October 2010
Laz language - lzz323:15, 23 October 2010
MediaWiki:Tpt-other-pages223:08, 23 October 2010
MediaWiki:Achievements-about-content/en120:46, 23 October 2010
Huge letters in Ajax editor920:20, 23 October 2010
Move translation from bat-smg to sgs218:40, 23 October 2010
Create a OSM subgroup217:27, 23 October 2010
Some MediaWiki:Coll-* messages115:32, 23 October 2010
MediaWiki:Achievements-badge-to-get-sayhi-details/en422:19, 22 October 2010
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Nike10:55, 3 November 2010

Also unable to translate MediaWiki:User-badge-dialog-title/en correctly without context.

Nike11:00, 3 November 2010
Siebrand00:10, 6 November 2010


The wording choice "thing" in Renameuser-error-same-user ("You cannot rename a user to the same thing as before.") is not a good wording choice, because it's too generic, and should be replaced with "name" or the like IMO.

The Evil IP address10:51, 5 November 2010

Done Done Thanks.

Siebrand23:50, 5 November 2010

Shouldn't wikimedia have a capital letter?

Nike22:41, 4 November 2010

Done Done Thanks.

Siebrand23:46, 5 November 2010


I'm wondering if the <hr /> in Specialpages-note ("MediaWiki:Specialpages-note/en") can be moved outta the message into the code.

The Evil IP address13:52, 1 November 2010

It could, but would make the i18n less flexible. Let's leave it like this.

Siebrand21:48, 1 November 2010


Explainconflict ("Someone else has changed this page since you started editing it. The upper text area contains the page text as it currently exists. Your changes are shown in the lower text area. You will have to merge your changes into the existing text. Only the text in the upper text area will be published when you press "$1".") should use {{int:savearticle}} instead of "Save page".

The Evil IP address21:19, 31 October 2010

Done Done mwr:75756

Siebrand22:41, 31 October 2010

"Flag" in Code Review

Message Code-signoff-field-flag ("Flag") is the only message in Code Review that refers to a "Flag". Does it mean "status", "tag", or something else entirely? If so, what?

Hamilton Abreu23:17, 24 October 2010

I'm sorry about that; will write some message documentation shortly.

Catrope14:19, 28 October 2010

I'm unable to comprehend MediaWiki:Review-logentry-diff2/en. What is the verb (if any) and what is the noun? What is the context?

Nike10:14, 17 October 2010

I don't know. It's FlaggedRevs. I'm indifferent towards it.

Siebrand20:26, 17 October 2010

Filed a bug report about this.

Nike12:58, 28 October 2010

Khowar language translation for khowar wikipedia by Rahmat Aziz Chitrali

Sir, I have done the complete khowar translation. please let me know your email so that i can send you the translation for uploading in the khowar page wp/khw

Rahmat Aziz Chitrali Pakistan

RAHMAT AZIZ CHITRALI05:13, 27 October 2010

I'm sorry. What did you translate/how? And why would you want to e-mail it? We have this great translation platform here, you know?

P.s. Please change your signature so that it points to your user page.

Siebrand14:08, 27 October 2010

Mifos Chinese messages don't show up

We have Chinese string bundles (userInterface/src/main/resources/org/mifos/ui/localizedProperties/ and questionnaire/src/main/resources/org/mifos/platform/questionnaire/ui/localizedProperties/, but they don't show up on

Do these files need to end with "" instead?

When I try to view all messages from "zh - Chinese" I see: "This language code should remain unused. Localise in please."

sister issue in the Mifos issue tracker

Meonkeys19:15, 26 October 2010

Looks like the proper code mapping still has to be done for Mifos[1]. Have a chat with Nikerabbit about that. We use zh-hans and zh-hant where other projects may use zh_CN and zh_TW respectively.

Siebrand22:09, 26 October 2010

Ok, great!

I missed him today--I was in a meeting and he went to sleep, but I caught this:

so basically you need to specify the variant, preferably either hant or hans until you have a reason to use some other scheme

I don't know what "specify the variant" means (rename the files to include "-hans"? something else?) so I'll try to catch Nikerabbit on IRC another time.

Meonkeys23:27, 26 October 2010

{{msg-mw|Article-comments-failure-reasons|notext=yes}} should use PLURAL

This message should use PLURAL for one reason and several reasons.

EugeneZelenko13:52, 19 October 2010

Done Done with mwr:75353

Raymond14:31, 25 October 2010

Page layout in right-to-left languages

The page layout on translatewiki is now broken for Hebrew and Yiddish.

פוילישער13:41, 20 October 2010

Can you give more details than just broken?

Nike14:32, 20 October 2010

Have you looked at it? The sidebar appears at the foot of the page.

פוילישער07:37, 25 October 2010

This is not occuring for me when I set "?uselang=ar" or "?uselang=he" (with either the Monobook or newer Vector skin).

You should specify the URL of the page where this occurs (and which skin you currently use). Possibly it's a limitation of your current brower, or a bug in your custom .js / .css for a specific skin.

Verdy p09:44, 25 October 2010

I don 't have any custom .css or .js The problem manifested itself with Monobook, but I have now switched to Vector, and the display is OK.

Thanks for your help

פוילישער09:54, 25 October 2010

Please commit mrj Special:AdvancedTranslate

I have made some changes to Special:AdvancedTranslate (mrj - Hill Mari language), please commit it.

амдф10:31, 24 October 2010

Hoi, the good news is that you do not have to ask it. Updates to Wikipedia and to the MediaWiki SVN happen practically on a daily basis. Thanks,

GerardM11:08, 24 October 2010

"MediaWiki translations are usually committed mutiple times per week (with the exception of special features", Special:AdvancedTranslate is a special feauture... I've changed "User talk" namespace about a week ago, but mrj wikipedia still have old translation.

амдф13:37, 24 October 2010

Translations *are* committed daily, just not changes to namespace names, special page aliases, and magic words. Those will *never* go live 'just like that', because of the impact. They are usually committed every other month or so. I'll see if I can put in some time someday soon to do this.

Siebrand14:37, 24 October 2010

Laz language - lzz

Edited by 0 users.
Last edit: 12:38, 23 February 2010

Laz (lzz) language may use both georgian and latin script. Shouldn't it be two variants (georgian and latin)? look here

Bombola12:38, 23 February 2010

This is not a question that is for to answer ... typically there are several issues. the most important one is do you allow for this other script and, is it possible to transliterate it from one script to another .. Thanks,

GerardM13:29, 23 February 2010

i know both georgian and latin script, I can do it but i dont know how to transliterate it in wikipedia?

Bombola13:34, 23 February 2010

You do not have to program the transliteration yourself, if it's that what you mean. If you can provide transliteration tables and/or rules, to MediaWiki developers, they will likely implement them in the software, if that is possible. You can see for example in the Serbian Wikipedia and in the Kasak Wikipedia, how available transliterations work. --Purodha Blissenbach 14:58, 26 September 2010 (UTC)

Purodha Blissenbach14:58, 26 September 2010


Edited by another user.
Last edit: 14:23, 26 September 2010

In the message Tpt-other-pages ("Older versions of these pages are marked for translation, but the latest versions cannot be marked for translation."), there are two occurrences of PLURAL, both based on $1, but referring to unrelated things. Also, I have some doubt that there are several latest version which could be marked at once.

Purodha Blissenbach14:22, 26 September 2010

$1 is the number of pages in the following list.

Nike16:33, 3 October 2010

Even though we are not speking about the same set of versions, there are as many pages in the old version set and in the new version set, because they are respectively associated. We could avoid using $1 twice, because almost all the sentence needs to be adapted in both parts of the sentence. See the French version that I just updated, taking into account this remark, where it is obvious that we could just have two full sentences an a single occurence of PLURAL:GETTEXT (it's true that the message was not very clear that both parts of the sentence were speaking about the same list of pages, each one having an older translatable version and a newer untranslatable version).

Verdy p21:04, 23 October 2010

Typo: "If you do no" should be "If you do not".

Hamilton Abreu21:12, 22 October 2010

Done Done

Siebrand20:46, 23 October 2010

Huge letters in Ajax editor

The Ajax translation editor is currently using a large font size, making it almost impossible to work with it, especially with longer messages. I hope this change can be reverted.

McDutchie14:35, 3 October 2010

It has something to do with the Vector CSS. As far as I know, Niklas is looking into it.

Siebrand16:09, 3 October 2010

It should be fixed already. It may be that the resource loader is still acting up and serving stale css. Try purging your browser caches.

Nike16:31, 3 October 2010

I've done that about MAX_INT times. Now this actually helps.

Siebrand16:33, 3 October 2010

How comes it works for me then? That still leaves everything broken for all other users of the extension.

Nike17:55, 3 October 2010

I don't know. You're probably not using the UI features, missing out on some great CSS.

Siebrand17:56, 3 October 2010

It seems you want small while I only went as far as medium.

Nike17:57, 3 October 2010

Move translation from bat-smg to sgs

I've added this code to Names.php already and moved the portal page. [1]

Nike09:18, 14 October 2010

I'll do this someday soon.

Siebrand23:47, 16 October 2010

Done Done

Siebrand18:40, 23 October 2010

Create a OSM subgroup

Is it possible to separate quite a big group of messages beginning with “Osm:Geocoder.search_osm_nominatim” to a separate message group (currently, they are in “OpenStreetMap - Website”, they could go into something like “OpenStreetMap - Nominatim”)? Thanks.

Mormegil16:20, 23 October 2010

Not at the moment. We can filter away messages with a pattern, but the opposite of that (keeping only messages matching a pattern) is not easy.

Nike16:31, 23 October 2010

OK, thanks.

Mormegil17:27, 23 October 2010

Some MediaWiki:Coll-* messages

Edited by another user.
Last edit: 15:18, 23 October 2010

The messages:

are apparently not understood. Existing translations deviate grossly from each other and are in part contradictive to each other. I suggest to have these messages well documented and all translations fuzzied thereafter.

Purodha Blissenbach08:13, 5 October 2010

Are the new version for the French version what you expected ?

It seems that these 4 ressources are made to provide links to two articles explaining:

  1. How individual pages (articles) are rendered (a single article or Wiki page will become one or several pages in the rendered PDF ; it should explain the limitations of the PDF renderer, notably it is still not compatible with the <pageindex&lgt; feature which is very widely used in Wikisource, where the "collection" extension is completely unusable for now).
  2. How collections are rendered (all pages rendered for each selected articles of the collection are assemblied, and are renumbered relatively with each other, and some leading composite index/summary pages will be built, and the PDF will be terminated by additional pages giving the list of sources/authors and applicable licences).

Anyway, this "collection" extension is highly bogous or has too many limitations to be usable (and it gives severe constraints when creating articles that can be rendered with it).

Verdy p15:32, 23 October 2010

The /qqq for this message says that the word "people" was requested on purpose, but the word has been removed from the message. We should revise either the message or the /qqq.

Hamilton Abreu21:38, 22 October 2010
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