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A thread, Thread:Support/About MediaWiki:Smw dsv link/en, was moved from here to Translating talk:MediaWiki. This move was made by Nike (talk | contribs) on 2 July 2012 at 13:17.

Please remove wmt-fa116350fe099a35d005bb65056d959688ba4b03-WWW from optional tags

A thread, Thread:Support/Please remove wmt-fa116350fe099a35d005bb65056d959688ba4b03-WWW from optional tags, was moved from here to Translating talk:Waymarked Trails. This move was made by Nike (talk | contribs) on 2 July 2012 at 13:12.

New " Select language" box has usablility problems.

The new " Select language" box runs out of the current window (viweport) by quite some length and apears not to be scrolleable. Neither does it move with with the window content (opposite, e.g. to the ajax editor windows) nor does it allow to "grabbed" and dragged around by mouse movements like ordinary windows,nor can you shrink it like you could with ordinary windows.

Thus, you're out of luck. When your screen is not of the rather huge kind, you would not see the lower end, and be unable to select one of the languages down hidden there.

Purodha Blissenbach (talk)02:28, 28 June 2012

It is in development and doesn't yet match the design. You can leave feedback at

Nike (talk)13:12, 2 July 2012


In the message group Wikimedia messages, I have got rid of the GENDER magic word in some messages, for example MediaWiki:Group-botadmin-member/cy. I am now getting the missing parameter warning and the messages have been automatically marked !!FUZZY!!. I thought that GENDER was optional?

Lloffiwr (talk)10:14, 1 July 2012

I think the most common practice is to leave it as in the English source, with only one parameter for the "unspecified gender". Translate can't know if gender matters in that specific message in your language. The optional use of GENDER is the "second feature" discussed in Gender ({{GENDER:|...).

Nemo (talk)17:26, 1 July 2012

But the odd thing is that some others of the messages in the group "Wikimedia messages" also use GENDER but didn't have a !!FUZZY!! mark added automatically, after I edited them yesterday.

Lloffiwr (talk)17:58, 1 July 2012

Some of them might have the variable checks disabled.

Nike (talk)13:03, 2 July 2012

Good at templates? Template:Addtomap needs fixing...

Template:Addtomap currently refers to something like</wiki>'', but that doesn't work anymore. It should link to ''<nowiki> Please fix if you can. I have no idea how to get "current user's user page" in there...

Siebrand21:05, 1 July 2012

This has been fixed ;)

Nike (talk)13:01, 2 July 2012
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